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-Xion: Fighting Nergodin-

Xion kept up her barrage....then Henry. Seeing him charge, Xion darted to the side. Her body began to glow with black-purple energy.

"Dark-Binding Chains of the Mare - Ouroboros!" she roared. Small magic circles appeared around her body, and purple chains erupted, aiming to assist Henry in binding Nergodin. She didn't need to yell for her daughter to attack....for the dome, at Henry's shout, exploded with a massive pulse of energy. The ice dome shattered as...the ground began to rise.




-Eclaire and Rhea: Ultimate Attack of Ultimate Destiny-


The Circle was rising. Born on pillars of ice, the very circle was being thrown upwards by Rhea, who would then stab her spear into the ground, causing an explosion that propelled the magic circle - and Eclaire - towards Nergodin - platform, circle, everything. She stood fast, held to the ground by her spears. Her eyes pierced Nergodin, the beautiful teal aglow with the warm, rose pink aura.

Eclaire knew that Nergodin was fast. And as such...she chose the best course of action.

To not miss....she would need to bring the magic circle to him. Rhea had melted around the circle and gotten under it, and used both ice and a massive eruption of Fire mana to propel it towards Nergodin.

"Her joy is my armor. Her happiness is my shield. Her kindness is my blade. By the will of those who fight for life, who brought forth Light from where there was none, by the souls of all who fell, fall, and will fall, I am the Light of Promised Victory!" She raised the blade up, as thousands of points of light rose from the ground. "Nobless Oblige - Sword of the New Dawn!" She roared, her blade engulfed with the light of a newborn star, cutting through the battle.

"By my conviction, I will save kingdom! I will protect worlds! I do not strike alone, but as one with those who stand against you! On the name of thy sword, I bring forth a spell for a new era! I bring forth Avalon Salvation!"

The Light grew fiercer, brighter, as if a Newborn Star erupted into the most beautiful sun, a celestial marvel as Eclaire grew closer at a face pace, and brought the Sword of Light down upon Nergodin, a single word shouted - the name of her sword, a sword named after a Queen gone, a mother lost, and a love ripped away.

"SHI....VA!" her roar echoed in the chamber as the Retainer of Shiva, the lost girl who once felt alone, now surrounded by many she knew that, one day, she would see as friends. Her rose pink hair, buffeted by the magic, was torn in the wind as Shiva, ten times it's side, cut the air. 

Eclaire brought it down upon Nergodin as the name of Shiva echoed, the silvered blade unseeable through the brilliant light of a newborn star...a newborn spell.

A new obligation, from those with power. A Noblesse Oblige, to bring the new dawn. One marked by a sword named for a fallen Queen, and a massive magic circle about to smash into Nergodin. 


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Jynn Venas-Vs Nergodin

Jynn notices that Eclaire is ready for her attack. But he has yet to even weaken Nergodin. It was now or never. He ignites La Justiceré in a red flame, and spreads his wings. “I’m sorry Alicia. Consider this my final act of rashness.” He takes to the air, and begins charging up energy. Like another pair of wings, six beams of navy light form behind him. Each side takes the form of two different weapons, an axe, and sword. 

Jynn attempts to keep Nergodin preoccupied by blasting a beam of powerful black lighting at him. Afterwards, the prince absorbs power from La Justiceré, with a streak of red emitting from his right eye. Transferring his sword’s power into the artificial electric weapons. Once he gets enough power, he raises La Justiceré above his head. He then hurls it at Nergodin with tremendous force, just before Eclaire makes her assault. The six weapons follow suit. 

The weapons all dive towards Nergodin, each with extremely powerful dragon element. It would be impossible to blast them away or block them, so Nergodin’s only option would be to dodge them all.Should even one of them strike Nergodin, he will be inflicted with dragonblight, which will weaken him for Eclaire’s attack.

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- Rabiyu - Isopolis: The City of Isolation -


Rabiyu's eyes kept wandering around the battlefield, but most of the time they were following Nergodin's movements. He was the one who had to win, at least that's what her mind was telling her, somewhere deep down she knew that he was the enemy, but she was going to protect him and help him get his wish, no matter what or who stood in her way, that meant getting rid of Eclaire, who was currently focusing on an attack, and Henry, who was holding Nergodin. As the High Elf began to move towards Nergodin's side, clearly in an attempt to help him with both Henry and Eclaire, a voice caught her attention, the voice of Soren Moroe.

"My mind is perfectly fine, Master Monroe. In fact, it hasn't been this clear in centuries," Rabiyu answered Soren as she eyed King Alderon, "It's like waking from a dream that you didn't knew you were having."

The voice of Typhon made Rabiyu's turn her head slightly. She had almost forgot about the Cyph, but she at least could remember that he didn't had his current form. She had to get rid of them in order to help Nergodin.

"I suppose you didn't, not that it is important. I'm afraid that I will have to cut our talk short, I have more important things to attend to," Rabiyu said as she extended her arms to her sides, "Stahdim Zii do Yol, fahraal dii faan. Dunaak gol ko oblaan yem ahrk al daar wo hind zey aax!"

Rabiyu's voice took a faint echoing effect, an aura began to appear around her body, an aura that slowly got bigger and bigger until it created a dome made of fire around the elf. In a matter of a split second that dome expanded to a big size before it exploded, sending a wave of fire all around the white haired elf, no matter who stood in the range of the spell, which probably was Soren, Alderon, and Typhon. As the elf began to turn around, she saw how Eclaire had managed to successfully launch her attack towards both Nergodin and Henry. She wasn't going to be able to reach Eclaire in time, nor attack Henry to make him let go of Nergodin. The best way to deal with that powerful attack was to protect Nergodin.

"Zodun zii do faal Ven, Sylph, zu'u faan amiv thy faan. Bolaav zey thy aaz ahrk vos zey wah jaaril daar wo los aax. Gaar thy dein amiv mok."

As Rabiyu stopped and reached her hand out towards Nergodin, a barrier would form around him and Henry, it was obvious that the barrier was not going to do much against Eclaire's powerful attack, she didn't had the time to cast a more powerful barrier, nor she was sure she could do it when she was not in full control of her latent abilities, but, at least, it would offer Nergodin a small amount of protection, or so she hoped. She then turned around to face Soren and Typhon once more.

"Well, it seems that I can stay and play, Master Monroe, Cyph," Rabiyu said as six more daggers came out from her belt and spinned around her, "I will not allow you to stop his wish from becoming a reality. The world will be born anew, even if you want it or not."

The moment Rabiyu stopped talking the six daggers went flying towards Soren and Typhon, three for each one, whether they were hit by them or not, the daggers would follow them and attack them as if they were being wielded by someone, that was just Rabiyu using her psychokinetic ability to wield they daggers with her mind.

