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KHUX home screen freeze, please someone help. :(

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I started having this problem at the beginning of this week, my game freezes the moment i get to the character plaza (works just fine before that). I've tried closing and opening the game again, reinstalling, restarting my phone and changing the settings, but nothing works. I've seen couple of people with the same problem but no solution so far has been found. Any ideas? :( I'm getting desperate.


I'm from europe, where the game hasn't offically been released yet. I don't know if that has anything to do with it, but it had been working just fine until this monday. :( My phone is galaxy s5 neo (if that info helps).

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I would like to know the reason fir this as well. After a lengthy hiatus I've finally come back to the game only to see that it's now freezing on me and this has never been an issue before. Maybe it has to do with how much storage is left on your phone?

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