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-Arthur, within the castle of King Alderon, attending the feast-

The feast was grand and luxurious. No expense was spared to prepare this. Security was no exception. While the best and most trusted relaxed for the night to enjoy the feast, those beneath them guarded the place with their lives. Roundabouts all around the halls, and guards always in front of the doors and on the inside. Arthur was one of those knights, standing a few feet behind the King, making sure that nothing would get near his majesty, even the simplest of flies. His name had always been whispered ever since the fall of his father, and rumors spread that made it difficult for him to become the knight he was today. But he was there, no less, and he would be dammed if he didn’t prove himself. He watched over his own mentors taking part of the feast, enjoying the fine food and drinks, his sight always going back to the one being that stood out like a sapphire among diamonds. He wasn’t human, carrying a wild aura around him, almost native. He was well dressed, bandages and scars only visible at times when he moved. By all accounts he was in a higher position yet lower, and never once smiled.


-Helios, within the castle of King Alderon, attending the feast-

Silver platters and cups filled with the finest the kingdom could offer. Bright chandeliers and tuneful music as everyone enjoyed themselves. The first time he stepped into the room it was like a deer caught in headlights. After being contained within constrictive walls for so long he was suddenly taking out to this feast, presumably to be shown off to the guests, if he could guess on anything else. His scars were hidden beneath his rather expensive looking clothing, given to him to look more 'appropriate' for the feast, and his hands and feet chained while two guards watched over him to make sure he didn't try any attempts. He was even adorned with jewels, a necklace and earrings and anything else that gleamed to make him look prettier in the eyes of the guests. He couldn't even transform. He was too weak. The experiments, the constant interrogation and practices to try and create a super soldier of their own had left him with barely enough stamina to remain sane. It was the first time in years that he had been out into such an open, and relatively by all means peaceful space, and yet he had never felt so vulnerable. He wished to go home. To be again with his kin and to once again explore the forests and talk with the animals and creatures he had called allies. His beloved friend had died because of these humans, and yet it didn’t seem that he wouldn’t be getting such kindness anytime soon. He wondered if the world above from where he came cursed him? Him and his friends for what could be now a possible war because they had been foolish enough to come down here and believe that the humans would have been as accepting? He kept his gaze down, eating what was at reach, especially the fruits. Any small insects, including ants or a few flies came to rest on his hand from time to time, whispering to Helios as only he would understand. In a room full of enemies, only these creatures could bring any comfort.

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Jynn Venas- Kilkes SeresJynn walks towards the city's council room with reluctance. He would've much rather been meditating in Gladeus and enjoying the scenery. He begins to think to himself. "Why today? Why must my mother call for a meeting TODAY? I can't watch over both worlds if she's going to constantly be calling for meetings." Despite the Fey prince's frustrations, he keeps a confident profile. Watching over two worlds was no easy task, as there are many things that can irritate Jynn while he is meditating. Sometimes, a random stranger comes up and starts a friendly conversation with him, although he doesn't really mind having a nice chat. And sometimes his mother will be asking for reports at the wrong times. As he enters the room, he notices Queen Shiva sitting in a large seat. He approaches her and bows to her. He then proceeds to take a seat next to her due to his noble status. As he sits, he looks at the queen and asks a question. Even though he knows the answer, he still asks to make sure. "Mother, did you so happen to summon me?" Edited by Endless Thundaga

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~Erica, rushing from Palompolum to Kilkes Seres~ 


Erica, who was going to this council meeting out of pure personal interest, was lucky enough to escape the eyes of the older Vila. She heard that this meeting was going on, only because of eavesdropping. She found the subject of it interesting, and the fact that a small town like Mystras was shut out themselves. 

Erica was very curious about what the heck Mystras was doing. 

She slowly began to land as she approached Kilkes Seres, bouncing off of a tree branch and landing onto the ground, welcoming herself into Queen Shiva's meeting room, curtsying to their Queen, and finding a place to sit down. 


(If this needs to be edited, please let me know.)

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Aeternum Siblings - In transit towards Sondon.
Walking through the plains were two siblings, a young black haired woman and his blonde haired brother, both mercenaries and warriors with no place to call their own. It had come to their attention that King Alderon was offering a feast, something fancy to be sure. None of the siblings were interested in the banter between the different groups under the orders of the King, instead they were interested in the recent rumor concerning the King and his "special" project.  Yes, that was something worth finding more about, and that was the reason the siblings were currently walking towards the city of Sondon. The city, and the castle, could be seen in the distance.

Rabiyu - Kilkes Seres
It was that time again, the time for the strange ranger of the forest to return and sell her wares. Apparently the Queen had summoned every living fey for an important meeting, maybe it was time to go.
"It will be (insert currency name here) for the creation of an engagement rign made of Mithril with a diamond stone."
It was a large sum, that was for sure, but the item was unique, beautiful and, without the bride-to-be's knowledge, a powerful protective spell was placed in it. The young Fey couple was happy to be lucky enough to buy something from the Ranger, the craftswoman of the forest, one of the remaining elves who still crafted powerful magic items. With the absence of customers the High Elf picked her remaining wares. A couple of moderated magical rings.
"I do not remember the last time I came back," the High Elf said, "I suppose I could allow myself to assist to the Queen's meeting."
Rabiyu made her way to the destined place and, after a few minutes of walking, she arrived at her destination. There were a few Fey already, something she rarely saw in her many centuries after leaving the city. Then she saw the Ruler of Kilkes Seres, Queen Shiva, and bowed to show courtesy. After her small display the Elf picked a random place to sit down to listen.


(If you could tell me the name of both worlds's currency I would be very grateful!)

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- Draksis - Attending the great feast - Sondon.


Draksis did not take on the formalities much, he was advised to dress himself in a noble attire by advisors because a man such as him had no need to worry about the feast, but he insisted on wearing his armor, aside from his helmet of course, his black knight armor disintinguished him from the normal knights and military, thats for sure. But he was sure Alderon wouldn't mind.


