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Lady Aleister

Kuroshitsuji Musical 2016: Book of Circus

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The new Kuroshitsuji musical has been fully announced...as Kuroshitsuji: Book of Circus!!


Posted Image


CASTS (New Actors in bold): 
-Furukawa Yuta as Sebastian Michaelis 
-Uchikawa Reo as Ciel Phantomhive 
-Tamaki Yuki as Snake 
-Tano Asami as Beast
-Mitsuya Ryo as Dagger

-Teruma as William T Spears 
-Washio Noboru as Baldroy 
-Kawaharada Takuya as Finnian 
-Sakata Shiori as Mey-Rin 
-Izumi Shuhei as Undertaker 
-Takagi Shun as Fred Abberline 
-Terayama Takeshi as Sharp Hanks
-Matsui Tsukito as Doll (played by male) 
-Kurachi Ayuka as Peter (played by female) *

-Chinen Saya as Wendy *
-Goto Takenori as Jumbo
-Kote Shinya as Baron Kelvin 
-Kyo Nobuo as Doctor
-Miura Ryosuke as Joker


= These actresses are a member of G-Rockets, an all-female acrobatics group in Japan.




Returning Main Cast: 



Posted Image




NEW actors and their anime role: 



Posted Image


Posted Image


Posted Image







There will be some big challenges in making this musical, and I hope that it turns out well. 


Shows begin in November. 







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