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As in least favorite to favorite KH games. I wouldn't count the HD Remasters as separate games, even though they do have a few more bugs in comparison to the original, they're basically the same thing. For me personally, it would go something like this:


1. Dream Drop Distance - stupidly complex story, repetitive gameplay, bad balancing, bad AI, disappointing set up to KH3

2. 358/2 Days - had high expectations but story turned out to be repetitive day-by-day event of 3 characters instead of entire Org XIII. Also gameplay was clunky.

3. BBS - similar to DDD but slightly better, and story was acceptable. It still has its gameplay issues like DDD though.

4. Re:Coded - only KH game imo to have made the Command Deck system correctly, but story was boring and insignificant. Also the autoscroller stages were boring.

5. CoM/ReCoM - I liked the card system, story was well done, but the room system got repetitive after a few floors. Love the addition of Reverse Rebirth though.

6. KH1 - the purest KH game, simple and raw gameplay, excellent story+incorporation of Disney.

7. KH2 - the best gameplay in the series, decent story, super fun and replayable


I don't have unchained X in there because it's a mobile game, and I played it for about a month before I got the entire gimmick down and stopped playing. I don't know, something about it just doesn't make it seem like an actual Kingdom Hearts game and I just sorta drifted away from it.


Also curious cuz my opinion is kind of unpopular. I guarantee some people are ready to flame me right now for putting BBS below ReCoded, but I have my reasons. It'd be cool to see all of your opinions though :)

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Okay, I do favorite to least xD


1. KH2 - awesome gameplay, awesome story, and my favorite Sora! :D

2. KH1 - still one of my favorite KH games. Story is perfect.

3. DDD - I LOVE DDD! Even the time travel part of it. Also Flowmotion is just dope.

4. BBS - cool gameplay, awesome story, and Aqua ;)

5. 358/2 Days - the gameplay is meh :/ But the story is phenomenal! Also Roxas, one of my favorite characters, is the main character :D

6. X/Unchained X - gameplay gets a bit repetitive, but I enjoy the story more and more, can't wait to see Back Cover.

7. Re:CoM - awful gameplay, just awful. The story is really intriguing though.

8. Re:coded - fun gameplay, but the story is just... well there's not much of a story. And I LOVE the Kingdom Hearts story xD

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Least favorite: 358/2 Days - Gameplay was okay, but it's on a handheld system and it didn't really need to be turned into a game. A novel would have made more sense.


2nd-to-least favorite: Chain of Memories - Very competently handled and even chilling story. Unfortunately, I hate the card system too much to have it ranked any higher.


3rd-to-least favorite: Coded - Gameplay was okay, but it's on a handheld system and its story is almost completely worthless. It took a brand new scene in 2.5 to make it even a little relevant. Data Sora is a nice return to form for Sora after having his intelligence sucked out slowly throughout KHII and Dream Drop Distance.


Middle favorite: Birth by Sleep - I really don't like the Command Deck system, but I love the lore and story BBS had behind it. It had a much more KH1 feel to it and it's more 'explorative' elements, what little there were, seemed like a step in the right direction after the hallways of KHII. Despite some acting flubs, I love most of the characters and Master Xehanort is one of my favorite villains in any RPG series I've played.


3rd favorite: Kingdom Hearts II - As a game, I'd say Kingdom Hearts II is the most technically amazing. For what it accomplished, it's definitely one of the most advanced experiences in terms of combat and the things it lets you do. I love the story, the lore and the characters; however, there is a lot to dislike, as well. From the main character acting incompetently at times, making the Disney worlds almost completely pointless to the story and in trying to make technical marvels in things like the Battle of 1000 Heartless, they also didn't have as much memory space to make the worlds feel more 'real' than they did in the first game. While I wouldn't call it a disappointment as it's one of my favorite games of all time, it's definitely not as good as it could have been.