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- Helios & Arthur Something - /w everyone else - Isopolis: City of Isolation -



Everything was going down to shit. Chaos reigned maximum above all as the battle for what remained of the world hung in the balance. With sacrifices made, and people changed, did the heroes even stand a chance against a God among gods? Of course such questions would be useless to ask in a time like this, when it was all or nothing. When they were all ready to die if it meant to stop the world that they had all come to defend died. When the blood of both fey and human alike had already stained the earth, absorbed by the soil and serving for the next generation of life that would grow from the death of them. When so many had died already with bravery in their hearts and bones, and their weapons held high as they stared death in the face and embraced it for the sake of allowing someone else who could not defend themselves live another day. Hundreds of thousands of souls who had yet to receive proper peace and redemption. What did they die for if it all went to hell anyways?

The taste of blood wasn't something that the shapeshifter liked. It was the easier way, sure, but blood was the source of life in all beings that had a soul. Regardless of the color, regardless of the taste, it all felt the same down his throat. The slick liquid containing all of the information his body needed in order to change the appearance of the Fey to that of what he desired. It was like being transferred new memories into someone's head, to use magic to shove an entire book's worth of material for him to remember. The biological perfections and imperfections that his body would go through and adjust, the painful transformation and risk of being unable to change back or for his natural appearance to be affected permanently. The path of a shapeshifter was never one that has been easy. After all, you're nothing. You're just a mirror. You reflect what you see and then pretend that you can understand and blend in. Smoke and mirrors that were more at play than one would like to admit. You could be any species of the world and yet you would never be able to blend in with any of them; not even your own.

Of course it came with risks, Helios learned as much throughout his life. To transform into something much too big or difficult when not physically nor mentally ready could rip him to pieces, leave his skin and internal organs ripped and open. To transform into something too small would have his organs unable to handle it, his body crunching itself down and eventually breaking apart when he were to return. And to transform into two things at the same time? That was the most dangerous of them all. A shapeshifter changes into shapes of already existing things, a mirror that copies. To defy the law and rules of such magic and create something of your own accord would not only require for one to break the contract, but it would require for one to accept the consequences of ones actions. The consequences of breaking the essential rules of nature and altering the DNA of what one already knows cannot be messed with; the consequences of playing god. It was a consequence he would have to come to accept if he were to find himself useful in such a situation. Typhon's blood had already provided the platform, the base, the basic armor like being that he could alter within his own body. Would he remain an atrocity after this? Most likely. I'm sorry, Aura. Rules no longer apply in this. If one is to defeat a god, one has to play like one.

Helios would hiss, focusing on his body as he let out a bit of smoke of his breath. Yet the smoke didn't cover him this time, allowing view of the gruesome reality of the magic. The surface of the armored skin would slowly shift, pieces of white scales covering the already armored skin of the species that he presented himself in. They would grow in a single layer on the surface, the wings that already existed growing a membrane in between, a soft layer of skin that wasn't exactly skin, either. The sight of horns would slowly surge from the forehead, two that would curve upwards. The usually expressionless face would slowly crack, a mouth with sharpened teeth forming as a tongue would follow right behind. The ends of his fingers would sharpen themselves into claws, the sounds of bones cracking as his wings would expand. An unholy mix that was never meant to be. On the faceless mask a single line would slowly surface before opening, a bright blue eye with slit pupil showing up. He took a breath, fire and smoke escaping his lips. It was now or never. Could he even move? He hoped so, for the following thing that escaped his lips wasn't even a word, but a screech of unholy proportions. What happens when you mix a dragon's dna with the ones of a Cyph? An abomination. Helios.

The Fey would take flight into the sky, his whole body aching. His skin burned under the scales, his bones hurting as it felt as if they were to crack and shatter at any moment. He would rise high into the air, as high as he could before rising his hands up to his face, placing his hands on either side of his face. Everything hurt. His head hurt. His soul hurt. But he focused. He opened his jaw wide open, the sight of a fiery beam slowly forming at the back of Helios' throat. It was as red and as bright as sun itself, scrapping itself from Helios' throat. He would aim right for the god like being, taking note of all of the others around him. His grip was shaking, he needed to push away the pain and focus. Focus, focus, focus-

"Just don't tell god, alright?"

Helios screeched, snapping his jaw open with a crack as he aimed right at Nergodin and let it loose, sending a powerful beam of fire and energy right towards the god from above.

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“ I have nothing against you your Father, nor you. I’m only stating what he’s shown me.  Risking his life, running from his kingdom, making rash decisions, even allowing others to be killed. A king knows how to negotiate he lacks that skill. My words are harsh but bare no ill will, only truth.” Her eyes widen as she sees a fireball heading her way. Her magic pluses around her hands and forms into a water shield just in time to take the blunt force of the attack. The sudden force nearly caused her to stumble back, but she caught herself just in time to keep from falling. Aqua steadied herself and sighed. “For now let’s put our differences aside.” The female elf said as she concentrated on her magic again. 

(Sorry, I got and two for a roll and with my writer's block I couldn't come up with much more for Aqua to do. Didn't want to hold off any longer.)

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- Nergodin, fending off against massive attacks -

Odin watched with a harrumph as Nergal took over again, ever with the snark and fire.  Regardless of the situational awareness, his underestimation of the others had showcased itself as Henry seemingly teleported in front of him and aimed a punch toward Lysander, the fused body of Nergal and Odin staggering under the parried blow mid-combo and ending up in an ensnaring grapple.  That was a tough situation to be in, but Odin, with his hastened internal awareness and learned knowledge over the millennia, recalled a way of how to escape.  However, his eyes looked beyond the immediate.  There had to be a consensus between him and Nergal under the duress of this assault of dangerous individuals.  Even if this fusion of Nergodin was truly powerful, it still harboured weakness with this split of powers and experience.

"Nergal, we need to work together on this for once beyond tag-teaming.  Once we do this, there will not be anything that can stop us, not even this time stopper.  I await your decision on this unity.  Grasp my hand, and we can enact it.  For now, I'll tag out and get us out of this arresting situation."

With that, the one-eyed individual extended his arm with an assenting frown on his features, and he commandeered anew.

-- -- -- -- --

Time hastened as he took control again, feeling the draining sensation of Henry's absorbing powers fettering him almost as much as the grip and the circles of darkness on him.  However, that was no issue.  All he had to do was overpower the absorption, the magic circles, and the man all in one fell swoop, which he struggled with at first as energy only barely seeped from him at the start and, at the end, was exploding from him.  Lysander went ethereal as it was triggered, and so did Nergodin's arm, so that Henry's grip was removed from him.  The magic circles were erased entirely.  He ducked, removed the power and back-summoned his blade to the dimensional rift from whence it came, and focused his might to his hand and leg.  His hand grabbed at Henry's torso, and his leg went for Henry's stance, rattling the man from his hold and detaching himself from Henry entirely as a result.  The human might have come on top of him with some extra energy, but he escaped the situation enough to defend himself from the onslaught of a menacing prince of the Overworld, a leaping blend of draconic and bug DNA, and a rocketing catgirl with her giant magic circle.