He also ordered his men to reinforce the security for the feast and the surrounding area, his elite knights joining in the patrols and rounds, doning their signature black knight armor, some were also guarding the feast inside of the main room too.


Draksis stood near Arthus and Alderon, albeit not as close, he had to keep an eye out for his men and anything that seemed out of the ordinary, to protect not only his king, but everyone else in the feast, especially the captured fey, who was just brought up to pariticipate. And most of all, his men were always on the lookout for the possible attack of 'The Dreadnaught'. 


"Hm, why bring the subject to the feast?" Draksis asked, his voice gruff, that of an old man, a veteran. "What business do we have bringing him to eat with us?" Draksis added. He had not been warned of this. Crossing his arms, he asked his fellow subjects.



- Henry - On the road from Chaumont to Sondon - 


Now what business Henry, an escaped subject of Alderon and a renegade, could possibly have in the kingdom of Sondon? A great question...he had a friend of sorts, one of his contacts from inside the Alderon army who would gather information for him, mostly about supply runs and routes, so he could poke the Kingdom's military from time to time, be a nuisance, show that he was still around, but at the same time out of their reach. That and no one would expect him to come to Sondon, the capital of the ones who placed the bounty on his head and hunted him for months. Right under their nose...


Henry was wearing a hooded robe, to cover up his armor and weapon, he looked like a true wanderer wearing it, it was quite humorous, honestly. Walking on the empty road connecting Chaumont to Sondon, figuring he didn't have to worry about anyone or anything coming at him right now, aside from the obvious bounty hunters after his head, but those were only in cities, on the road...it was almost relaxing really.


He passed by two individuals on his way, one man and one black haired woman, whose's choice of clothes didn't offer much protection but...who was he to judge? his skin was hard as iron anyway. He could run around naked and still tank a sword blow to the gut, he couldn't examine the man, since the man was wearing some robes too. Though the two of them looked like either: Mercenaries or Wanderers...or Bounty hunters. Which one though? Henry didn't really know.


SImply passing by, paying to mind to them, aside from not looking very inconspicuous, Henry was never very good at these things...




- Alicia - Attending the meeting by order of the Queen - Kilkis Seres.


Alicia strolled inside the council chamber, with her sword sheated on her side and on the opposite her grimoire, firmly strapped to her belt, she had imagined the Nobles would spare nothing to make the place look majestic, and she was quite right, even for a place made for meetings, the place looked pretty amazing for her eyes. The young fey did notice some people had already arrived before her, especially a frustrated noble who sat beside the queen. 


Alicia had no authority and no royal blood, but she was still called for some reason. Deciding to sit on one of the many seats in the room, the ones fit for her status as well...a nobody. She awaited for what the queen would speak of.




(Draksis's men's armor looks like this).



Posted Image


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--Alderon Niles -- Kingdom of Sondon--

The graying man glanced up from his scroll to meet the gaze of Midnea, one whom he put a great amount of trust into, perhaps too much for his own good.  "Ah, it's good to see you, Milady," said Alderon, rolling up his scroll as he offered the woman a slight smile.  "Everything is quite fine; you merely caught me puzzled over some plans.  Nothing too major to worry about."


His eyes scanned the entrance before proceeding to observe his meeting room.  Most seemed to be having a good time, enjoying both the music and the rich food.  This was both a feast and a celebration.  At last things were finally starting to fall into place; hopefully his knights agreed when the time came to reveal his pet project.


And the future of Sondon.


The king remained silent for many moments, seeming not to hear Draksis until his words finally sank in.  Recognition lit his eyes as he turned his head in the direction of one of his most trusted men.  "Ah, Draksis.  Fear not, my good man, for everything has a purpose."  With that the king nodded in the direction of a handmaiden, who had been watching his majesty intently for quite some time.  "Please, pour us some wine, and take a seat among us, Draksis.  You work so much and receive so little.  Allow the young men to guard the place while we celebrate tonight.  And in the meantime tell me: why are you so concerned that our 'special guest' is here with us tonight?"


Of course the moment of revelation was upon them, and Alderon had much to share and discuss.  A few members of his gathering were still missing, however, and he couldn't bring himself to start on the big reveal until they arrived.


--Elia Cabret and Yevgeni Malachite-- Kilkis Seres--

A sigh escaped Queen Shiva who sat upon her throne, seeming to be made of solid ice.  The surrounding room was one of great splendor, with blue flames hovering in midair to provide light within the chamber, and icicles which hung from the ceiling.  The room was no colder than any other within the palace, which made Shiva's room of ice to be particularly curious.  Everyone found a place around the queen, whether it be in the form of a spare chair from the corner of the room, a seat on the ground, or standing alongside her.  Yevgeni Malachite was among those standing alongside her.


The tall blond fey watched as the other magical creatures entered the room, his arms folded across his white robes adorned with golden trim.  The others intently watched their queen, mixed expressions and emotions filling their faces.  Yev didn't particularly enjoy such meetings, nor being in the presence of Queen Shiva, but he liked to be privy to all of the goings-on between both worlds.  Shiva also had seemed urgent in their gathering, which made Yev all the more curious.  While the fey didn't particularly like evil, he was bored of the bliss within the Overworld, and didn't mind the idea of a conflict to entertain him.  Particularly one which he could watch from afar.


"Excuse me!  Pardon.  I'm sorry for being so late."


The female voice arrested his attention as he tore his eyes from Rabiyu, an elf which interested him in her curious ways.  The voice belonged to young Elia Cabret, a fey only a few hundred years old in comparison to the thousands that most of them had lived.  She smiled sheepishly behind curtains of straight black hair, strands which reminded him all too much of her sister--a person he cared not think of, particularly not then.  Elia bowed lowly to Queen Shiva, her dark-purple cloak brushing the surface of the marble floor.  "My queen, it is an honor, as always," she greeted, before rising and taking a seat in one of the spare chairs alongside Erica.  She offered her a wide smile, wishing that she could wave and talk, but this was not the time nor place for such behavior, not with the grave expression that Shiva wore.