2nd favorite: Dream Drop Distance - DDD continues the wide-open spaces and sense of exploration and wonder in its Flowmotion system and the story ties every game previous together in one, amazing package. The downsides come from it, once again, being on handheld and Sora being an even bigger dunce than before. However, the gamplay more than makes up for it and the environments are spectacular. DDD is the first game since KH1 where I felt like I was really exploring the worlds and seeing places not really shown in the films, whereas KHII felt more like a showcase of stuff I'd already seen. Plus, more Tron is always nice.


Favorite: Kingdom Hearts - I adore this game. Yes, the gameplay is aged; yes, the voice-acting can be a tad much at times; yes, it's clunky to move around and yes, the fish face is the most prevalent it's ever been...but the charm of it all. The sense of wonder in each world you go to, not knowing what's going to come up next. When the back of the box said 'You never know who you'll run into next' it was right on the money. This was the Disney crossover experience at its finest. Being able to go to different Disney worlds and walk around almost 'behind the scenes' of my favorite films and fight alongside some of my favorite characters was a dream come true. Moreso than any other game in the series, the original KH fully capitalized on the crossover, by having several Disney villains scheming together in a group run by Maleficent; seeing characters like Beast in Hollow Bastion trying to save his beloved Belle; the Princesses of Heart concept in general and wrapping it all up in a nice little bow by having Mickey show up near the end, basically blessing the franchise from now on as if the Mouse was observing from afar to see if it was truly worthy of continuation.

Not to mention, but this is the Sora I've always known to be there. Some people say he's bland and generic, I say he's realistic to what a relatively intelligent, cheerful 14 year old kid would be. He can be naive, but he's not an idiot. He can put two and two together. He can be annoying, but he's also charming and you want to see him grow. Later on, Sora either has gotten to the point where it seems like he can't grow as a character anymore or he even regresses, which is the worst thing you could ever do to a character. It's a crying shame we haven't seen a Sora this well handled in the series since the first game and I only hope that KHII and DDD were dumb teenage phase he went through and KHIII will shine through and show a Sora who has aged competent, confident and intelligent.

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in this list I only considered the greatness of each game Story


1)BBS (it's here mainly because of plot twists, emotional scenes and Aqua<3)


2)KH2 (not so distant from BBS, I don't care about Disney worlds having little relevance, one big critique: they should have made Sora reunion with Kairi and Riku more emotional)


3)KH1 (still don't know why but KH1 has the most "magical atmosphere" of all KH games, Story is good but the plot is simple compared to other games)


4)DDD (I liked the plot twists and where this game brought the KH story, but 3 complaints: dream eater are awful, time travel explanation PLEASE, I wanted to see more about TAV)


5)CoM (the mysterious atmosphere of this game is awesome)


6)358/2 (it would be the 5th if they'd showed more about the other members of the Org. and if they had put every important dialogue in the Movie)


7)Coded (the only KH to have a not-so-intriguing story, the only great part was the ending)

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1. Dream Drop Distance-  Upon first play-through, I loved this game. Mostly because it had been so long since we had actual progression, that I had put my blinders on to it's many flaws. But with each consecutive play-through it got consistently worse.


The story has to be the worst feature in the game. It's biggest problem was lack of cohesiveness. The world's seemed kinda of disconnected from the overarching story. By the time we hit the final world, the the plot that should have been spaced out throughout the game, was dropped on us all at once. To make matters worse, they add the laziest and least creative plot device into the already convoluted story. Time travel did not need to be in Kingdom Heart, there were plenty of other ways to get to the point in the story we are now.


Then there are the retcons, ranging from the subtle more acceptable ones, to the glaringly obvious, do I look like an idiot ones. Even with my first run hype glasses on, this was one thing that from the get go bothered me. DDD essentially retcons almost the entire franchise in one cutscene(One cutscene!), it completely destroys all the motivations, mechanics, and characters. Then treats us like idiots by rearranging everything to fit the new plot, and acting like that's how it was intended the entire time. It's for this reason that this is ranked lower then Days.