"Raven's Tempest:  Ultimatum of a Flying General," he swiftly chanted above the thunderous roar of three explosive sets of energy, bearing with the annoying thought of having to empower himself verbally as he drawing Lysander in front of him with his left hand.  "Full Release."

Blue lines, thick and brimming with elder magic, streaked down his mentioned arm as they traced from his heart and toward his hand as a prize from his past, a deadly ace in the hole, rose to his summons.  Blackness escaped from those lines, and evaporated into the air as the seal long forgotten was broken from within him.  He howled in pain even as he said his next line:  "Search Magic Unfettered."

An expansion of magic blew around him in a spherical fashion as he sensed everything about him, even through the ground itself.  Jynn's attacks, a menacing array of launched weaponry of many shapes and sizes, including La Justicere was easy to trace within his mind and dodge in time, all of their harmful, nasty Dragonblight avoided.

The explosive energy of the Cyph-dragon hybrid of a spriggan was worse to dodge, but nothing could be as devastating as the towering platform that Eclaire stood on.  The arcane barrier cast around him by Rabiyu, as beautifully well-crafted and protective as it was, was not enough to defend him against this raging amount of sunfire, nor the obliterating energy of Eclaire's sword.  Still, it was enough.

When Helios' breath attack neared, Nergodin leaped and came close to Eclaire, matching sword and Glaive with sword of light.  He and Lysander were entirely outmatched in terms of a battle of strength -- he was facing the crushing weight of a platform behind the catgirl as well as her own impressive strength -- and he lost his right arm as a result.  It was removed from his person, first his lower arm as the sword of light pierced through both weapons, and next his upper arm as it hewn even farther downward.  Nergodin was lucky to have not been directly in front of the arcing swing of her blade, but his regrettable sacrifice gave way to a just-renewed escape.

"Flying . . . General!" he shouted bitterly, swinging his body around and his sword arm with it in the direction away from the blast and crash zones.

He flew at explosive speeds across the distance and onto the ground, rolling painfully across it and finally ending at a stop.  His right arm was now a stump, bleeding incessantly.  Lysander was now cloven in half, still just as effective magically but now with far less reach.  His Glaive was no longer with him, but recoverable if the platform spat it away upon crashing.  He breathed heavily as he stood to his feet.  At the very least, he will be able to see Eclaire die crushed under the weight of her own propelling force, and possibly Henry with it.  Helios' sunfire scorched him even through his clothes from his narrow escape from death, but a feeling of renewal welled up from within him.

"Finally, it takes effect," he muttered under his breath, closing his eyes.

~~ ~~

Moments earlier:

In a surprising turn of events, the collective life of Nergodin was threatened, as Henry had parried their blows and restrained the fusion, attempting to prevent his escape from the extremely powerful attack heading his way. Within the mindscape, Nergal knew inside that Odin would want his turn, to act in a fashion that would save them.

Yet somehow, the one-eyed demigod of thunder managed to astound him further: Proposing that they unite further, as to unleash their full potential, for their constant tag-teaming and divided thinking was doing just that: splitting their power and thus inhibiting them. Yet for a moment, Nergal almost didn't believe what he had heard.

"You...wish for us to, to work together? Well...I'll freely admit, I didn't think that this was the way forward for us, if it was even possible, but to give you credit, Odin; You've enlightened me, if only for us to rid ourselves of these cretins, minus Yevgeni."

With this, Nergal took Odin's hand firmly, looking him straight in the eye as he dropped all pretense, all pride and all doubt, speaking with utmost sincerity:

"Very well. Let us unite."

~~ ~~

A surge of new, verdant life flowed through the unholy fusion of two men as its limb was restored, cells propagating outward like those of a starfish as regeneration took place.  It looked down and tested its new arm, finding the limb just as functional as before, before casting its eyes upon the rest of the group with a simper.  Its blackened gaze was no longer a mix of colours, its hair darker and not as vibrant as before.  A menacing glow decorated its body as he hovered over the ground, Lysander still within its grip.

"Now this . . . is a form I will enjoy watching the world burn in, far more than that other unsettling one," it spoke, glancing over the group.  "How courteous of you to provide me the means to accomplish this.  Let me show my gratitude."

Nothingness orbs generated above the hand that was once cut off, with lightning woven around it in finely controlled strands.  Those three orbs fired speedily off toward Eclaire, Helios, and Jynn, each aiming to deliver a menacing implosion that could rupture steel, flesh and bone from ten feet of their original locations before erupting in a wave of electricity.  They are able to be blocked or dodged like most projectiles, but if the targets were within ten feet of their original locations there was no guarantee that anybody would be without broken bones or skin.

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{Mariel: Isopolis}

Mariel growled that her Light attacks weren't doing enough versus Nergodin. Her throats was too raw to scream, so she had to go with the basics. She dived on her target, not seeming to notice its altered form. She unleashed a flurry of blows, both punching and clawing at Nergodin with the strength of the crazed.

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- Henry, Alicia, Typhon - The Battle of end all battles -

It was all happening to fast for Alicia to process, Jynn had been struck, but unharmed? before she could say anything off he went attacking again. "Jynn wait!" She could only shout at him in vain as the reckless man charged off to his possible demise, again.


Eveything was going well, until Nergodin used Lysander to not only turn the sword ethereal but his whole arm as well, as he broke his hold and proceeded to, whole taking massive damage from the all charged attacks, Nergodin still managed to fly away and save himself, leaving Henry and Eclaire to take the brunt of the attack's collateral properties.

Henry, in a rush of adrenaline rushed towards Eclaire, dropkicking her in the chest, it was the only means he had to knock her out of the blast radius as it was empowered enough to throw her out of the range of the attack, leaving only Henry in the area of effect. 

Henry was engulfed in light, the entire combined forces of the attacks engulfed him, under normal circumstances he'd be disintegrated, Henry however...had absorbed enough of the source's power from Nergodin to survive long enough to try something insane. He outstretched his arms and faced upwards. And began absorbing all the energy that was in the blast area. 

It was grueling, painful...but...he could  take it.

Henry screamed, as after a few seconds, he had absorbed all of the magic energy in the area around him, not only saving himself from the blast, but addings the combined energies to his own power pool. 

After a bright flash of light and cinged and destroyed ground, Henry stood, still. breathing albeit heavily, as he fell flat on his back, exhausted from the sudden absorption of such massive quantities of energy. He was still in the fight, he slowly rose to a standing position, albeit still slow. Source powered energy crackling around him. Blood dripping from his forehead, his right cheek, his right arm and his left knee was nearly fractured, but he still stood.

"Eclaire...are you alright?" He asked her.

Typhon shrugged at Rabyiu as the spoke her part, and soon enough three six daggers at him and Soren. Typhon managed to dodge his part and grab one, and break it in half by pressing it enough wit his hand. The others redirected themselves at him, he broke one with a punch and deflected another with an armblade. 

"Really? Daggers?" He snarked back at her.


