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KH3 Relationships

KH3 Relationships  

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  1. 1. Who do you believe will end up together as a couple at the end of KH3?

    • Sora and Kairi
    • Riku and Kairi
    • Sora and Riku (you've read to many of those fanfictions and you want it to happen)
    • Ventus and Kairi (SHOCKER!!!)
    • Sora and Ventus (their hearts were together for so long, they should be together)
    • Riku and Ventus (um....... why???)
    • Lea and Aqua
    • Lea and Kairi (kinda pedo, if ya ask me)
    • Lea and Ventus (kinda like Axel and Roxas, but as lovers instead of brothers)
    • Lea and Sora (... weird)
    • Lea and Riku (they both conquered darkness in their hearts, and found light in eachother)
    • Aqua and Ventus (you don't like the big sis-little bro relationship)
    • Aqua and Sora (Why would you even choose this???)
    • Aqua and Riku (Again, why would you want this???)
    • Aqua and Kairi (Seriously, who would want this???)
    • Xehanort and Yen Sid (if you choose this, you have a sick mind)
    • A different couple? Comment below who!

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I think that Sora and Kairi will be the only couple to come out of Kingdom Hearts III.  Square-Enix have been teasing this ever since the first game.  So, if they don't make it official in the finale to the Dark Seeker Saga, I think it will be a missed opportunity.


Now, while I think that only Sora and Kairi will become officially a couple, there are two other couples that I think are possible:


1.  Roxas and Namine


Spoilers if you haven't finished Kingdom Hearts II (just in case someone reading this hasn't finished it):



They way they got exited about being able to be together again at the end of Kingdom Hearts II makes me think that they could become a couple.



2.  Terra and Aqua


This one I think is less likely, but I still think it is a possibility.


Minor spoilers for Birth by Sleep (I don't know if you would consider this a spoiler, but just to be safe, I will treat it like one):



When Ventus gets three tickets to Disney Town and gives the other two to Terra and Aqua, he tells them that Scrooge McDuck told him to bring two grownups.  This is the moment that I felt it is possible that Terra and Aqua could become a couple.  When Scrooge McDuck said there are enough tickets for Ventus and two grownups, I immediately thought that Scrooge McDuck meant Ventus' parents.  So, when Ventus gave the tickets to Terra and Aqua, I thought of them being married and parents.  It made sense to me, and I actually really want them to become a couple now


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Let's be real, the only genuine 'relationship' in these past 7 games has been between Roxas and Namine. You can tell that they liked each other. Sora and Kairi will probably end up together but I'd rather see Roxas and Namine since it's been established that they like each other. Sokai seems so forced.


I hope Terra and Ven die alone. Aqua and Lea would be a good ship, fire+water.

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I do believe SoKai will happen. I personally ship Aqua and Terra, but we don't know if that would happen due to the whole.. Terranort thing..


But holy mother of Xemnas, Xehanort and Yen Sid is my  xD OTP  xD !!!!1!!!111!!

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It's hard to say. Sora and Kairi is by far the most likely, and, by god I hope that is the pairing in KH3. They've only been building that relationship since the beginning of the series. So, I hope that get's confirmed... But, I personally feel like Yuffie, and Kairi is the best pairing possible in all of Kingdom Hearts, it's just my opinion however. Other than that, I could see Roxas and Xion, or Roxas and Namine, and Aqua and Terra to a lesser degree.

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