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Felicia Novita

Happy One Year Anniversary for me!

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Today is May 11th, so... It makes I have been a member of KH13.com forum for 365 days a.k.a a year! :D If you don't believe it, you can check my profile when I had become a member and signed up as member at my profile or here (I have screen captured it) :


Posted Image


Well, So many things have been happened during a year, from the best one until the worst one. If I have to tell my experience here, it will be long story! :D


At first I came here, I was confused, how I could keep in touch with other members here, how I could fit well in this forum, since I was still new at kingdom hearts series, so I needed time to understand Kingdom Hearts things haha! I still remember the first time I came to this forum, I meet an user named Soraxx (xx are the number, I forgot the number) and chat with him / her (if this user still remember me about our chat a year ago, you can tell me what your username now).


About 3-4 days after signing up as members, I posted introduction post here, and met several people here and the good part was I could make friends with them. I still remembered several of them: SorRik, Yuya Sakaki and soravids (you are my best friends here! I never got bored when I was talking with you!), churro, catmaster0116, weedanort (I'm sorry if I seldom talked with you all, but you are the great friends too guys!), I still remember Oli (I don't know what your username if you have changed it right now...), Javelin434, Toominator, Forever, AzureAce, Shinobi Palace, Magman, keylore, StevenDrake, The Transcendent Key. Wow, I have had friends here. I also remembered Sora96, I still remembered when we were talking about Final Fantasy things. And there were some people that I met here that we haven't been friends and I have been mentioned here.


I'm really glad to be a part of this forum or community. But there is but. Although I have been friending several people, sometimes I also did some mistakes or something wrong that could make people irritated, confused, in the end, they were hard to understand what I meant (Sometimes it's because my language, my mother language is Indonesia, so sometimes I still need to get used to write / speak in english well). Well, I'm really sorry if I made you confused and irritated as well because of my attitude and Thank you for moderators for their helps when I had trouble back then in this forum (I really don't like to talk the problem, only several people know about it) :)


I also apologize If I also seldom post here, since, you know, It's hard to find good topic to discuss, and sometimes when I want to start the topic, others have started ahead before me. So that's why, I seldom to post new topic. Maybe several people here noticed, sometimes I posted at "Photo of myself" topic; photo about myself and when I did some cosplays. I would like to say, THANK YOU SO MUCH for liking those photos and all the compliments for me. Somewhat it could rise my confidence about myself (sometimes I'm not confident with myself, I start to think that I'm fat, don't care about myself, etc.).


Lastly, I would love to say that kh13.com is the best forum of Kingdom Hearts that I have ever joined in. Not only provides good information about Kingdom Hearts thing, but also good place to meet KH fans around the world. I hope that I can get well here better and try to be active just like before.


And also, since today is the same day with SorRik's birthday, Happy birthday to SorRik. Wish you always the best! :)

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Happy Anniversary, Felicia!


I enjoy talking with you, and I remembered that one time when I asked about your Namine Cosplay (I think that was you who I talked to xD ). I'm really looking forward to talking to you again sometime. :)



Rock on!

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