Gameplay wise this game was rushed and it certainly shows. The attacks are clunky and stiff; which is a shame because some of the deck commands were really cool. I hate the BBS style basic combo, these guys are testing to be masters, why does their swordplay look like they fresh out of Destiny Islands. The physics in this game were horrible. I have a video on one of my old phones that I took during Riku's battle with Wargoyle. Somehow I glitched through the fire and essentially sunk all the way to the depths of hell. Other times bosses would get glitched into the no play area's causing me to restart.

Finally it's worst offense was it's abhorrent treatment of Sora in order to fan service Riku's character. Plus a big build up for Lea and they do almost nothing with it.



2. 358/2 Days- I think this game could have been a lot better if they made it for the PSP. The Nintendo DS does not do the game justice at all. The missions were so repetitive, and often irritating. When I play a game I don't want to spend twenty plus minutes chasing around a damn Green Requiem. That mission made me want to bash my head in the wall. The narrative for the game was okay, but at the same time it was unnecessary narrative. In the end it adds nothing to the story, especially since no one in game remembers what really happened. It just felt like an attempt to give Roxas a chance to shine but ended up being all about Xion.


4. Recoded- As useless as the story was this was a fun "game" to play. I loved how Square experimented with different gameplay mechanics. They really came up with some fun stuff. It certainly was more enjoyable than Days by leaps and bounds. At the end of the day Kingdom Hearts is still a video game and this game was certainly that!


5. Birth By Sleep- Birth By Sleep had it's flaws, but it still is one of the stronger Kingdom Hearts titles. It had decent story and it was cool to get three different play styles in the form of Terra, Aqua, and Ventus. Like DDD, I did not like the combos movement, clunky strikes is not what you expect after experiencing the fluid movements of Kingdom Hearts II. Everything felt very stiff, minus the deck commands, which is what I ended up using most of the time. The game could have also been a bit more challenging, especially with all the OP mechanics we got in the game. On the flip side I loved all the OP mechanics we got in this game. I really loved the Deck Command systems. I enjoyed creating different sets and experimenting with them. My final sets for each character were amazing! Shotlocks, Command Styles, we were never without a power to flex our power as Keyblade wielders. My favorite feature of this game is the music. Birth By Sleep in my opinion has the best soundtrack in the series. To this day I still have the full set downloaded in a playlist. It's not the best KH title but it certainly not the worst by a long shot.


6. Kingdom Hearts- This is a classic, I still remember playing this for the first time and not being able to put it down. The story was amazing and the characters were great, the villians were badass. Kingdom Hearts exceeded all my expectations, and still holds it own against the rest of the titles. Apart from platforming issues, I never had any solid complaints for this game.


7. Chain of Memories/ReChain of Memories- Honestly I want to put this as my top game, but KHII beats it out by a tad bit more. I honestly can't understand why this game get's so much hate. The only conclusion I can reach is that people wanted an easier game. Well, this game was not easy, but it wasn't super hard either. This game was a challenge, one I readily accepted. Chain of Memories in my mind was the most creative and innovative Kingdom Hearts to date. The gameplay mechanics added such a challenge compared to Kingdom Hearts and Kingdom Heart II. It was not a simple button masher, it was a strategy game. This was a game that you had to plan ahead before you went into the boss stage. From sleight mechanics, to card breaks; this game was really enjoyable, while still maintaining a manageable level of difficulty. The story was good as well, not as strong as Kingdom Hearts I and II, but it certainly holds it own.


8. Kingdom Hearts II- Well I could go on and on about KHII but it speaks for itself. I think the fandom generally agrees this was the strongest Kingdom Hearts title.

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Ok - let's see if I can do this


Least favorite to favorite order


Re:Codded - I'll be honest with you. I haven't played this game. Most of the story felt like a carbon copy of KHI, and felt like it could be thrown out because you don't even play as the real Sora. Also save for the very end, the important parts of the story was centered around characters you don't get to play as. I got all the information I needed by watching the cutscenes.


