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Why I hope we don't have any worlds that transform us unless there are improvements

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I don't normally like being a killjoy; however I'm here today to perhaps voice what might be an unpopular opinion about transformation. Here's a few reasons why I hope Sora doesn't become another Merman/Lion/Frog etc unless there are needed changes.


Let's get this straight; I appreciated the Pride Lands plot and even Atlantica's plot in KH1 ( I'm still having nightmares about Donald's singing from Kh2...). However my issue with both worlds was the fact we got transformed. Yes it's a cool concept however....


1) the control- Merman Sora I'm sorry in KH1 was an absolute nightmare to control; you spend the whole game getting used to the camera/the movement settings then all of a sudden it's redundant in Atlantica. Part from getting lost which wasn't a huge task; one of the main issues was with the controls; it wasn't fun in the end. The same applies for Lion Sora; yes he was easier to control and was more in tune to normal Sora; but there's no denying he was a Lion Flash and it did help make a huge workd easier to navigate: there were plenty of times you'd have to double back on yourself to fight heartless; over look a treasure chest etc. It wasn't perfect either.


2) loss of abilities- this is a real kick in the teeth for me; you work hard levelling up for abilities; you equip abilities Which benefit you; then once again you transform and a lot of your abilities become redundant. This was seriously annoying; yes I gather there needs to be a sense of realism eg you can't have aerial combat underwater; however to strip us down isn't benefiting the player; but a hinderance. Also there is no guarantee if we transform in Kh3 we'll be able to use abilities such as Keyblade transformations/attraction flow etc and due to the fact this game will be more intense; the more options I have in battle the better. I'd rather not be in a situation where I could use aid; but can't because ( example only) I'm a blasted bear cub in a Brother Bear world. In situations like that the coolness of transforming doesn't outweigh the restrictions of abilities.


That being said; I really don't like being a killjoy so there are a few ways if used to rectify the situation; then transforming should not be an issue.


1) control- if they insist on transforming us; do not make the control alien to the player; keep it simple and keep it the same way as any other world. Also keep Sora's speed the same in all world's; excluding a quick run ability if it's implemented. This will again keep things smooth.


2) do not restrict our essential abilities- like I said before; sometimes in order to keep things realistic; some abilities will need to be restricted; such as no aerial combat underwater etc. However allow us to keep crucial abilities; combat abilities and due to the map scale of kh3 flow motion. Thereby enhancing rather than hindering the player.


3) make us make the most use of our forms- by this I mean; make the forms feel unique and fun; etc if we become a frog; make us make use of the ability to swim underwater; take camouflage amongst lilies to avoid heartless detecting us; squeeze through smaller gaps. That would be perfectly fine and whilst the Pride Lands were ok; imagine how much more cooler it would have been to have been able to stalk heartless using a stealth Attack; ( seeing as npcs will help the fight) have the other lionesses help lead the heartless to you for Attack etc. That would be clever actually and would make it enjoyable.


Overall; transforming at its current state is nothing short of a pain to the players in reality and if it is to return in KH3 needs vital changes; otherwise in my opinion- human sora is perfectly fine by me.

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I'd be fine if transformations happened regardless of how they are handled. They were at worst annoying but nothing game breaking for me. I don't despise Atlantica at all, certainly not because of how radical the gameplay changes are made, and I like Pride Lands and Lion Sora decently enough. I will admit though, these transformations should not take away so many abilities and options, and should rather at the very least take time to "adapt" them into ways that work for the transformation (I could easily imagine some abilities like Sonic Blade and Ragnarok working perfectly fine for Lion and Merman Sora, it's not like you need all two human arms and two human legs to do those moves, especially since DDD made that a mid-air move now). They should be doing creative things with these forms rather than just limitations. Yeah small restrictions like certain growth abilities not being available depending on the nature of the form, but certain essential gameplay mechanics like Flowmotion and Keyblade Transformations should definitely not be hindered by Sora's change in appearance. I'm sure they'll tweak such transformation mechanics in order to keep the gameplay fun and consistent, but even if they weren't any different than the one's we've gotten before, as long as they aren't done worse I'll be fine.

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