The ice queen turned her gaze toward the prince of the Overworld, her expression grim as she formulated a response.  "Yes, Jynn.  I have summoned you here.  All of you, and I thank you all for coming."  For a beat the queen paused, her gaze slowly shifting around the room, meeting each member carefully before nodding.  "Since all of you are here, I shall tell you why I summoned you here tonight.


"As many, if not all of you, know, Mystras has voted to disband from our kingdom and is now independent, their ruler and lord being Raiden himself.  Lord Raiden has always been exceptional at keeping me informed of what is going on, and for the past two-hundred years everything has gone smoothly . . . until recently."


Shiva's thoughts seemed to stray momentarily as she allowed her vision to penetrate the wall deeply in front of her.  Elia glanced over to see if anything was there, but alas it was nothing.  "Isopolis, the forbiddon shrine, is forbidden for a reason.  It is our safeguard of the Overworld, and it is what protects us and keeps us hidden from the demons and the world below.  It also contains many other secrets, some of which even I myself am not privy to.  Recently it has been violated, and I have a strong reason to believe this was done by Mystras.  Why they have done this, I do not know, and Lord Raiden denies that anyone from his city has accessed this forbidden shrine."


Murmurs escaped through the chamber, some muttering, "Impossible!" and others stating, "But we don't have prove!"  The queen held up a heavily-ringed hand, her lids lowered as she shook her head.  "Tonight Mystras is planning something.  For security reasons I will not provide the name of the fey who informed me, but I thank you for providing me with this information.  We do not know what it is, or why, but many are missing from Mystras and cannot be found anywhere.  While I don't have a reason to believe they have left the Overworld, it is possible, especially after some . . . rebellion that we've experienced seven years ago."


Elia flinched at the mention of this.  Seven years ago . . . back when her sister, along with Ren and Helios, had ventured to the world below.


"Needless to say that this has me concerned," Shiva spoke, reclining slightly in her throne.  "Does anyone here at this council know anything pertaining to this?  Has anyone spoken with Lord Raiden, or been to Mystras recently?"


(Also, Thundaga: I was thinking about having Jynn be Shiva's son, either by blood or adoption (if by blood, maybe Odin should have been his father?)  What do you think of this?)

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~Erica, sitting in the council room with Queen Shiva and others~While waiting for more people to show up, Erica noticed that she was actually the only Vila here. She was actually representing her race of Fey!! This brought a bit of a goofy smile to the young vila's face, but the smile quickly faded as Queen Shiva began her speech. Mystras had messed up. A rather shocked expression overcame her face as she heard that someone had violated the Isopolis shrine. Even Erica knew better than not to approach it! Does anyone know what the Mystras people are planning? Should people go and investigate? Many questions rushed through her head. Erica had to be as formal as possible about the situation, and only share what she knew...which was not a lot at all. "The Vila were warned not to create any storms in Mystras lately...and I am not aware of any Vila even living around the place due to it not being our environment. This means Mystras has not had any storms at all, but that is really all I know about the situation. We Vila do as you, your highness, command us too." Erica stood up and said, taking a curtsey and sitting herself back down.Vila lived near mountain areas, and Mystras definitely was not a mountain. If Mystras does not want storms, then they will not be there. Mystras has not received any rainfall in a long while. The Vila might surprise them tonight if the Queen allows it.

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Aeternum Siblings - Near Sondon.
"Did you saw that?" Aurion asked, "Think they had something to hide?"
The younger Aeternum sighed and shook her head.
"You are one to talk, Brother," She said flatly, "Besides, everyone has something to hide. It's in our nature as humans."
Aurion laughed at the comment of his sister.
"Please, do not try to sound more mature than you are."
Aura smiled and punched her brother's shoulder.
"In any case. We are close to Sondom," Aura said as she looked at the huge castle, "Should we look for a place to stay for the night?"
Both siblings agreed to seek an inn. Perhaps some new rumors about what the King was planning would come in the morning.

Rabiyu - Kilkes Seres
Rabiyu was slightly surprised about the current turn of events, but it seemed that her prophecy came true after all.
"Someone else foolish enough to defile the forbidden shrine has raised," She thought to herself. "But why?"
The elf looked around the room, listened to the voices of the others. She watched the Queen closely, her face showing different emotions as she spoke. Rabiyu raised her hand and stood up, her cloak waving in the nonexistent wind and looking like it was made of black mist.
"Your Highness," She said calmly, "if I may be so bold. Shouldn't we send a group to investigate this mysterious event?"
Rabiyu looked at those who had come to the reunion.
"I am sure that a few will agreed that if the shrine is being threatened something must be done," Rabiyu said, her voice calm and soft, "Perhaps, and please forgive me for saying this so bluntly, but maybe Lord Raiden can not be trusted."
The Ranger could hear the voices of the others. "How dare she?", "Heresy!" or "I don't believe that!". All of those voices meant nothing to her. The only important persona at the moment was the Queen.
"Perhaps he should be further investigated to see if his words are true, to see if he spoke the truth and that he truly lacks the knowledge about the identity of one, or many, of his subjects who committed such violation to the Isopolis shrine," the Elf said, " Once again, I ask for your forgiveness for my bluntness."
Rabiyu then bowed slightly before taking her place again. The cloak remained in its misty state, giving the impression of her being a plume of black smoke

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Jynn, having already known about the violation since it is his job to watch over the Overworld, watches as everyone is shocked by the news. He notices Erica standing up and about to give a remark. He listens to Erica's recommendation, but does not believe it is necessary. He also listens to Rabiyu's suggestion. As everyone begins to criticize the elf's suggestion, Jynn creates an orb of lightning to draw everyone's attention to him. Once everyone was focused on him, the orb vanishes. He begins to speak for his mother. "I do not think violence would be necessary for the time being. But I do believe the elf has a point. We should send a group of individuals to investigate. " He turns to the queen. "Unless, mother, you have another idea?"

