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I have looking around the forums but I do apologize if this question has been asked before.

I have recently joined a party and when I looked at who was in the party I saw our respective medals as this:

Posted Image


I was curious as to how you can change the medal next to your name? Do you have to fully level up a medal?

I noticed that when you enter a quest in the storyline you get to choose a friend's medal to help you and they have medals like Sora, Simba, Mickey, Riku and etc. But I'm not sure how they managed to do that.


Help is much appreciated!

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When you click on one of your medals you can select "share". Then this medal will be picked as your respective medal :)

The "share" button is right under the attack type.

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Those are their shared medals. You change it by hitting the "Share" button next to a medal. You should do it with your strongest medal so when people choose their friend medal, they might choose yours. And sharing it doesn't make it go away, you still keep it. Just allows others to borrow it for a mission.

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