- Alastor - Divina Ultor - The battle to end all - 



It would take only those disconnected from the battle to notice at first, but by the time the attacks landed, a thunder storm had manifested on top of them all, blocking the sky as thunders struck in the background. 

The orbs the new Nergodin launched were struck down by lightning strikes long before they could get even near their intended targets. It was then that a presence much like that of Nergodin's, but different...it was...ancient, and it was another type of divine power, not from the source that Nergodin had taken the powers of, but it felt truly....purely...divine.

A thunder fell on top of Nergodin. only to not strike him, instead, a figure emerged from the bright flash that followed the thunder's falling.

"You combine yourself with a hollow man, you strike down those who would have followed you had you taken another path. you proclaim mass genocide and apocalypse as a saving option..." 

The figure would speak these words, his voice bellowing the entire landscape and storm that raged in the background. It was Alastor, with his full draconic power unleashed. 

"You turn others to your cause through mind manipulation because you cannot make arguments good enough to convince them. And you commit the gratest travesty of all, your foolishness has doomed both worlds. Did you not think there would be divine intervention?"

Alastor stood behind Nergodin, his back facing the abomination's. Alastor's appearance was now different, clear as day than before. His arm with the tatoos, previously covered in armor, had its armor completely ripped off, as white runic tatoos glew ever so brightly, leaving a trail of pure power with every movement of his arm. His eyes glew with divine dragon power, leaving trails of energy in its wake as his elemental energy was no longer just lightning. It was Divine Dragon Lightning. 

"Raiden was always your better...whoever you are. That much is clear. And you know it yourself" Alastor spoke.

"And you, Queen Slayer. We have unfinished business, you and I, you weakling without a soul" He added.

"Either way, have at you." Alastor bellowed as he stepped foward, as he did so a bubble like barrier appeared around Nergodin, not to protect him, but to trap him inside, magic spells could still pass through the barrier, it was simply a means to keep him stuck there, as three runnic symbols all appears in different positions around the barrier, two on opposie sides of it  and one on top. The runic circles were at least 6 meters round each. Nergal's side of Nergodin would recognize them immediately, It was indignation, but in a more compact, and much more powerful form, and tripled!. The runic circles that surrounded each had the same effect, to slow down one's movements and stall any counter magic cast, except this time it was three of them. 

There was no windup, no chanting from Alastor, the Indignations simply fired off, covering the entire area Nergodin was in pure divine light.

"Trigemius Fulmine". Alastor muttered after the fact.

Should Nergodin have survived or nullified or blocked that, he'd have to content with the twenty or so divine lightning orbs Alastor had created around him, which would home on him as soon as his he showed himself, each carrying extreme elemental energy within them. The kicker was that if Nergodin blocked them, they would divide into increasingly small orbs with an explosion, every orb would explode and divide itself at least four times. Releasing damaging energy all around them.

if one paid enough attention to auras, one could notice Alastor's aura now formed that of a huge dragon.


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- Rabiyu - Isopolis: The City of Isolation -


"I have no desire to kill you, Cyph. Your kind sufferend enough of that, that is why they are gone," Rabiyu said to Typhon, "but if death if what you want, then death I will give you."

Four more daggers came out from behind Rabiyu's belt, they quickly flew upwards, followed by the two daggers that the elf was using. The six daggers stopped above Typhon, each one of them in a different spot.

"In the name of the Lady, I beg for her Judgment to fall upon this impure soul!," Rabiyu's echoey voice said.

The daggers above glowed just as a beam of light moved from one dagger to the next, until it formed a glowing hexagon above Typhon. Rabiyu raised her hand towards the glowing hexagon, and just as quickly she moved her hand down. From the center of the hexagon a huge amount of magical energy began gether, taking the shape of a huge sword, but before it could form completely it shot a beam of pure light from the tip towards Typhon, anything that the beam of light touched would be instantly turned to ashes by the intense heat.

Rabiyu took that time to notice that the clouds had gathered above the battlefield, just as she also noticed that Nergodin had suffered damage from Eclaire's attack, but he was regenerating, which was a good sign that he was alright. Just as he lanched an attack towards some of the people from the group lightning bolts put an end to the orbs he had launched, only for one of those lightning bolts to reveal the form of Alastor. Rabiyu could feel the draconic essence coming from him, which she was not surprised about, but that could spell problems for Nergodin if left on his own.

"Alastor's element is lightning, meaning this storm is helping him obtain more power. Keep the element controlled and then dispel it," Rabiyou thought, "Undine of Water, Salamander of Fire, Sylph of Wind, Gnome of Earth, I beseech thee. As life in the Overworld lays silent, may so the elements sleep in silence. I command you dispel the storm that threathen us all!"

An intricate looking magical circle appeared underneath Rabiyu, just as four spots, signaling the four cardinal points, began to glow blue, red, green and brown. From this spots, 4 glowing orbs of said colours began to rise before they flew away in different directions. When the orbs were in place they began to dispel the storm above the battlefield. Maybe not as fast as Rabiyu would have wished, as she didn't had the means to summon, or fully control, the full might of the elementals, but in a few minutes the storm would be hopefully gone.

"To have the ability to control such power, it is impressive," Rabiyu thought, "but he must not be allowed to interfere with his goal."


- Aura and Sifrei - Isopolis: The City of Isolation -

On the other side of the battlefield, Aura was watching as the battle went on, or at least had a vague idea of what was going on, as she quickly made her way towards princess Athena and Sifrei. She did notice that the barrier that Rabiyu had casted to protect her and fading, which meant anyone who had been protected by that first cast would be unprotected in a few seconds.

"I feel so useless," Aura thought to herself, "I cannot yet control what I can do with this...this curse. And whatever happened to my eyes cannot be fixed. I just hope Eli is alright."

Aura clutched Sifrei's cloak, closing her eyes and praying to whatever gods were watching them to help them succeed in their mission. The Archangel was cimply watching the battle unfold, his fellow angel had been blinded by the Sanguis Vindicta, his fellow judge had turned to the fused being's side, the rest of them were attacking that fused being only for him to regenerate his missing limbs. Whatever was happening was just not important for the silent Archangel, only protecting Aura and the princess, as he was ordered to do, was important at that moment.

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Alderon – Pursuing Mariel

"Stop, Angel!" Alderon threw his claymore out before the ex-Guardian Angel and, if it met with her claws like he intended, he would thrust her back.  The confused human king stood with his feet shoulder-width apart, massive claymore before him with his gaze lowered to the ground.  "You must turn away now.  I do not wish to harm you, but I must do as I must."

Which means what, exactly? Alderon inwardly quizzed, though he did not give a moment's longer pause as he slashed vertically at Mariel.

Yevgeni Malachite

The elf stood to the side as he watched the barrage of attacks collide with the newfound god–a blend of Odin and his former friend, Nergal.  While he thought that surely he would fall amidst the sheer amount of attacks, the powerful being rose, unlike that of what he once was and instead an entire creature anew.  Emerald eyes narrowed as he began to leap into action, though only a string of words caused him to pause in his steps:

"Stahdim Zii do Yol, fahraal dii faan. Dunaak gol ko oblaan yem ahrk al daar wo hind zey aax!"