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-Helios, within the castle of King Alderon, attending the feast-
Helios could feel the glares and the questioning looks. He could hear them as well, not like they tried to hide it. He couldn't help but to glare. It wasn't like he wanted to be here. He would have ran away home long ago, returning to the forest and his home. Away from these terrible, selfish humans. He watched as the ants and flies scattered away from Helios, off to mingle and gather food as they always did. "It's not like I want to be here...but obviously keeping me like an animal brings you some sort of pride." Helios hissed, glaring specifically at Draksis. How dare he? He was just as selfish as everyone else in this world. They see something strange, unusual, different and all they seek from it is power to gain and power to reap. "If you didn't want me here you could have just left me leave long ago. I'm not the reason for your daughter's affliction...nor will ever be the cure. I can speak and transform into animals, not heal them." Helios added as he ate some more fruit. He was frustrated. He hated humans. They hadn't showed him anything but evil and greed. How could a species be so vain, especially their king? It was horrible to even think about. As he waved his hand he could hear the flies complain and whisper around the air, beginning to discuss if they should annoy the knight by flying around his head or his food, causing Helios to smile slightly at the thought. How he missed chattering with the creatures above. Not just mortal animals, but those that had mythical origins and lives such as flying monkeys and even griffins. The only conversations he had had ever since being captured were with the small animals such as mice, rats, ants and flies, and one or two occasional birds. It wasn't much, but yet it made him wonder how all of his friends were doing, if they missed him or cursed him for what he had done? Did they even know that he still lived? Or had they accepted him as dead already? It was a pitiful existence, and Helios was determined to make the most of it, even if it meant to ruffle a few feathers of the humans. He found himself with a spoon balancing over a fork, gravy sitting on the spoon. He didn't hesitate to slam a fist down on the spoon, watching the gravy hit the nearest guard right in the face.


-Arthur, within the castle of King Alderon, attending the feast-
Arthur watched the feast, pursing his lips as he tried to keep himself from drooling over the food. He shouldn't have skipped lunch. He quickly straightened up, glancing over at Draksis. He was one of the most well respected men in this entire Kingdom, next to the King himself of course. If there was someone he should be showing off to, it was him. He held his position, smiling as he glanced down at the Fey. Who didn't look...happy at all...if anything he was beginning to look a little bit too angry. He could watch his fellow guardsmen keep their guard up even more, tensing up as the creature decided to be more open. They didn't know what he could do, or what he was capable of. He watched as the creature spoke his mind, and then shot a projectile of gravy straight at one of the faces of his fellow knights. He had to instantly cover his mouth to keep himself from laughing along with the other young guards besides him.

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- Raleigh Marin, Senior Sister of Assassins, attending the feast within the castle of King Alderon -


Beneath a red spider-silk cowl deep within the crowd brooded Raleigh with folded hands resting beneath her chin.  Her eyes for much of the feast were fixated onto the strange foreign creature that sat across from her at the table.  This fey, this Helios, was very much an interesting sight, and not at all afraid to get in trouble if he lobbed food into a guard's face.  Seeing the guard turn purple in frustration brought forth a rare chuckle from her throat, though there was nothing he could do but pitch a fit, even if he did know who tossed the gravy at him.


Breaking away to see what else was going on, she scouted the table for others both old and new.  Draksis, the old codger, was still standing and ensuring the king's safety, and his private guard suite was equally alert.  Highborns aplenty sat at the table, more of a decoration than necessary.  An amateur tactician boasted tales of pillage and plunder to unwitting youngsters and available women.  Some newcomers arrived at the entrance, mysterious but cleared for the meal.


The young one among the newcomers derived the most interest from her, but why she did not know.  Even if it was too far away, she sensed something was strangely off about that one.  Maybe he or she would start something, and to be honest Raleigh welcomed the thought.  Such action would be rewarded with a swift reaction from her, and she would in turn be healthily rewarded for taking care of the matter.


Keeping everything in mind, she returned to her meal, first reaching for her tumbler of wine and pouring a concoction of poisons inside her own glass.  It was nothing too harmful, at least for her, and she swallowed the glass' contents in several gulps.  It always pays to be prepared, especially when you are as distrustful as Raleigh was.




- Rufus Contralto, Genie of the Lava Lamp, currently housed in his lava lamp somewhere in the Overworld -


"One potato, two potato, three potato, chicken,

Four potato, five potato, good for finger lickin',

Six potato, seven potato, eight potato, gravy,

Nine potato, ten potato, just give me somethin' savoury.


"No, no, that's not right at all," Rufus muttered, strolling through the water as a lava bubble passed upward where he once was sitting.


His was a life of constant movement, avoiding the hot wax as it rose from the base and the cooler wax as well as it drifted back home.  Such was his life for sixty years when he was forgotten or cast away -- he did not remember which -- and sixty years does a lot to a man, let alone eight hundred.  No, he was a djinni.  Or was he a man?  It was a holey memory for a holey individual, and while he was assured that he had a human life before he was enslaved to this lamp he was equally ensured that he was always tasked to a life as a djinni and always will be a djinni.


No, no, he was human.  How would he have remembered the taste of chicken or potatoes?  His crew?  His different magic?  His adventures?  Or was that all his imagination?  Such was so difficult to discern.  He had so many dreams taking him away from this monotonous prison that he could not remember what was real.


"No, no, hush, Rufus!  Listen!" he said to himself, hearing incoming footfalls before they started trailing off.  He murmured in disappointment and started walking past a descending bubble of imitation lava.  "You'll get out of here, ol' chap.  You'll be free someday, and you'll have fun again.  Yes, fun'll be nice."