Chain of Memories - I felt like I was playing Kingdom Hearts all over again, which I guess was the point considering it's based off of Sora's memories, but still - It should feel like I'm playing a different game. That being said, the card system is what made this game worth playing for me. That and you get to beat up Larxene - twice. Reverse/Rebirth was cool. And you it add to the story.


Birth by Sleep - I have nothing against this, game, but I really didn't have anywhere else to put it.


Kingdom Hearts - This game is great, with a good story and it was fun to play. Some of the Disney worlds did connect with the bigger story like Deep Jungle and Atlantica. The only reason this isn't higher is because my favorite characters and parts of the story don't even make an appearance in this game.


Kingdom Hearts II - I love how the story of this game is much more complex than that of the first game. But for the most part - the Disney worlds were just there. The best exception being Beast's Castle because that had a great tie in to the story as a whole.


Dream, Drop, Distance - This game had a greater focus on the story as a whole and it stayed interesting with the plot twists and new information. Also I liked how Sora and Riku had a reason for going to each world. And I loved having my own dream eaters.


Days - This game will hold a special place in my heart because it was the first KH game I ever played. I loved seeing the friendship and the everyday adventures of Axel, Roxas, and Xion, and I love how the stories of the different worlds took a backseat so the story of the game could be more about the series. I played this during my first semester at a four year college, and because I didn't really know anyone there, I used to take an ice cream bar up to my room everyday and kinda pretend it was sea salt ice cream. The only bad thing - this game was impossible to understand at times, but that didn't really take away form the experience. I also loved seeing Axel's transformation from someone who only cared about himself to someone who cared about his friends.

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I don't really like ranking the KH games, but sure why not. I won't include Unchained x though.


7th - 358/2 Days. I originally liked this game when it came out, but as time went on I saw the flaws in both combat and story. I really like Roxas as a character and I'm glad that the cinematics in 1.5 showed us more of him with voice acting, but I dunno something about it just doesn't click with me any more as a game.


6th - Re:coded. Ok so, it's easily one of the most hated on games in the series, but in my opinion it does a lot of neat things. The story is utter nonsense and the cinematics (while kinda cool) were really dragged out in 2.5. The Command Deck system in Re:coded was improved over Birth by Sleep and in a lot of ways it's actually the DS hardware that compromises Re:coded I feel. I liked the changing gameplay from time to time and the Matrix system was definitely better than the Panel system in Days. Part of what lets Re:coded down is the repetitiveness after Data Sora gets rebooted, going into Data Riku and the entire Castle Oblivion part is so so tedious from a gameplay, pacing and story point of view.


5th - Dream Drop Distance. Honestly I don't even hate the story in this one. So many others loathe the game for having essentially ruined the story with time travel and all this other mumbo jumbo, but I'm willing to give the game a chance until KH3 comes out to redeem itself in terms of a set up game. Flowmotion was broken sure and we've all heard how Balloon made the command deck irrelevant, but when I played the game I never knew of these exploits. I never spammed Flowmotion nor did I even use Balloon. The game is flashy sure, but it's not terrible by any means. Another gripe I have (and this could be to do with the whole sleeping world thing) is that worlds felt far too empty. I think it's a damn fine 3DS game though. Visually it still remains one of the best 3DS games on the system. From the early footage of the HD version, it looks great on PS4 any ways and 60fps? That would be really cool! Bonus Point: It's opening cinematic is up there with one of the best in the series!


4th - Kingdom Hearts. I like the first game, but I don't like it as much as some others do. The platforming is really clunky and I don't feel the game hasn't aged particularly well when you see what came after it. The story does its job, but it's not groundbreaking. The controls, low camera and unintuitive menus make this game frustrating to play at times. Yet, I still don't hate it. The game sets out to do what it was supposed to and we owe its success to the reason why this series is even still relevant.