The blond turned his head to notice Rabiyu fighting, though what she was fighting caused his heart to leap up into his throat.

With speed he didn't know that he had, Yev darted over to the group, standing between Typhon and the hexagon of light that threatened to shatter the bug.  He conjured a shield of light which shattered upon impact.  Why he was saving the cyph, he honestly didn't know, except for his desire to honor the truce that he swore to Prince Jynn and the others. His gaze met with Rabiyu's, the woman's eyes unrecognizable to him.

"Lady Eliltari," he uttered, voice strained.  "It would seem that you, too, have been bewitched.  I must beg of you, think about what you are doing.  This is not you.  Something has tampered with your mind."

Elia Cabret

The fairy watched the scene, and horror struck her as Nergodin prepared the orbs for her friends.  Her eyes darted to the heir to the throne.

"Prince Jynn!" she cried out, flinging herself to shove him out of harm's way.  Still hasted, her movement was swift and she succeeded in getting the prince out of the range of fire, but the fairy was not so lucky.  Lightning sizzled around her, and a searing pain burned into the flesh on her back and her left wing.  Before their eyes the wing shriveled and partly disintegrated, and Elia let out a piercing cry of pain.  She collapsed on Jynn, her petite form shuddering violently as the stub of her lost wing twitched.  Elia's eyes fluttered closed as her breathing grew shallower.

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Jynn, Dawson, and Bherna-Vs Nergodin

The prince’s onslaught didn’t succeed, however, Eclaire’s attack did. But behind the cloud of dust, Nergodin still lives, he then attacks Jynn, Eclaire, and Helios. The prince notices that Nergodin fires three powerful orbs. “Everyone, watch out!” Just before an orb imploded near him, Elia shoves him away, severely injuring her wing in the process. 

Jynn crashes down on the floor, with Elia landing on top of him. “Elia!” He gets up and lays her head on his arm. “Come on kid! Stay with us!” Dawsons jump in front of the two. Meanwhile, Bherna makes an attempt to shield them from further harm. “Wind!” With her glaive, she creates a wind aura around Jynn and Elia, making it impossible for foes to get too close to them, as well as some defense against certain magic. 

Bherna also creates a flame aura around Dawson, which would sear any foe who gets near him, regardless if they had armor or not. The palico grabs a pair of large metal claws, and darts towards Nergodin. “For the worlds! And long live King Jynn!” It was a bold and risky attempt, but the cat had many tricks up his fur. Jynn, meanwhile, grabs Elia’s hand and tries to keep her awake. “Elia! Come on! You got to stay with us!”

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- Helios & Arthur Something - /w everyone else - Isopolis: City of Isolation -



Ah. It burned. Like lava flowing down one's throat when it was never meant to be swallowed, it burned and ached. He could feel the pieces of skin being ripped from his throat, the taste of blood already in his mouth coming after the fire. As he finished his beam, streaks of blood dripped from his mouth, the taste of iron snapping him back to the reality as the world shattered around him. He managed to land a hit on him but it wasn't enough! The god fusion would instead gain a new source of power all while fighting back, throwing the power he had just survived right back at then. Helios watched, hissing as he extended his wings, flying away as he did his best to dodge, before seeing that Alastor would do him the favor to get rid of the spheres heading towards him. He would roar in gratitude, only to focus on his surroundings once more. Elia had taken the hit for Jynn, placing her in a dangerous state. The clap of thunder brought his attention to the sky above, storms being formed by the creation of magic around the field, before they began to be dismissed.

Helios roared, taking flight as he allowed himself to drop from the sky and then began to glide. He narrowly dodged the incoming lightning, spinning as he searched across the battlefield. Rabiyu and Nergodin versus everyone else. Even with the blood dripping down his white scales he knew better than to drop dead. He had to force himself forward and fight. He would fly across the air, turning to Nergodin as he flew around him. He would see the calico heading straight towards Nergodin, so he proceeded to provide support. He would take a deep breath and shoot another beam at Nergodin, this time it being less power, but quicker. With this he would shoot the beam around Nergodin, crushing the earth and flying the pieces of rock rising to the air. With the dust and rock giving some coverage, he would lift up and fly back down, heading straight to Nergodin to tackle him down from behind.

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- Nergodin(?) - Isopolis: City of Isolation -

The emergence of Alastor, now free of limits, his powers flowing effortlessly and furiously in the visage of a dragon about him, came as an oddly present surprise to the rejuvenated fusion, now with a softer gaze upon the man who was once a friend to Lord Raiden, now a mere building block to something more, something truly greater than all Fey present.

"Alastor! You wound me with your disdain...though, perhaps that is simply a remnant of your old friend, Raiden? No matter...your power impresses me. Finally, you and I shall have a fight truly worth our time." He spoke, with a new voice: One that carried elements of Nergal's tone, Odin's gravel and a new addition entirely: A slight backing, an echo of sorts, but it was subtle and holy sounding, like it was truly an ascendant being speaking. Soon, Alastor had imprisoned the fusion within a barrier, casting a spell that brought strangely vivid memories to the new mind's eye: Indignation, yet stronger and all the more dangerous.

Though his movement was inhibited by the will of three runic circles, the Ascendant Fey was able to muster enough force to assault the imprisoning barrier with a Nothingness Charge, shattering it and allowing him to escape. During his imminent approach toward Alastor, Indignation caused minor damage to the fused being and while a fair few of the Orbs of Lightning were avoided, others were triggered: Exploding on impact and a few times more as smaller orbs converged...revealing a mostly unscathed figure before Alastor, who channeled Nothingness/Lightning to extend the reach of the broken Lysander temporarily, then unleashed a rapid, vicious attack upon him: Several twirling, fluidic slashes around himself, an expulsion of force from an extended palm, twirling slash to his left, which lead into an upward swipe from his free right hand; charged up with Nothingness/Lightning that exploded several times upon contact, in order to hurt or at least dissuade Alastor by knocking him back.

Then the being dashed backward after Indignation had ended, avoiding Helios's attack, though a few rocks hit him head on, he ignored the pain but left a Mine of the Void in his wake, as a gift for Bherna, which would explode upon close proximity or a certain time. Stopping a distance away and lowering his blade, giving a soft smile.

"Save your comments toward Nergal, or either side to be truthful...for I am neither anymore. Nergal and Odin have merged within me, allowing full usage of the immense power I hold! And with it, so you should feel by now...or, perhaps you need convincing further? I am happy to oblige." Speaking in a rather refined manner, the being simply held a hand to his chest upon his finishing words, then lowering it once more as power began to gather, unable to be seen at first, before soon concentrating as a pure white energy upon his body; erupting into a smooth, upward flowing aura of flame: Sky blue, fading into dark purple tips as specks of white, void-like light appeared and disappeared in great quantities around him continuously. Reality itself distorted for a moment at his presence, his hair turned a pale white and his eyes a crystal grey.