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Manel Fienna, Sondon, Attending the King's feastManel smiled calmly as she nodded to the outraged babble of the lady to her right, something about servants and incompetency. She resisted the urge to point out that the perfect example of incompetency was right in front of her. The poor, garish fool would catch the word perfect and miss the rest, more likely than not. She and her husband were the worst sort of noble, blood sucking parasites that took everything their citizens had and then got upset with them for not preparing for the winter when they starved. The lady to her left was hardly better, a shallow ornament with no skills to speak of and even fewer admirable qualities. Manel had already prayed to every deity she could think of, twice, that they could start planning or doing something useful or that she would be stabbed to death with a salad spoon. Anything to avoid having to engage in small talk with these blithering idiots for another hour. With a perfectly sincere and friendly smile still fixed to her face, the lady of Thromoni looked around the room, noting the positions of the guards. There were only four of her own here, necessary out of respect for the King's defenses. Armor was discarded in favor of a dress for the same reason. She had worn her sword, as that could be passes off as a symbol of status. Hmm. The princess was here, as were Draksis Gunthore and the fey. One figure stood out that she didn't know, though, a woman wearing a red cloak. Interesting. People were beginning to settle down, and the simpleton ladies quieted after following her gaze up the table. Just as well, because it looked like things were going to get started soon.

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- Draksis - Black guard leader - King Alderon's castle, attending the feast. -


Draksis looked at Alderon as the man spoke to him, straightening up and rubbing his hand on the back of his head, Draksis wasn't very good with formalities, he was a soldier dammit, formality wasn't fit for battle. "I am not concerned, per say. I am merely surprised as to him attending the feast with us, I trust your decision regardless, my king." Draksis spoke, trying his best to sound formal, even though, formality while wearing a heavy armor wasn't exactly fitting. Then again, he would feel naked without it.


He was then invited to sit among the king, of course, why wouldn't he be invited? "Thank you, my king." Draksis spoke as Midnea, the bitch herself came to speak to the king. He didn't like her, nor did she like him, they hated each other, he didn't trust her in the slightest, and seeing Midneah literally shooing a maid away with her glare, Draksis frowned, there went his wine... then she asked Alderon about him and that he had better things to do, in an attempt to get him away from the king so the two could be alone...like hell he was going to do that.


"Well, my dear, I am pretty much free of duties right now, said the king himself, and he wishes for me to sit with him, and who am I to refuse a request of my king?" Draksis replied to her with a slight smile, he hated her. And god dammit he was not letting her alone with the king, no sir.



- Henry - The Renegade - Alderon -


It didn't take long for him to arrive at the kingdom, still in his robes hiding his armor and weapon. He arrived at the city and boy was it brimming with commotion, the king's feast certainly meant something, but he didn't think it would make the entire city work on overclock, merchants looking to sell to the arriving nobles from other cities and traders doing their thing. Blacksmiths smithing knight's weaponry, as always. And convenience store merchants doing their thing. 


The herbalists were a funny thing, they made all kinds of potions and brews that would not only heighten your immune system to make you feel less pain. Some knights used to run around with a herbalist's brewed antivenom or a brewed potion that lessened pain, the medieval version of morphine...


The kingdom's business was at an all time high, hell even pubs saw commotion like never before in years, Alderon was an effective ruler...Henry had to give him  that. But the ends don't justify the means...not for him.


Walking inside a bar, he examine the place, the regular bartender, the maid who attended the customers and the individuals inside the bar, some men on the corner, some infantry men, fresh off their patrol schedule drinking. And in the opposite corner, a man who looked like a high ranking knight. Henry knew this guy, as the man waved at him for Henry to sit with him, Henry began taking off his hood as he took a seat.


As the maid came to him to ask for his wish, Henry looked at her with a sly smile, "Bring me your strongest drink, please", as the maid began to shift over to the bartender so the man could start working on that drink. Henry looked at the man on the opposite end of the table with a serious face. The man's appearance was, young, around Henry's age, with brown hair and blue eyes, the man looked serious for a moment, before giving a nice smile as Henry did the same.


"Nice to see you again Henry" Said the man. "Likewise, Mark" Henry replied. Henry and Mark were pretty close when he was  a knight, they'd work together on occasion and have drinks with the others. 


"So...The king's feast". Henry asked him, as Mark frowned, "Straight to business huh? thats just like you" mark spoke laughing. 


"Yeah well, I've been out for a while you know?" Henry joked. "So, what do you want to know?" Mark asked him.


"I know he's having a feast and all his commanders will be at said feast, less people ordering soldiers about, they're told to just follow their patrol routes and report anything wrong". Henry deduced as Mark frowned again. "Well, yeah...but what do you want to do? kill the king and his commanders?" Mark whispered the last part.


"What? no, I don't want to have to kill anyone or the king...but that man, the prisoner, you know who..." Henry explained. (The conversation shall continue!)




- Alicia- the battlemage - Fey council - Kilkes seres -


"Sending a group to investigate seems like the most sensible thing to do, the area may be off limits, but if we do it right...they might not find out we were even there." Alicia spoke as he crossed her arms.


"I have been to Mystras recently, last week actually, and I noticed an increase in commotion in its trading routes, more and more merchants trading and traveling bringing all sorts of things to th, other than that, not much difference...but I wonder what they are doing with this recent surge of activity." Alicia spoke. "And if we are to send a group to investigate...I volunteer, I know the land from my travels..." Alicia suggested. 

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- Raleigh Marin, currently attending the King's feast -


Things were starting to pick up more when Raleigh next glanced about from her place at the table, catching the bladed lady in the dress taking a glance in her direction.  She was quite glad that her eyes were cloaked by the cowl, as her eyes were the only windows to the soul she had, however fragmented it may be.  Glancing towards the king, she caught a glimpse of the not-so-friendly conversation with Draksis and Midnea.  While she could not make out the words, every expression Draksis made carried underlying tension as he spoke to her.


Making a sign to a nearby servant for another drink, she afterwards folded her hands.  The plate in front of her was devoid of items except for bones, crumbs, and silverware, and her glass was embarrassingly empty.  Now was as good a time as ever to eavesdrop, and Raleigh had good ears and eyes.  If she caught wind of juicy information nearby, she would be sure to catch the rest of it.



