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Dagesh Lene

What Happened to Terra?

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In Dream Drop Distance, Master Xehanort told Mickey that he Use two of Mickey's list (Himself, Aqua, Ventus, Terra Sora and Riku). Sora is one of them. Mickey and Riku are already there, Ven is still sleeping in Castle Oblivion and I don't believe Aqua could be a vessel.

That only leaves Terra.


Isn't it possible that one of the hooded guys was Terra?


Spoilers for the secret ending of re:coded and the ending of Dream Drop Distance:



Yes, it is extremely possible.  However, all we know for sure is that King Mickey knows the location of Aqua, while he does not know where Ventus and Terra are (although he is getting close to finding out where Ven's heart is), as we found out in the secret ending to Kingdom Hearts re:coded.  I don't know how he found out where Ventus is.  Maybe Aqua told him while he was in the Realm of Darkness.


Just because King Mickey found out at one time where Aqua is does not mean that she is still there, and the same goes for us.  The last places we saw Terra, Aqua, and Ventus may not actually be where they are at the end of Dream Drop Distance.  I think that Ventus is still in Castle Oblivion, since we saw a short clip of him there at the end of Dream Drop Distance, but how do we know for sure that Aqua is still in the Realm of Darkness and that Terra is still one of Master Xehanort's vessels?  Also, maybe Ventus is who Master Xehanort was talking about as belonging to him.  Maybe he meant that he knows where Ventus is.  He just hasn't turned him into a vessel yet.


I am just throwing out possible ideas, because Square-Enix could throw something at us that we are not expecting.  I still think that Master Xehanort is talking about Terra, but we will just have to wait until the future games come out to find out for sure.


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