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Avengers Academy: The Ultimate Alliance

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Based on the games Marvel Ultimate Alliance and Avengers Academy.

When the world needs heroes the most, SHIELD steps up to the plate, gathering Earth's mightiest heroes and training them to be the best heroes they can be. Attending school in their alter-egos, these heroes will need to be ready for anything that comes their way.
Posted Image

Something is coming...
The villains are beginning to gather...
The to-be Avengers are in for the fight of their lives.


1 ) Any and all Marvel characters (excepting Nick Fury and Hank Pym) will be acceptable for consideration. OCs will be considered IF THEY FIT THE MARVEL UNIVERSE (NO EXCEPTIONS), but PM me to clear it with me first. Also, we may have duplicate heroes (alternate universes/identities), but try to make them more diverse (ie. Superior Spider-Man, Miles Morales or 2099, not two Peter Parkers). And I may consider a few guests from the rival company (but do ask me first)...

2 ) Normal KH13 RP rules

3 ) No god modding
4 ) No killing other RPers characters without permission and no controlling other peoples characters without permission
5 ) We will be doing this RP as turn-based, so try to keep up. Order will be determined once we start.
6 ) Swearing is fine, but in moderation
7 ) The limit on characters is four each
8 ) Neutral characters either don't follow their god/goddess (In this, you'll have to put "Cosmos/Neutral" or "Chaos/Neutral" in your entry form) or exist outside of the world but have entered it anyway (time travel, Gummi Ship, etc.).
9 ) If you're going to play a villain, try to pick the more anti-hero ones (ie. Punisher, Venom, Deadpool, Loki, etc.) I'd like to have some of the big villains stay as pure evil.
10 ) Follow the main RP topic and keep up.
11) Have fun, true believers! Excelsior!

Sign-up sheet!

Name: (Self-explanatory! What's the hero's name and alter ego?)
Age: (These heroes are younger than usual, keep it in the 17-22 range)
Team (if applicable): (ie. Avengers, X-Men, Fantastic Four, Inhumans, Spider-Verse, you get the gist)
Normal Appearance: (what do they look like out of costume?)
Hero Appearance: (what do they look like in costume?)
Bio: (try to sum up their origin story and how they were brought to Avengers Academy)
Powers: (What are their superpowers?)
Abilities: (Not quite superpowers, but still special abilities)
Gadgets: (Anything in their skillset that isn't covered by powers/abilities?)
Extra: (Anything else we should know?)

Here's my first character (I might pick more, you never know)!

Name: Ant-Man/Scott Lang
Age: 20
Team (if applicable): Avengers, Future Foundation
Normal Appearance: http://vignette3.wikia.nocookie.net/avengers-academy/images/b/b8/Character_Recruited_Ant-Man.jpg/revision/latest?cb=20160306032427
Hero Appearance:

Posted Image

Bio: After Scott Lang broke into Hank Pym's house at the age of 19, Scott stole the Ant-Man suit to help him in getting money to provide for his family. Impressed by how Scott handled the suit and Scott's own motives for doing so, Hank Pym allowed Scott to keep the Ant-Man mantle, encouraging him to come to Avengers Academy. Now Scott helps out Hank, while he learns the ins and outs of being a hero. 
Powers: By himself, Scott Lang has no powers. With the Pym Particle, Scott is able to shrink or enlarge his body. Doing so increases his strength and agility as well as improving his reaction time.
Abilities: Scott is an expert at electric engineering, even managing to modify the Ant-Man suit to increase its capabilities.
Gadgets: The Ant-Man helmet allows Scott to communicate with ants. The helmet also has a small air supply. On top of this, Scott also carries discs developed by Hank Pym, which, when tossed, shrink or grow whatever the discs hit.
Extra: None

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