With one simple movement of his hand upward, just a little bit: The City of Isolation began to morph, writhe and twist with several buildings rising from their foundations, exploding outward and the separate pieces began swirling into arches above the heroes, the landscape shifted up, down and along itself into fissures in areas far away from the group, but close enough to be seen by the naked eye, as the culprit spoke once more.

"Now! You gaze upon Ahriman, Aspect of Destruction, Bringer of Rebirth, The Sovereign Fey and your true God! To continue this fight against me, it is foolhardy..." Then the newly christened Ahriman extended his arms further, from his back sprouted bright, glorious feathered wings! Six of them, all seemingly made of energy, yet were also as real as they looked, though this wasn't even intentional, rather a subconscious act as his aura continued to rage. Then Ahriman lowered his arms, looking upon the brigade of Fey, all of different species and creeds...and gave them an honest smile.

- Ahriman, Aspect of Destruction, The Overworld's New God -

"You are all truly mighty, so instead, I offer you all this: Surrender. Lower your weapons, take a knee and swear your fealty to me. As a reward, I will spare you all when I destroy this entire world...and recreate both this and the Human World, from the ground up. Then, you can bear witness to a universe rid of it's flaws!" Ahriman proposed, gesturing around and appropriately to his words, hoping to truly sway those who stood against him.

"Furthermore...if you do so and understand my intent...I will uplift each and everyone of you and make you all! The first vestiges of my loyal brigade, the first sphere of a necessary hierarchy, to keep the world in order...we are to watch and act as necessary, to keep the new worlds on track, to keep the people safe...and end war. Forever! What say you? Ask your questions if you'd like." Ahriman extended a hand to everyone, landing upon the ground once more, stepping just a little closer, truly wishing to set aside such a pointless fight and simply move forward toward a new age...of prosperity.


(I'll post for Soren later. And Meksis. :P)

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{Mariel: Isopolis}

Mariel's attacks were blocked by Alderon's interference, being thrust back a few steps. Her baleful gaze fell on the human king, his words falling on deaf ears as she growled at him in return. She leapt at him as he brought his sword down for another attack. One of her scared arms came up, striking the flat of the King's blade with a back fist to deflect it to the side. Her other arm shot out in a blur, a fist clinched tightly aiming to strike him in the torso with the angel's considerable might.

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- Rabiyu - Isopolis: The City of Isolation -

Rabiyu watched as Helios took to the sky once more, and, somehow, launch another attack at Nergodin. As the dust around the shattering shield of light settled, Rabiyu's attention was pulled back from watching Nergodin, or Ahriman, thanks to a familiar voice.

"Just like I said to Monroe over there, my mind hasn't been this clear in centuries," Rabiyu answered as she turned to look at Yevgeni, "but what would you know about that, Yevgeni."

The white haired elf's piercing red eyes looked directly into Yevgeni's. And while dull and blurry, they still held a hint of something else, something hidden deep inside. Was it sorrow? or shame? maybe it was confusion, confusion as to why she was doing what she was doing. She watched as Elia, one member of their group, was hit, one of her wings completely gone.

"Why would you know? It's not like we have shared what is inside our minds. And unlike your precious apprentice over there, I will not hesitate to destroy whoever stands in the way of HIS wish," She said, voice completely calm and devoid of emotion, "Just look around you. Everyone has suffered the loss of something important, and gained nothing in return. You cannot stop what is about to happen."

Rabiyu took a moment to let Yev look at their surroundings, and what was going on on the battlefield. Helios, Henry, Alastor, Eclaire, Rhea, Xion, Jynn, Elia, Dawson, Alderon, Mariel, and the rest, each and every one had sacrificed everything to be there, to be able to fight against Ahriman. It was at that moment that the city began to morph, twist and turn, as if reality itself twisted into itself. Rabiyu raised her hands while making hand signs and whispering arcane words just as six smaller glowing hexagons appeared, all of which began to gather energy to fire another beam of light. Two hexagons ready to fire at each side of Yevgeni, Typhon and Soren.

"Listen to his words. There has been enough suffering already," Rabiyu said, "Stop fighting and swear your allegiance to him, or else you will be destroyed."

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- Rufus Contralto and Nihil, the Tale of Two Djinni -

Rufus was beside himself in confusion as the prince leapt off and did princely things, but more importantly he was in confusion of the goings-on.  Raiden, who was once thought trustworthy, was definitely not trustworthy now, and even his former mistress Rabiyu seemed to be turned against the group now, and she was the most straight-faced, honest individual he had come to know over the past journey.  Well, besides maybe Baxter.  Things were profoundly puzzling, but chiefly his concern lay with the ghostly shadow that watched the battle play on from the sidelines, a pale light of a smile plastered on its inky face.  He frowned, put on his best miffed mug, and thought to himself, Self?  Oh, wow, I can talk with myself.  Echo, echo, echo, la, la, la, heehee!  But seriously, who is that guy?  I don't think I've seen him before . . . or have I?  Wait, yes I do, but he's no friend of mine, I know that much.  I had better confront him.

And, with that spry amount of thought, he whizzed off towards Nihil, blocking his view of the battle in the background.  Nihil's eyes shrunk and were engulfed by the great blackness of its body.

"You've a lotta nerve, showing your face around here!" he announced, frowning his deepest and pulling off his best imitation of spitting in a spittoon, if he could even spit.  He was not able, though he felt a profound stirring within his chest.  It was an odd sensation, like nausea, but he powered through it.  "You're that grinning speck of darkness I saw in that illusory world!  Get back over there on the double.  Vamoose!  Scram!"

"Grinning speck?  Illusory world?  I have no idea what you are talking about, but I'll do as you say and, er, vamoose!" Nihil uttered, withdrawing into the shadows a little deeper and not lashing back with his tendrils of darkness like he would with others.

"Huh, that was too easy," thought Rufus aloud to himself, puzzling over this circumstance.

There was something about this individual that seemed very familiar.  The recent wishes must have sapped him of much memory, but where did he learn of this information before?  Was it through meeting this creature of darkness in that illusory world?  Come to think of it, he was attacked by this creature in that other realm, wasn't he?  And he stopped him from consuming him in that world, from consuming Mouse and Whitey and the world entirely.  That was no mere illusory world.  It was a vision akin to premonition, a sign of something but he knew not what.

"All right, I made up my mind this time.  I'm not letting you go scot-free, you scurrilous oaf.  There's something about you that is familiar, irreproachably so."

He took a few additional steps forward, to which Nihil hissed and retreated further.

"Don't you care for your life?  If we get too close, we will destroy each other.  Don't you remember what that old man that sealed us said long ago?  Don't you feel the welling in your chest with every step?  Calamity awaits us if you close this distance, so get away!"

