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Two Worlds RP (1x1 with Vaude and Mystics)

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For thousands of years the peaceful nation of Dondoran suffered heavy losses among its population, the majority being young innocent children who had not yet learned how to control their magic and their powers ran rampant.  This magic attracted the attention of legendary monsters, who feasted on magic and the souls surrounding it.  The attacks were becoming frequent and furious, no place remaining safe.  It was then that King Falstand did what he could for his people: executed and exiled the mages from their land, eliminating the beacon of magic for good.


Peace lasted for centuries, but a land without magic is like one deprived of water.  A terrible drought seized the civilization, and crops began to wither and perish.  The people suffered from nutrient deficiencies, and life was altered from what they had once known it as.  Apparently magic was needed in order for the world to survive, but too much resulted in devastation and more blood than anyone was wiling to pay.  It wasn't until Queen Caltreia claimed the throne that the land became a better place, but little did the people realize it was because she granted entry to the one race she sought to destroy.  Bartered through a time merchant  from a distant land, Caltreia acquired the item needed to sustain their land and assure that no one tore the kingdom away from their royal line: a baby girl, born of the elite magic class and destined for slaughter.  She took the child in and raised her as her very own, adorning her with all of the spoils and riches of the royal line.  In time, however, the girl was used more as a weapon than a sustainer, and eventually the "prosperity and peace" that Caltreia sought so hard for turned into tyranny, with a thirst for power being too difficult to quench.



In an age where the royals and nobles reigned and all else were considered scum living upon the earth lived a terrible secret, one which threatened society as it was currently known.  That very secret was the existence of mages: a race of humans with a mutated gene possessing the power to control the elements, heal the wounded, and even travel through time.  They were considered abominations and the devil's spawn, killed upon discovery and executed en mass.  In the eyes of Queen Caltreia the only method of attaining peace was to control this threat through elimination.  And yet to the oppressed peasants, this very threat was their only hope of survival.


It was a dark time in the year 612 BCE, for those who could not put a palace to their name.  There were the rich and the poor; those fortunate to be born into a family of servants and riches, and those who were better off not existing than to live on the streets and starve.  Our story tells the tale of two drastically different individuals brought up in the two opposing worlds, their lives intertwined in the most difficult of circumstances and sharing a common goal: peace for humanity.


Character Sheet





Magic (if any):








((Subject to further editing and character sheets to come))


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