- Rufus Contralto, Genie of the Lava Lamp, whereabouts unknown -


Rufus sighed deeply, bemoaning his fate as he endured a few more hours of boredom.  Lately he entertained himself with a little bit of fire and ice magic, heating and cooling the entirety of the lava lamp so that the wax fell and rose all at once.  Such trivial radial heat and lack thereof was the most he could do while tethered to this lava lamp, but it reminded him of when he was human . . . if he was human.  It was such a curse to not remember correctly.  No amount of eternal youth was worth the cost of losing his mind and his memory.


The sound of snapping metal alerted him from his musings, and nearby scuffled footfalls broke the repetition of trudging stomps overhead.  Someone was near.  Someone was here.  Rufus' heart leapt for joy within his chest for the first time in years.  Hope has finally arrived.


More clatter sounded out, and Rufus had a hard time finding out what the person, if it even was a person, was doing.  Was it a cleaner for the first time in years?  Was it a thief come to steal things?  Was it an uproarious and curious child finding amusement in breaking and entering?  Or was it a lord revisiting old memories? So many questions echoed in his head, but when his environment shifted he realised that the lava lamp caught the newcomer's eye.


"SALVATION IS NIGH!" he cried out, elated.  His view was limited to the only his glass, unable to see what was happening in the room around him, but he knew he could be seen.  What happened next, however, he did not expect.


A voice -- a male voice -- cried out in surprise as Rufus' world took a 540-degree spin and felt a sudden shock.  Rufus slapped against the glass and felt the pressure of hot wax drool all over him and cold wax nuzzling happily against him.  Chilling the entirety of the wax helped minorly, but he looked like a melting Stay Puft Marshmallow Man after he got out of the situation.


"Wherefore did you drop my house?!" he shouted at the faceless person outside, looking up at what was currently the ceiling.  "An apology would be much appreciated."


"Uh . . . sorry?"


"You'd better be," Rufus pouted.


"What manner of creature are you?  Are you a ghost?  A dwarf?  A homunculus?" spoke on the voice, starting to get more in touch with the situation.


"A silly set of questions," snorted Rufus.  "Well, except that last one.  You're pretty correct there, but it's not entirely true."


"That's all right in my book," said the outsider, gripping the lamp anew and setting it upright.  Rufus heard the rustling sound of cloth soon afterward.


"What manner of creature are you to be so scholarly?" Rufus asked with a look of skepticism at the one-way glass.


"Soon to be a rich one.  You'll fetch a nice price, little homunculus," was the outsider's answer, and Rufus' glass was toppled anew to gingerly be set inside a bag.


"Wait!  WAIT!" Rufus cried out, but it was fruitless.  He tried screaming his lungs out, but it did not carry through the fabric or reached deaf ears.  The contents of the lamp swayed this way and that, and Rufus felt very much lost at sea in his own home for several hours.


((I will post for Raiden and a new character soon, mark my words, *wink*.))

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-Helios & Arthur, within the castle of King Alderon, attending the feast-
Arthur helped his fellow knight wipe the gravy off his face. No knight should look so messy, especially in a feast such as this one. Helios smirked to himself, watching as the Knight fussed over the gravy that was thrown at him. He didn't need to strain to hear the princess as she asked her father about him. Young boy? CHILD? Normally he wouldn't mind. He would just brush it off and move on with whatever he was doing. But his hatred for humans, his anger towards them, his overall just...annoyance to their existence, made him think otherwise. After being tortured, kept chained up, and overall experimented on like a lab rat, one could come to hate those in charge and their species as a whole, especially if not even one dared to show any compassion whatsoever. He had come to loathe them all. Had seen the kindness of humans before his capture, but the greed that he had been pounded against by its king and his followers...he came understand why they were forbidden from venturing down here in the first place. "I am...not a kid." Helios muttered underneath his breath, preparing another serving of gravy on his spoon, this time aiming it a the beloved, dog face princess. Luckily Arthur was quick to notice, his eyes widening as he hurried over. "Sh*t sh*t sh*t!" Arthur muttered, quickly grabbing a spare plate and extending it in front of the way of the princess, just as Helios threw the gravy, blocking the gravy from hitting her or her father, the King. Helios scoffed, glaring at Arthur, who simply glared back. 'Are you trying to get yourself killed?' Arthur mouthed, quickly straightening himself up as he tried to play it off. Helios glared. "Oh trust me. I've had no such luck."

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--Alderon Niles -- Kingdom of Sondon--

The biting words arising from Helios caused Alderon's attention to fixate on the young fey momentarily.  Briefly their eyes met, as though Alderon contemplated on whether to take Helios in offense or dismiss him.  To keep the mood of the party light he decided upon the latter, laughing at the boy and shaking his head.  "No, my dear child, you are here so that you can rejoice with us.  A new era is upon us, and the world soon is going to change right before your very eyes.  I want you to enjoy this moment with us, where fey and humans are not so greatly alike."


Perhaps it was a lie, perhaps it was the truth.  But regardless Alderon was not going to make Helios an enemy more than he already had.  No, that would be a very rash and foolish thing to do. 


Of course, Alderon's attention could not be arrested by the fey boy for long, as more important matters claimed it instead.  As he glanced back before him a glass of wine had been poured, one for himself and Draksis, and Midnea was longing for his company.  A slight sheepish smile crossed the king's face as he rested a hand upon the witch's shoulder.  "My dear, the pleasure is mine to be in your company for the remainder of the evening.  Please, I will fetch you some wine."  At the rise of the king's hand a young waiter came to the table, his suit of ebony velvet finely pressed.  The boy offered Midnea a smile as he poured her a drink, touching the goblet as little as possible so as not to contaminate the glass with the lowliness of his status, as was the custom of their time.


The king would have been foolish to have allowed the banter between Midnea and Draksis to go unnoticed, though he did try to ignore it the best that he could.  Midnea was one of his most trusted advisors, while Draksis was the head of command and his most trusted general.  Both had his deepest trust and affection, and yet it troubled him that they could not see eye-to-eye.  He raised a hand, as though to silence the both of them.  "Draksis is going to be joining us tonight at this feast, Midnea.  Together we have fought many battles and Draksis has so willingly fought for my life.  I want him with us tonight, as do I want you.  Soon one of the greatest secrets of the universe will be revealed tonight, and I want to see the delight upon both of your faces when it does."  Finally he nodded to the seat at his right, "So please, Draksis, take a seat, and do tell me how the young men are faring that you're training."


