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James Tham

The Master of Masters and the 6th Foreteller theory

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The five foretellers' names are the seven deadly sins in latin and their animal symbols represent the sins. Invi(invidia)=Envy=Snake,


Ira=Wrath=Unicorn, Aced(Acedia)=Sloth=Bear,


What about Pride and Lust? They are definitely the master of masters and the 6th foreteller. It is hinted that the animal the 6th foreteller symbolizes is goat,goat represents lust and in Latin lust is called Luxuria.

Since his name is the Master of Masters, it makes sense that his sin is pride, pride is Superbia in latin and the animal that represent this sin is the lion.

This makes me think the 6th foreteller's real name is Luxuria or Lux,and the Master of Masters real name is Superbia,Super or Superb. This makes me think that there's some connection between the Lux the players collect and the 6th foreteller.

What do you think? I'm

90% sure that this is true

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I think, and I Did not start writing about this anywhere else, that There is a 6th and a 7th Foreteller, which Are Eraqus and Xehanort (in Disguise) Send by Ansem the Wise, who is the Master of Masters, .... cuz he's the Brain ya know... tricking the "Feeling" Foretellers into something with his other 2 Students. he did not yet know, that there were other ways. he was only experimenting on his own students. Until he got tricked himself in KH2.

And try to contain balance. But something went Wrong, and Ansem needs to clear his conscious with sora and riku, who need to work together to contain balance. and yes, indeed eraqus and xehanort are there to contain balance too, but the rivalry behind xehanorts side is a bit too overwhelming probably. as it was with riku in KH1 but we know that riku will be fine now... right? maybe we get a berserking sora. who knows. anyways, all the other people are just fractured hearts. I think that even Ansem the Wise made certain of his. Xehanort was trying to capture both Ansems and the Foretellers, and Soras (eraqus) Nobodys in KH2. because the game was not over. eraqus was a sly fox and also choose to reincarnate in some way or another. 

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