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Magic in Paris (1x1 with Rowbe)

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The sun was bright and the fresh warm breeze glistened throughout Paris as students of varying grades and ages entered classes for the day. In one particular school, students sat down and awaited teacher's instruction.

One of these students was named Alya. She sat down with a mighty stretch as the bell rang. She was tired but ready to start her day. Infront of her was Adrien- class star of the class who was rather refreshed from a good night's sleep.

The teacher, Ms. Bustier entered the classroom, smiling to her students.

"Good morning class." She chimed. "I have some news today. We have a new student! Now settle down and fix up your things."

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Marinette was late. Again.

She thumped down the staircase and snatched her lunchbox from the counter. A note from her mother fluttered to the floor and was trampled in her haste. Bursting out the door, she ran in the direction of her school.

"Oh, why didn't I get back from patrol earlier?" she groaned, out of breath. She brightened when she saw the school, pushing her way through the doors and entering with a mighty bang. Marinette found her classroom and quietly opened the door.

She saw the class already seated, staring at her blankly. Her cheeks darkened as she let out a small laugh, moving to sit next to her friend Alya.

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Alya grinned as Marinette walked in, who recieved a hefty glare from Ms. Bustier. As soon as Marinette sat down, Alya whispered to her.

"Girl, you almost missed it!" Alya said, looking to the door. "We got a new girl!"

Like on cue, the teacher began to speak once more. "Now that everyone is finally here... As I said earlier we have a new student!" She looked to the door, gesturing for the student to come inside.

Within a few moments later, a young girl entered the classroom. She had purple hair with a small ponytail offed to the side, with matching purple eyes and a lavender dress to boot. A small smile was on her face as she approached the middle of the classroom.

"Kon' Nichiwa. I am Segawa, Onpu. I live in Japan. My English is not too good but I am happy to be here with you."

Adrien's mouth suddenly dropped. He placed his hands on the table and esclaimed. "You're Onpu? You're in some of my favorite Japanese movies!" Adrien stood there for a moment with his eyes wide, realizing what he just said. He silently sat back down with a blush.

"Ah, right Adrien-kun." Onpu replied with a giggle. "I model for your papa before. Gabriel Agreste."

Adrien rubbed the back of his head, embarrassed yet flattered that the actress knew who he was. Then again, who didn't; Adrien's face was everywhere.

Ms. Bustier chuckled. "It's nice to see that Onpu already has a friend. Onpu, sit over there please. Behind Marinette next to Ivan." She pointed towards the seat, where Onpu bowed before going to sit down.

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With a deep breath, Marinette shot a grin at Alya. Her smile grew when she glanced at the new girl. She was adorable! Marinette was not surprised Adrien knew who she was, he was so smart. She sighed dreamily, gazing up in the sky as a thought bubble appeared. She pictured how adorable their daughter would be, just like this new girl. Just like Adrien. How cute would she look in an outfit like this girl's?

Letting out a giggle, she moved to lean on her desk, her arm missing the surface. Marinette screamed as she tumbled onto the floor, her arms flailing wildly, right in front of the new girl. Scrambling to get out of her way, Marinette pushed herself to her knees.

"Oh my gosh I'm so sorry- I didn't mean to- I was just thinking and- Are you okay? Did I hit you?" Marinette met the girl's eyes, her own wide and apologetic. She heard snickers from around the classroom, and a few exasperated sighs. Some were used to her antics. She felt her cheeks heating up.

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The new girl, Onpu certainly wasn't expecting the sudden outburst from the girl infront of her. She fell back, bottom hitting the floor. She expressed a small 'ow,' rubbing her backside. She looked up to Marinette, watching as the young girl apologized rapidly.

"Oh no... I am okay." She said with a smile, getting up off of the floor to offer Marinette a hand. She suck out a tiny tongue at Marinette while smiling, winking in the process. "You are like my friend. Eh... What's your name?"

Alya piped in, shaking her had after she saw Marinette fall yet again.

"Her name is Marinette and I'm Alya." Alya commented, placing a hand on Marinette's shoulder. "It's cool to meet you."

"Ahh, okay!" Chimed Onpu, giggling as she sat down next to Ivan. "I hope we can be friends, Mari-chan. Alya-chan."

Nathanael's face turned red as he watched Onpu sit down. He never saw such a tiny girl before in his life. His heart melted as she watched her:

'So cute...' He uttered to himself, turning to a new page in his book to start drawing.


(Oh yeah, here's what she looks like:

tumblr_mohm85UYvc1s9gozao1_400.jpg she might appear a tad Mary Sue-ish but that was the point of her character and she actually ends up being pretty cool)

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Mari smiled as she sat back in her seat, shooting a grateful glance at Alya for stepping in. Turning to the teacher, she attempted to pay attention to the lesson, but her mind kept wandering. She wondered if the new girl liked baked goods, because if she did Marinette could invite her over after school. If she invited her over, maybe she could subtly invite Adrien too, since he seemed to know the girl. She could kill two birds with one stone: Get to know the new girl, and have some time with Adrien!

"But how to do it..." Mari whispered to herself, not realizing she had spoken aloud. Sticking her tongue out in concentration, she plotted how best to ask the two to come to the bakery. A thought occurred to her. Alya could ask! She was much better at the whole socializing thing than Marinette when Adrien was involved.

"Hey, Alya," she mumbled, crossing her fingers. "Wanna come over, and invite Onpu and Adrien to the bakery after school?"

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Alya knew very well what Marinette was up to. He girl always had fantasies of senarios of her with Adrien, how they would go to perhaps see a movie or other fun events. When Marinette asked, the girl smiled and winked at her friend.

"No problem." Alya said, placing a hand on Marinette's shoulder. "I got you covered."

A couple of hours later and it was already after school. As soon as the bell rang and students started to leave the school, Alya dragged Marinette along with her to ask Onpu if she wanted to go visit the bakery.

Once they got outside, Onpu was actually surrounded by a small crowd. The young girl was signing autographs. Alya didn't care one bit and she pushed her way through.

"'Scuse me; coming through." Alya uttered. Once she got to Onpu, the girl smiled. "Hey Onpu."

Onpu as too busy signing an autograph when Alya arrived with Marinette in tow. "Oh Alya-chan! Mari-chan!"

"My girl's parents own a bakery close by. We wanted to know if you'd like to come over and have some sweets with us! We're gonna have Adrien come along too."

Onpu rubbed her head, not quite understanding Alya's words at first. She did manage to understand however that Alya was inviting her somewhere.

"Gomen, I have audition sceduled with my manager. Maybe some other time!" She chimed, the crowd overwhelming the two once more.

Alya sighed and turned to go at least ask Adrien if they wanted to hang out. Unfortunately, the boy was already heading inside a limo.

Alya sighed and placed her hand on Marinette's shoulder.

"I'm sorry girl... If you want, after my mom gets home from work I can take you to a new shop I saw on the way here. It looks really cute. Maybe you can get something Adrien'll notice~"


(I apologize for the pacing, I just want to get the roleplay to the juicy part xD)

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