In only moments the king's own daughter made her way to the head of the table, ignoring their deep conversation and bringing her concerns of Helios being brought to the feast.  Alderon pursed his lips; of course so many people would be concerned with his presence, but he didn't expect to receive so much commentary on the matter.  The king gently grasped his daughter's forearms and brought her closer to him.  A smile stretched his lips as he cupped her cheek.  "My dear, dear, Visco," he spoke, voice low so as not to be overheard by the remains of the table.  "It is always in your nature to be so loving and gentle, just like your wonderful mother.  Please do not be concerned by the boy in chains.  He is not what he seems, and it is for your safety that he is this way.  You see, dear, he is not of this land, and it was a creature like him that cursed you"--he leaned forward to whisper in Visco's ear--"he may be our only answer to curing you, and you know that is what I want for you."


The gravy that Helios threw their way at about this time would have caused an uproar as it hit, and the King was privy enough to shoot Arthur a glare.  "Is everything quite alright over there, Arthur?" he asked, irritation apparent in his raised voice.


In almost no time at all eight men burst forth into the room, sheaths at their waists and hair tied back in braids.  They strolled across the room and to the far end, where a huge curtain of gold brocade hung.  It had to be at least 75 feet in length, though it seemed that few had voiced their question for the massive curtain which hung on the opposite wall of their feast.  The men made a cue to the orchestra, which stopped playing spontaneously.  Excitement lit the eyes of the king as he caught the eye of one of the men.  "And now, if you are all ready, I am about to reveal why we are celebrating tonight.  It isn't merely a feast of joy and freedom, but rather one of the change of the universe.  For soon, very soon, my fine men and women, the world as you know it is about to change."


He gave one final nod to one of his men, to which they responded by reaching for the curtain and giving it a tug, slowly revealing the mystery behind the curtain . . . .


--Elia, Yevgeni, and Queen Shiva -- Kilkes Seres--

The queen closed her eyes and bowed her head lowly as she acknowledged Erica's words.  "I see . . . .  It would seem that Mystras does not want to be bothered, or they are trying to keep a low profile.  I do not see any reason to control their weather, so you and the Villa are free to do as you wish, but I forbid you from forming any fierce storms or natural disasters upon anywhere of the Overworld.  I do not want bloodshed, or to cause a war.  That is what the humans do, which is what sets us apart from those of the inferior race."


Of course there was some falsehood to that statement, as the Overworld had indeed seen conflict once before many a year ago, which Yevgeni knew all too well.  But it was true that the Overworld saw much more peace and prosperity than the world below, though the Overworld has some very strict laws into place which prevented such, and Shiva made an excellent ruler.


It was then that Rabiyu spoke up, her words ringing truth and yet Shiva noticeably flinched upon them.  The queen turned her gaze to Rabiyu, her eyes holding contempt and what seemed like irritation.  "I trust Lord Raiden," she said simply.  "I have never had a reason to doubt me, and I know that his loyalty to me will not waver.  He has good intentions and wants what is best for the fey, though I simply do not know what is amiss.  There is indeed something going on, I will admit."  A sigh escaped the queen as she rested her chin upon her slender pallid hand.  The queen seemed very troubled, uncharacteristic for her majesty, and yet it was clearly apparent before her council.  Everyone was seeming to agree upon investigating Lord Raiden and Mystras' intentions, though it seemed that was the least thing that Queen Shiva wanted to do.  Finally the queen turned to her son, resting a cold hand upon his.  "My son, I will entrust you to the task of investigating.  I don't want you to interrogate or even encounter Lord Raiden.  We have been allies for as long as the ages existed, and I do not ever want our trust for one another to waver.  He may, however, have a traitor amongst him, or worse, and if you can seek him out and his motives we will be much better off, and Lord Raiden would be grateful.


"Please choose those who you would like to accompany you, and be discreet.  I do not want Mystras to feel threatened or that we suspect them of anything, but it is true that their actions cannot go without question.  Thank you all for being here tonight, and helping me in this crisis.  I feel something is amiss in Kilkes Seres, though I cannot understand what that is."

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- Lord Raiden and Nihil, currently in Raiden's villa near Mystras -

Within the reading study of the Ostian villa far on the outskirts of the city of Mystras sat Raiden, his legs crossed as he perused and compared a few maps of the Overworld.  One was tattered on the edges, but rather well-kempt and unmarred by the test of time.  The other was modern, revealing settlements and cities for the various tribes and peoples of their fair continent.  So much has changed.  The continent seemed to shrink as time went on, or maybe mapmaking had bettered as time went on, chiselling the world's borders with more accuracy.  He grumbled and closed his eyes, trying his best to meditate on the best course of action.


The brightness of the nearby lamplight dimmed as darkness enveloped and overtook the bulb, and the room fell into a black miasma.  A fell existence wafted through the air, tangible and putrid.  Raiden sighed and glanced forward, spying glowing slits of eyes and an equally glowing crescent moon of a smile just inches of his face.


"You sound troubled, master.  Does something ail you?  Perhaps you can make use of me now?" said the apparition, its voice somewhere between an echo and a whisper.


"Nothing that requires a wish, Nihil," Raiden spoke lowly, tossing his head to the left and staring into the distance.


"Hum-m-m," thought the monstrosity aloud, its face tilting downwards toward the differing maps.  "It looks as if you are preparing something.  How exciting!  May I be privy to more details?"


"It is as we once discussed, Nihil, many years ago.  You have a memory for those kinds of things."


"Ah yes, the big plan you spoke of on the eve of the new year, Harrowmont 2274, if I am correct."


Raiden's nose wrinkled at the thought as he stared at the sneering face.


"Your liking for the old sense of time confuses me.  Nobody uses that age system anymore, not even me."


