Kingdom Hearts Unchained χ guide: Special Daily Quests

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In the "Special" section of the Quest menu, there are weekly quests that change every day. Some help with strengthening and evolving medals while some help with strengthening the Keyblades. Here is the full schedule:


  • Monday: Olympia Materials & Olympia Adamantite Ore 


  • Tuesday: Power EXP & Evolve Medals,Treasure Trove Materials, and Treasure Trove Adamantite Ore


  • Wednesday: Magic EXP & Evolve Medals, Three Wishes Materials, and Three Wishes Adamantite Ore


  • Thursday: Speed EXP & Evolve Medals, Lady Luck Materials, and Lady Luck Adamantite Ore


  • Friday: 1-3 Evolve Medals, Starlight Materials, and Starlight Adamantite Ore


  • Saturday: Mythril Madness, 4★-5★ Evolve Medals, Moogle O' Glory Quests, and Divine Rose Adamantite Ore. 


  • Sunday: Mythril Madness, 4★-5★ Evolve Medals, Moogle O' Glory Quests, and Moogle O' Glory Adamantite Ore


And every day there is the Munny Medals quest that happens for 30 minutes 3 times a day. The times for when they activate differ from person to person.


You can also unlock all the Special Quests for 1 week for $14.99 and you'll also get 3,000 jewels if you do so.

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