"No!" screamed Rufus, putting his foot down.  "I know not what science and rules keep us bound, but we are far from everyone we know and love right now, and if that crazy person over there calling himself a god gets his way, there'll be no stopping him.  You won't get away, not until I'm done with you."

He held out his hand, the ancient magic of dispelling focused on Nihil and erasing what seemed to be a pale imitation to the true Nihil behind it, a creeping thing slowly edging towards the gaping nothingness that awaited beyond this platform.  With the truth of the matter revealed, the illusion scattered and broken, the ghostly shadow narrowed its white eyes in terror and attempted to rush away doubly quick, though Rufus was faster and closed the distance.  Both individuals' chests throbbed and pulsated as their hearts as Rufus held onto Nihil's arm.  Such surprised Rufus through the painful rushes within him.  He had never actually touched anything in all of his days as a djinni, but here he was, doing such.  Nihil had the same feeling of surprise, locked within that deep sensation of dread he drowned in.

"Get off, you mangy fool, you cluster of rotting potatoes, you refuse that walks!  Unhand me!"

A fist flew into his face and knocked his head backwards.  If he had teeth, he might have had a few rattle from the force of the blow.  Rufus shook his hand, having the sensation of having broken a few bones in his wrist from the impact they underwent.

"Ah, it feels so good to actually punch you," Rufus commented through heaving breaths.  "It feels bad too for the both of us too, I'm sure, but I . . . okay, this was probably a bad idea after all."

"You think so?!" screeched Nihil, the same happening within him as Rufus fell to his knee.  "Let me go and we can still escape with our lives!  Give up this idiocy!"

"I should," confessed Rufus, though his eyes shone up challengingly, and a smile percolated upon his face.  "However, it's just not in me to abandon my inner being, so stop your harping!"

Faint lights exploded from Nihil and Rufus as they fought against each other, their wispy exteriors getting weaker and weaker and degenerating entirely to reveal the light from within them.  Both screamed in unison as the light magnified and engulfed them both, and an unearthly, eerie sound came out of that corner of the platform, hidden almost entirely within the sounds of the crackling thunder overhead.

This happened for the course of a quarter of a minute or so before the light dimmed and the sounds ceased, revealing a long-haired head that lolled forward and fell, followed by his gaunt body that caught itself on the ground.  It felt cold to the touch, a sensation he did not fully realise he had until he turned his head to his left arm and grasped the ground.  He was tangible again, he sensed the great pit within his stomach as hunger was felt, and he perceived the weakness and heaviness of having a body with mass again.  He teetered sidewards under his own weight and landed on his back, looking up at the dark grey skies spattered with great streaks of lightning and roaring with impossible snarls of thunder.  It was very odd to him, but after this strange encounter, this strange brush with near death, he felt closer to being human than he ever had before.  A grin overtook him as he laughed stupidly to himself.

"Myrrhiae," he whispered to himself, his inward eye fixated on the little girl he had always sought the name of over the course of his six hundred years, the girl that was on his mind whenever he lost himself deeply to thought.  "Myrrhiae, my dear sister, I have found your delightful name at last.  And you stinking hippie . . . it seems . . . you were wrong."

((Rufus has merged with Nihil, his counterpart, and ended up severely weak but with a real body.  He now can grant three wishes like the djinnis from stories through the combination of two wishmakers, and has regained some of his memories as well thanks to Nihil still having much of his memory due to having few wishes used by his masters.  He can now eat, get hurt, get killed, suffer bodily exhaustion, and all the other joyous things that come with being mortal, but he will recover from his momentary weakness shortly.))

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-Rhea and Xion, before the "god' who calls himself Ahriman-

Rhea skidded back from the explosion. Upright, she watched in elation as Eclaire struck with all her might, but that elation turned to despair. Nergodin lived, and within moments he was whole. Lysander shattered, but still did the man stand. She sunk to her knees, not even the strength of Rhaedyn Thane could have given her the hope needed. He was too powerful...if not even a new spell, a far more powerful Avalon Calamity, could not strike him or would him grievously...what could? He barely stood scratched, he barely even winded...yet there were tired and weary, low on power...and all he did was grow stronger...

"What...hope do we have?" She said. "What do we have left...a demigod...against a being who...sighed off an attack meant to destroy castles?"


Xion landed by her daughter, the catgirl having been knocked unconscious from the landing. She looked at her, then the lightning that was cracking. Without a second thought Xion held her daughter to her chest and thrust Caladbolg skyward, the greatsword becoming a lightning rod that the divine dragon's thunder would be drawn too. And drawn it was, through Xion's blade, her body, and into Eclaire. She gritted her teeth, a strangled cry barely heard over the din of combat. They had been to the side of Ahriman...and as the lighting faded, Xion fell, Caladbolg clattering to the ground. Her eyes had been burned, her body smoking. All she saw was impossible black...and then a spot of gold. Beautiful, brilliant gold, that grew and flowed like...like hair.

"A...are you...her mother??" She croaked, her hand extending. Then everything was white, pure, radiant white, as she now stood whole before the white-dressed girl. The girl gently took her hand, pressing it to her cheek.

"I cannot pierce the veil for very long. For moments, on the edges of death, the twilight between your life and your passing, I can speak. Oh how I've missed you."
"I...I'm sorry. I...I've failed...failed her...failed her mother..."
"No...you haven't. You mi-stepped...you went astray...but when the moment came you did not hesitate. You gladly risked your very life, gave up all you loved, to make amends."
"Who...who are you? How do you know...everything? My pain...my sorrow...my regrets..."
"Because, Xion Izanami...Ruler of The Sea of Lust, Mother of Eclaire...beloved wife of mine. You never disappointed me. You made me sad, and upset, but I knew your heart...I've always known your heart." She paused. "I must go. Tell Eclaire...tell her our beautiful, beautiful daughter my love never stopped burning for her. It is as bright as the newest dawn."

"...What....what is your name?"
The answer was given with a simple press of the lips. A single name flowed into her, before the black once again took her. She dimly heard Eclaire, begging her to answer as Ahriman gave his grand speech, his offer to surrender, to kneel. 
"Eclaire...Zion's love...forever burns." She struggled to sit up, then slid to her knees. 

"I am a Queen...I bow...I bow to no Fey, not Queen of Ice nor King of the North. Go to hell." Xion whispered. She coughed, feeling the blood come up and splatter the ground. Great. That hurt. Her strength spent, she fell and laid still, eyes closing. She just...needed a rest...but Xion could feel beside her the cackling electricity. She had her final laugh.


-Eclaire Oathkeeper - Speaker of Epic Speeches-


"Zion's love...forever burns."


Those words were the herald of her waking. Her body coursed with electricty, painful yet powerful. She rolled onto her stomach and struggled to get onto her knees, coughing. Then a warm hand pressed onto her head, and another on her shoulder. Looking up hazily, she frowned. "T...Takao?"
The Succubus smiled. "Just two seconds. All I had left after I had fulfilled my purpose. I hid them within the sapphire...just in case." Her aetheric body looked up at Ahriman. "Smile, Eclaire. A smile better befits one who wishes to be a hero."