"Yet you revel in the past even though you harp on a golden future.  And?  How is the process?"


"It is . . . reasonably well," Raiden uttered with a small smile.  "He trusts me and I, partially, trust him.  He may just be what we need for that golden future of which you speak, but a populace, as you know, handles change pitifully poorly."


"I may be young in comparison to you, but I understand," wheezed the apparition.  "In many ways we are alike, not only in thought but in body."


"I a spectre and you a shadow.  You made that attribution many times.  You remember that as well as all else, yes?"


"I do, your lordship, I do," it chuckled.


"Very good," Raiden responded, lifting himself from the chair and placing the maps on the sidetable nearby.  He knew the room so well over the past two hundred years.  "Your counsel, as always, aids me, but I tire of conversation and need to prepare further.  Thank you, Nihil.  However, I must caution you again never to scare my servants.  You must remain secret, or I shall wish with that one wish that you be destroyed.  Is that clear?"


"Crystal," it chuckled again, relinquishing the darkness as it withdrew from sight.  "You'll always have me at your back and out of others' sight.  It is my duty as your shadow."


With a hiss, all returned as it once was.  A library of books met the eye, and the dismal smog was completely gone.  Raiden felt calm and oddly satisfied after talking with his pet.  His mind was clear, and now he could establish contact again.  Soon his aspirations will reach a summit, and the world will be forever changed for the better.

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-Helios & Arthur at the Kingdom Of Sodom, attending the King's feast-

Arthur and Helios were glaring at each other. Arthur angry that the prisoner would not stay put. Helios angry that he was even there. He hadn't been free for so long. After being confined for a certain amount of time, freedom starts to become a yearning desire that you would give anything to. Arthur jumped at the word of the king, gasping as he turned to him. "Yes my lord! Your majesty! Just...showing the prisoner how NOT to eat the gravy." Arthur said, quickly coming up with an excuse for him lifting a random plate into the air. He bowed his head and returned to his position, trying his best to not look at the princess directly. It was hard not to. She was the princess, after all! And even with her...dog features, he carried an air of delicacy and royalty around her that it was hard to ignore. This was the only princess he knew, actually. He had never seen her before the curse after all. Helios frowned, closing his eyes as he put away the spoon. It wasn't worth it. He could be as annoying as he could and yet these chains would remain unless something out of the ordinary happened. Like the king losing his mind and deciding to free him and name the closest piece of fruit as the next king. But he didn't think he would have such luck. The princess did peek his curiosity. She seemed so kind and calm compared to everyone else he had seen. But many had shown that, only to turn the other face and become absolute monsters. "Don't worry of me, princess." Helios said, hissing slightly as he picked up his drink. He glanced her in the eyes for a few seconds. "After all I'm over 300 years and counting." Helios said as he drank his drink, turning his attention as the king revealed whatever was he had planned all along, the curtain rising. Arthur took notice as well, turning his head to see.

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Aeternum Siblings - Sondon
"Not many people outside." Aura muttered.
Meanwhile, Aurion was looking around for a place to stay. While it wasn't really dangerous, it was better if they avoided troubles for the time being.
"Over there."
The younger Aeternum turned around and saw the place her brother was talking about.
"Really?" Aura asked. "The Prancing Pony?"
Aurion just smiled and began to walk.
"What? Looks like a nice place. Maybe we can eat something and wait until tomorrow."
Both siblings walked into the inn, once there they paid for a room and something to eat. Surely tomorrow would be an interesting day.

Rabiyu - Kilkes Seres
The Queen's gaze held no secrets to the The High Elf. Maybe it had been rude to speak so bluntly in the presence of the Queen, and Rabiyu wanted to feel regret, wanted being the key word. Sometimes centuries passed before she came in contact with another fey back at her home and that was the reason she liked to speak without beating around the bush. Rabiyu raised once again and bowed slightly.
"If your Highness would permit it, please allow me to volunteer in this task."
Her tone was calm and graceful. Something she, and most all of elvenkind, needed to learn.
"There is no need for me to return to my home in the forest of Praestigia in the northern continent. I am sure that both Her Grace, Lady Leviathan, and His Highness, King Asura wouldn't mind if I took a little detour to help with this issue."
Now THAT was a little lie. The High Elf wasn't sure if both rulers of the Northern Continent would be happy if she interfered in the problems of another continent. The Maiden of the Water was more forgiving, while His Higness was more reserved.


(If there is a problem with me creating a whole different continent just tell me and I will modify the post. I posted the map in the sign ups page.)

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~Erica, in the Council Room, located in Kilkes Seres~


"Yes ma'am. I'll tell the other Vila." Erica said sincerely, then keeping her mouth shut for the time being. It was best not for her to say anything. If Queen Shiva didn't want the Vila to bother Mystras, they would not. However- controlling the weather is what they did. Shiva was a smart woman, but Erica still thinks that she probably doesn't know everything about the races here in The Overworld. 


Once Queen Shiva was going to allow her son to investigate with some other people, she had to keep herself from raising her hand and jumping up and down like a mad man.

Instead, Erica calmly raised her hand, wanting and wanting to be chosen for the mission. She wouldn't cause too much trouble. 

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Jynn Venas - Kilkes Seres

Jynn listened to his mother's concerns carefully. After she stated all of her thoughts, he nods. "Alright mother, I won't let you or anyone in the kingdom down." He then stands and looks over the crowd. He fixes his eyes on the four who agree with the investigation. "Young elf, Erica, Alicia, and, Baxter was it? You four can join me. Meet me outside so we can be on our way." Jynn then holds his mother's hand and kisses it. "I..... actually, WE shall return safe and sound once we find the traitor, mother." He then lets go of her hand and heads out through the entrance. Once outside, he whistles for his Pegasus, Melstrome (I'm bringing him back with a slightly larger role, since advanced technology doesn't exist in this RP). The giant black and white equine lands in front of his master and rubs his nuzzle to Jynn's chest. Jynn then patiently waits for his two aquatintences.

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