3rd - Chain of Memories. The GBA game not Re:CoM. I really dislike the remake. Chain of Memories is a criminally underrated game in the series. From excellent gameplay both in its cards system and intriguing world design, beautiful sprites and visuals in general, and intriguing characters and story I genuinely feel CoM is one of the better Kingdom Hearts games out there. Sure much of its worlds are rehashes of what was in the first KH game, but it's understandable why that is. The introduction to the Organisation and the overlapping storylines as Sora and Riku were great additions to the story. The card based battle system is a very interesting battle system and I simply loved customising decks for a number of strategies and combos. It's one of the few titles and instances in the series where you simply cannot hack away at the A button and expect to win. I have a gripe about having to actually gather the EXP when you defeat enemies, but having to manage bonuses when you eventually level up was very interesting, "should I go for a new sleight or some more HP?" definitely added a new dynamic to the game.


2nd - Birth by Sleep. There's not a lot about BbS that I dislike. I definitely much prefer the HD Final Mix than its PSP counterpart though. I'm not going to write up a paragraph as long as the CoM one as to why I like BbS, but I do think the story is the best part. I really love Aqua as a character, so I'm trying not to let that bias sway my opinion of the game. It has faults. Particularly with commands being incredibly exploitable. Load times were far too frequent, worlds were incredibly void of NPCs or any life unlike what we were used to in KH1 and KH2. Certain characters were downright terrible *cough* Terra *cough* and playing through the game essentially 3 times was a little bit of a drag at times.


1st - Kingdom Hearts II. It's a popular opinion and honestly I don't care. I like a lot of things in Kingdom Hearts II and it's the only game in the series where I don't mind playing through it countless times. The game is a vast improvement over KH1 in terms of gameplay and visuals. The story isn't as simplistic as KH1's nor is the prologue as Roxas incredibly interesting either, but it excels at giving us a better action game than the first and I think its Final Mix version offers a lot of great content too. It's unfortunate that the game has a few technical issues in 2.5, but it still looks and plays great.

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Seems like most people have a general consensus that KH2 is the best game, which isn't surprising. That being said, there's been a lot of different views on games like DDD, BBS, and CoM.


Personally didn't enjoy BBS/DDD, but I can see how others may enjoy the flashy combat. I'm more of an analytical type of gamer, so I tend to analyze gameplay elements to a somewhat deep level; as such, I enjoyed CoM due to its depth but didn't like DDD/BBS because flashy combat was all it was; the combat itself was very basic and had too many flaws that bothered with my gameplay experience.


It's p cool to see how many different opinions on each games there are :)

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in order of best to worst


1. KH - being the most simple and sincere game in the series

2. KH2 - taking the combat up to 11 and making it fun and flashy

3. KH CoM - The card system offered a unique twist on the gameplay, allowing for more strategy. Also the interactions between Sora and the villains were nice.

4. BBS - Not terrible. It's serviceable. Although it's the point when KH games began to feel as though they were being made with a check list in mind. Formulaic.

5. Re:Coded - Gameplay was fun. Story dragged on and felt pointless. Becomes more of a chore than a game.

6. Days - Gameplay was bad and the story was just as bad. It shows how Nomura had to really stretch to make this into a full game because nothing of consequence actually happens. Xion only existed to justify the game being made.

7. DDD - The point where the series became too much to handle. A straight up bastardization of the concepts we've been shown so far in the series. A horrible attempt to tie up all these plot threads, leaving us with just a tangled mess.


Honorable Mention: 

X/Chi/Unchained X/Back Cover - More plot points to further complicate the story. Nomura is doing some weird kind of rubber band story writing here. First he's got the basic setup and villains, then he goes back in time to explain the origins of the real villain, then we jump forward to see the villain and what his plans are, then we go back even farther to see the origins of his plans. All of it is done in order to justify the existence of KH3. Honestly I would have preferred it if Nomura had just planned out the series instead of promising one game per year when he only had a rough idea of where he wanted the series to go. 


As I've mentioned before, he could have totally written BBS to immediately set up KH3 and we could have cut out a lot of the excess fat from this series.

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Tier 1.


