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Lady Aleister

Manga Recommendation: 19 Days by Old Xian

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Warning- This manga/manhua I am about to recommend is SHOUNEN AI!!


DISCLAIMER: The definition of Shounen Ai, according to KissAnime, is "anime or manga whose central theme is about a relationship (or strong affection, not usually sexual) between two boys or men.


Do you like comedy? 

Do you like to cry intensely at certain times*?

Do you like chapters released about every week or so*? 

Do you like Shounen Ai?


This manga is for you!!  


19 Days is a work by Chinese manga artist Old Xian.

It is a manhua about: "the cute and funny* adventures about a boy and his best friend".


Note: 19 Days is not how many days are in the story line, it is just what Old Xian titled the project. 


Follow Jian Yi and Zhan Zheng Xi (plus two other guys and like two girls) as they go through their last year of high school together. 

Oh, and bring some tissues because you might cry because of laughter and sadness.


Note: Chapters 1-54 are part of an art book Old Xian did before starting up the story completely. 


Current Number of Chapters: 165

It is rated 89th right now on MangaFox. 

Warnings: Contains some strong language and suggestive themes. 


Read it here!!  



Posted Image






Q: Wait Neko...you read YAOI?! 

A: I read some yaoi yes. 19 Days is not classified as yaoi. 


Q: Wait Neko...why are there asterisk's  (*) beside some things 

A:  Look in the spoiler if you dare:


* Seriously I have cried while reading this manga because of sadness

* Old Xian was in the hospital for a while and did not update every week or so like she usually does. She is out of the hospital now.

* This manga can be hilarous at times, trust me, but currently (6-15-16), every single reader is screaming at Old Xian because a new chapter is neededdddddd



Thanks for reading  :wink:



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