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What would ruin KH3 for you?

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He definitely is a straight up villain, though. As much as people want to hype up his "balance" thing, his motivations are basically that he's going to screw things up just to see what happens (like a kid shoving his finger in a pencil sharpener), and his means to this end have been entirely negative in their impact, from ruining the individual lives of people to instigating the devouring of worlds and near annihilation of the universe. He's yet to do anything remotely positive or "Light," which makes his claims to making a balance a load of bologna.

There's no reason for him to do anything light since he believes there is an imbalance, there's already so much light which is why the organization uses darkness to clash with that light.

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Honestly, there's really nothing that comes to my mind when thinking upon what would ruin Kingdom Hearts III for me!  I mean, I expect this game to be amazing and massive, but I'm also making sure not to get my expectations ridiculously high, ya know?  Nomura and his crew are hard at work, and they're trying their hardest to meet our expectations, but that doesn't mean they'll nail every single expectation we have, ya know?  


In all honesty, I think the story will be great, and I think it'll wrap up all the mysteries we've been given throughout the series! As for the music, I can assure you that Ms. Yoko Shimomura will no doubt have some deadly beautiful compositions at the ready for the final installment of the Xehanort Saga!  And in terms of gameplay, I think it'll also be great!  I mean hey, Osaka Team is working hard to make this game, so we should give 'em some slack, ya know?  There's no doubt in my mind the gameplay will be mind blowing! :3


I guess the only thing that would really ruin the game for me was if it was ridiculously short, ya know?  Because come on, we've been waiting for this game for ten years, so we deserve to have a lengthy story that takes at least 80 hours to complete, tops!  As long as the game is long, I'll be okay! :3

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Here comes 1 unpopular opinion:


The game being too long for its own good. I don't want it to pass the 40hs-45hs mark (or even come close), I think it's totally possible to wrap up many loose ends in less than 30hs, Nomura just needs to be smart enough.


I don't buy the mindset that the game lenght should be (relatively) proportional to the ammount of time we have been waiting for it.

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  • Gameplay unbalanced
  • Bad AI (Beginning with Donald)
  • Only playing as Sora (Isn't that bad more dissapointing)
  • Bad level design
  • Not the sequel to Kingdom Hearts 2 (you know what I mean)
  • No npcs. I can find a few reasons story related why but Birth By Sleep felt so empty.
  • STORY: Downgraded for the people who only played KH1 and KH2. Look I follow this franchise for years and try to keep up with everything and now everything is going to this point AKA Kingdom Hearts 3. Of course this game will have backslash anyway by the people who didn't follow it but I don't want the story being dumbed down
  • No worldwide release
  • Not everything with Xehanort is solved it's the end of the Xehanort Saga also he needs to go down.
  • Sora acting like a 12 year old ADHD like in DDD. He is gonna be more mature thank you Nomura
  • The ending is bad
  • Voice acting is bad
  • Game is to easy!
  • Sora X Kairi not happening (opinion)
  • If they do fanservice in a bad way (wait that came out wrong)
  • Boss fights that are realy bad.
  • 3 HOUR day one patch!
  • All designs are bad
  • If they do side missions and if they are in the game they are bad.
  • Story way to short
  • Not again! Axel is fun
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I would be disappointed by KH3 if it didn't have enough originality.  I enjoy seeing Disney worlds, sure, but if the game is predominately following the plot lines of the Disney worlds and doesn't have enough original Kingdom Hearts plot of its own I would be rather disappointed.  I also really hope that they tie up loose ends and don't create more retcons.  The story needs to all line up, in my opinion.


I also really would like to see a lot of personality within Sora and Riku and not generic smiley people.  Like many have mentioned previously, I was not impressed with Sora and Riku's personalities in DDD and want to see them express more of their genuine selves rather than flat generic heroes (like the original games).

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THIS.God I hated the way they wrote him in DDDThey should make him more like he was in kh2, someone who did at times appear to be affected by everything he'd been through instead of being a happy-go-lucky retard like he was in DDD

Eh, even then, I feel like Sora should mature beyond KHII. He needs to be closer to Roxas, though without the angst. 

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  • Not getting a worldwide release
  • Only playing as Sora (not really 'ruin', but I'd be extremely disappointed)



I would absolutely cry forever if they wouldn't do a worldwide release even though we know we are getting it. Seeing this made my heart just break even though I know it won't happen. :sad:

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Only playing as Sora throughout the whole game, I don't care about the

 "it's a main title! We should play as Sora only. I don't want to have 3 separate characters to level up".


This would be awful, the didacticism behind BBS, Days, Re-coded, DDD, Chi/Unchained and probably 0.2 is that Kingdom Hearts is NOT just Sora's story anymore. He can't do everything by himself. Plus Nomura kind of hinted at this a while ago. The beginning is likely a Xehanort prologue, I think that halfway through exploring worlds as Sora in the ROL the game should switch to Riku temporarily finding Aqua. Once that's done we go back to Sora, finish off a few more worlds, then return to the mysterious tower, commence the Ventus rescue mission where we play as Sora, then the final battle. Where we switch between the GOL. 


The Osaka team making combos useless and making that new shotlock, attraction flow and everything else really overpowered. I have a huge feeling this will happen. I'd like multiple ways to beat a boss.


Combos being floaty and ineffective, thus having to rely on all the extra stuff.


The game being rushed because every day half of this fanbase keep begging for a release date in every single comment section of every trailer we get. Play another game lol, it's like your life depends on this game coming out.


No sense of interaction between characters, just jumping from one scenario to the next without any emotional connection to our beloved characters. 


Terra killing Xehanort.

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Alright so I have a few things that would probably ruin the game for me and some are unpopular haha.1. Fan service. People love Xion and Lea and while they do need their stories resolved they cannot be overly focused on or given special treatment because they are fan favorites. (I still think Lea should have stayed dead after his "death" in KH2 and Xion dead after Days as well as Roxas and Namine being done after the end of KH2. A sad end to their story has more of an impact on players. Being revived eliminates the sacrifice of their initial death.)2. A ton of people want multiple playable characters. I want this to be kept to a minimum. While sometimes it's good for explaining another side of the story, I really do think the story should stay focused around sora. If there's a little section of playing as Riku, or Terra, Ven, or Aqua that's fine, but it shouldn't be a huge part of the game. the game can focus on other characters without needing us to play as them.3. Stupid worlds or worlds that won't fit. No Disney channel shows, no Marvel, and no Star Wars. I don't think they fit kingdom hearts at all.4. If the majority of the loose ends aren't tied up5. If they eliminate the world specific party members. I think being in a party with Aladdin in Agrabah or Ariel in Atlantica is awesome. It's charming and cute. If they eliminated party members or took that feature out, the world in the game would feel disconnected from the events of the story somehow.6. If anyone else revives from the dead. It doesn't matter who dies, you have to stay dead.I'll add more if I think of any.

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If it gets a postponed release date that keeps on getting pulled back further like Final Fantasy XIV or Zelda Wii U Posted ImagePosted Image


2) SoKai not being confirmed

 Posted ImageI mean come on!

3) Spoilers



I will riot if this happens  :rolleyes:  >:)

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