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What would ruin KH3 for you?

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What would ruin it is if all the villains generically die and the heroes just flat out win. I dont want that I want an ending where it isn't exactly happy but yeah sure the heroes won but at a cost, like in kh1 they saved the worlds but riku and mickey were trapped in the RoD and Sora was separated from Kairi, they won but it wasnt exactly happy. 


I also want them to flesh out the villains more then just have it as "theyre evil and must be defeated". Xehanort isn't exactly a straight up villain and they should make that more clear, it's like with Naruto or Code Geass, Madara and Lelouch were considered villains and while their methods were evil their goals were not.

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1. If characters like the original trio (Ven, Aqua & Terra) and Kairi that have potential for character development gets pushed to the side in the very final chapter of the Xehanort saga I won't be so happy I can say. I think Sora deserve some character development after DDD.


2. If KH3 doesn't have a worldwide release.


3. If the story is dumbed down.


4. Lack of npc in the worlds ​no more excuse for guests not be in a humongous ballroom.

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If Xion doesn't get saved in Kingdom Hearts 3 then I'm going to war at Nomura and his crew.

Well better save up for money then to buy a gun.


She is one of the characters to be a good chance not to be saved.

But we may probably see a ghost form at least.

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