8. Unchained x. - Actually kind of fun, but really not even a side game, and more off a spin off.


Tier 2


7. BBS - Oh boy. I don't mind how they went back in time to tell a story. I don't mind how they introduced a new trio. I don't mind new gameplay. I just don't like the way they did it. Probably my biggest disdain about this game is how boring the characters are. This is by far the worst trio in any way you try to shape them in my opinion. I also hate playing through a story three times.


6. DDD - This is bridge between 2 and 3 and boy does it collapse in comparison to COM. Very short, Sora's annoying, continuance and the ruining of Riku's character development, time travel, and gameplay is not great. Flowmotion is fun though, and I do enjoy how they continued some of the side elements such as what happened to Lea. The amount of keyblades don't bother me as much as some people. The good thing is I don't think they necessarily need to continue down this path in kh3.


5. Re coded- If the bridge between 2 and 3 would have been just this, I think I would have been okay with it. It's a side game that would just barely tease what the next game was about. I think it does what it does well. It focuses on a point throughout the whole game, and that is about all the people who have been hurt throughout the journey. The only problem is, this is pretty much all it focuses on, so it is nothing more than a DLC.


Tier 3


4. Days - I really actually enjoy this game. The character interactions are top notch, and probably the best in the series. No game made me feel for characters like this game did. I know a lot of people hate Xion, but I enjoy her contributions, and how she made Roxas and Axel not just sheep of the organization. I think it's a side game that really establishes what it's purpose is. Only problem I have with this game is that it is quite limited by the DS. The graphics, gameplay, music, ect were all hindered by the DS's capabilities. I really think if this game got remade, it would be in my top 2.


Tier 4


3. Re Com - This is a game that was destined to fail. It was originally on the gameboy, had weird gameplay, and following one of the highest rated games ever. But everything was executed perfectly in my opinion. I really enjoy this game. It is THEE perfect bridge between my 2 favorite games. It may be a "side" game, but it really takes it's own twists and turns, and is its own story while connecting the games. The story is unique, the characters are unique, and the gameplay is fun in my opinion. I know people hate it, and I do prefer 1 and 2's, but I enjoy being able to set up my sleights back to back, and being able to use them strategically. Also Riku's mode was done very well. It was short enough, the gameplay was fresh enough, and the story was very intriguing. A game that was destined to fail, but that had perfect execution, and that's why it's in the top tier.


2. KH2FM - When you add the FM experience, it is VERY hard not to put this at one. I truly think this is the one Final mix that actually can purely change your opinion on a game because it adds so much depth not only to the gameplay, but to the story as well. This is a great game. It certainly has the best gameplay in the series. The Roxas/Sora story was very intriguing, and epic. The start, middle, and ending are VERY epic, and top notch. The only problem I have is between those points, the story can lag a bit, but I give it a break because it sets up the climax.


1. KH1 - I really don't know what to say about this game. There's just something about the lore of this game. I love the worlds, and I think they have the best design, and incorporation in the series. I really like how they made all the worlds a part of the overriding story. Hollow Bastion 1 is still my favorite world, and sequence in the whole series. It's just incredibly epic. I also like the whole Ansem thing they did at the end instead of having Malificent the final boss. Sora is at his best this game and his development is amazing. The bosses are amazing, and the little extras in this game are really what set it apart in my opinion. 

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Yeah, I'm probably the only one who doesn't really care for KH2.

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I haven't played Coded or UX and I haven't completed Com or Re com but I've included it anyway.





>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Days.

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continuance and the ruining of Riku's character development,


COM!Riku: "My Darkness doesn't have to be bad."


DDD!Riku: "I'll turn my Darkness into more Light!"


Back to square one, huh?


I haven't played DDD yet.


I envy you, then.

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Best to worst? That's a really hard one for me...  I guess if I was to put it in a list it would be Kingdom Hearts - CoM - BBS - DDD - 2 - 358 - Recoded not to say I don't love all of those but recoded is mostly non important plot wise but gameplay wise I have over 100 hours in each title from a shit ton of playthroughs

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