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Hero of Winds

Microsoft is Cross-Networking - Play with PS4 and PC

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So surprised no one has covered this yet. This is big news for anyone who has had this pipe dream for several years. It is finally going to happen!


The first game getting Cross-Networking is Rocket League, which already allows PS4 users to play with PC users. No Xbox is going to join in and players across all platforms are able to play together!


Catch is, Microsoft is opening this network, hoping that others will participate with them. So we need to hope Sony is open to participate in this. I have no doubts that they will. This is a great opportunity for gaming in general. It's a huge milestone that we need to make as a community. 


Here are some sources:


Microsoft will allow Xbox gamers to play against PS4 and PC players | The Verge


Microsoft Wants PS4 and Xbox One to Connect Online - GameSpot


Cross-platform play coming to Rocket League as Xbox Live opens up to other consoles | Polygon



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I am so glad this is happening! It is a really good feature for those like me who has a PS4 and wants to play same game with friends who has XBOX One or PC. Just a few days ago I was talking to my friend who has XBOX One about the possibility of us playing Rocket League and the wish of ours became true! :D

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