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You have your favorite superhero's powers...what now?

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This is a game that I just created and thought it would be a neat idea to see others stories for their favorites. No real rules to this, you can use any sort of super hero (Marvel, DC, Dark Horse, about anything :3) it's almost like a roleplay, for example here's mine:


It's not easy swinging around town, chasing after bad guys, when before I was just an average kid. Spiders bite! Don't have to tell me twice but there is a certain draw to the power that it gave me. For instance, when I miss the bus, I get to school 10 minutes before the bus by running. When I need to open a pickle jar now, the lid pops right off without me even trying. Power comes to a price though, I have to be "responsible" or whatever for they say. Bad guys are all over the place and I can't just leave helpless people to deal with it when I have powers like these. Swinging around town on webs is better than any rollercoaster at the local amusement park, so I guess I don't have to pay for admission anymore...though the stuff I use to make those webs are a bit pricey. Oh yeah and guess what?! I can climb buildings, just the other day I waved to the president of Apple through his window, Haha the look on his face!


You can also reply to other's stories if you want to make your own input. 

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