Eclaire rose up, lightning crackling around her body, her eyes aglow with her pink aura. She briefly glowed a deep cerulean blue as she devoured the last two seconds of Takao's lifeforce, and she took a step forward. Her eyes blazed with the sakura pink hue of her aura, her armor shattering and fading to light, leaving her in her traveling clothes. The red half-cape fluttered briefly before going still, Shiva held aloft as it too glowed with that cerulean blue.


"I stand against all you are. Against your destruction, your false rebirth, your false claims of sovereignty and divinity. If I am to be one to stand against a god then so be it...because I refuse! I refuse to kneel to you, to become part of your plan! Rename yourself a thousand times, create the world a thousand times over. I swear - I promise - that there will be an Eclaire Oathkeeper in every generation. In every world. I will stand against you until the gods deem this universe's end. Because you do not bring a true peace or true happiness. You refuse to listen! You bring a hallow peace, an existance without the feeling of true joy or elation! It is our sorrow, it is our pain, that makes us real. It is the very flaws in our hearts that bring forth the indomitable will to strive for change, to find the strength to stand against the storm. I do not stand alone either. I stand with family, friends, comrades! I stand to find the true peace, our true destiny! I have no questions, only promises. The promise to uphold my oaths, up protect Jynn until I die, and never forget the woman, the true Queen, who saw hope in the lost, saw strength in the broken, and love in the downtrodden. You are so blind, that even the human king could see! Could see the unity we show.


Bring your divinity, your destruction, your misguided lies. For we have won a thousand battles by merely standing against you...shown a unity that is beyond you. you must turn us against each other with trickery and magic. Yet we came together with barely any words, with barely any hesitation...for we knew that above all else, you were the greatest threat. The greatest villain amongst us. So keep your offers and your gifts. I will stand against you, I will fight! Because a flawed woman saw another...an imperfect Queen, and a faltering mother...showed me that this world can be healed. Not through forceful rebirth...but by extending your hand to one who needs love." Tears ran down her cheeks as she raised Shiva. "I shall take your head and your heart, Ahriman. And maybe then, shall you understand the true power of mere mortals. For Life...for a new dawn...We shall fight. Together."

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- Helios & Arthur Something - /w everyone else - Isopolis: City of Isolation -



Helios would have missed, flying past as he would remain in the air, only to witness the birth of a new god. His eye would widen, watching the being transform as reality itself began to distort around them. The city morphed, building curling around them to form a cage of sorts. Helios would listen to the new god, Ahriman. The mad man had only become even more powerful than before, offering the promises of a brand new world, future and life as gods themselves-no, as saints that would watch over the new incoming order of the universe. Helios would listen to the voices around them. Denial and acceptance. Truth and lies. Reality and myth. There was only so much he could do, that he could transform. But what if he tried more? What if he forced himself to adjust and to fix his DNA even more perfectly other than just a mirror? He was already playing with fire, and to seek it further would have him play with death. Yet with a god challenging to take down the world around them, what could he possibly do? "You speak of the order of the universe as if it were such a simple thing that you could possibly control and comprehend." Helios spoke, slowly landing down on the ground. He would stare at the new god, not moving from where he stood. "Are your promises anymore concrete than the world that surrounds us?" He asked. "Do you really think that you can control such a thing as free will?" Oh he had learned. Through blood, tears, and heartbreak, but he had learned. That life ain't no fairy tale. Not everyone can live happily forever after. To keep a balance in the world, death must remain equal to the birth of new life. There is no such thing as a perfect world. It is impossible, even for a god. Because if it was perfect, then it wouldn't be theirs.

His body ached. He was tired. He was so tired already! The whole journey had beaten him down to a pulp and yet he couldn't help but to realize that he might not come out of this alive or even unscathed. "You say that if we join you, we will be spared...but for what?" He asked, extending his arms and wings. He could feel the headache becoming unbearable. His body was reaching his limit, and he was beginning to break. But he couldn't stop now. "This existence is the one thing that you can never gain...because it belongs to us." He said, opening his mouth as smoke would escape his lips. As smoke covered him it hid his body from the people around him, but soon enough the painful sounds would echo. The sound of bones snapping, blood splattering as Helios struggled to even breathe. Screams would escape from him, of utter pain as his body was forced to renew itself into something it was never meant to be. In between breaths and sobs he would continue. "This...existence...belongs to us alone..." He began. "Our hopes, our dreams, our lives, it has all come down to this. But then again, to speak of such words is meaningless to someone like you, isn't it?" He asked between gasps and whimpers. The smoke only got larger before a pair of wings would extend into the air above. "Actions speak louder than words. Therefor, why don't you shut the hell up." As the smoke would disappear it would show a new creature all together. The body of a dragon, scales white and pristine as they covered his body. Draconic. Yet, it was also different. An armor like exoskeleton covering his whole being, no eyes to allow him to 'see'. Cyph. The paws of the dragon were lion like, claws digging into the floor below. Lion. His back covered itself with dagger like crystals, extruding from his skin and in between the armored plates of scales. Basilisk. The end of the dragon's tail would move and wag, revealing it splitting into multiple snake heads, arching upwards. A chimera of different creatures into one. My greatest creation of all. Blood would drip from the lips of the large being, tainting the white scales as it puddled on the floor. The whole frame shaking ever so slightly, yet standing tall. "And fight!" Helios spoke, only to let out a roar. It is all or nothing. His vision was blurry and yet the target was obvious, and his conviction done. For Aura. For Henry. For his family. For the worlds and beyond.

Oh body of mine. Bear with me for just a bit longer. Our work in hell is yet to be done.

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Elia Cabret

The fairy remained limp in Jynn's arms, her eyelids parting slightly to take in the prince's visage.  Her pallid lips curved up into a smile.  "It's okay," she murmured weakly, bringing up a hand to Jynn's cheek.  "Prince Jynn, you must live.  Kilkis Seres needs you, as do the remaining humans.  What would happen if you were to die?  You must . . . lead the people.  All I wanted was to help–"

The effort of talking was becoming too much for her.  The throbbing within her back intensified, causing her face to scrunch up in pain.  She was not dead, though blood began to soak through her white mage's robes and onto the prince.

Yevgeni Malachite

The elf's eyes narrowed at Rabs' words.  "No, while I will not pretend to know what has remained in your heart, I knew you.  This"–he gestured a hand toward Ahriman, toward the destruction–"is not you.  The Lady Eliltari of the North, the fair and noble Judge, would not desire such destruction and the demise of life.  I . . . "  At this Yevgeni faltered, emerald eyes shifting nervously away from his fellow elf.  "I will admit that I do not know every desire, every facet of your being.  Admittedly, I do not even know you as well as I wish that I did.  But I know that you want what is best, and deep down you know that this is not it!"

Yevgeni laughed at the mention of his precious apprentice, his gaze temporarily flickering over toward Aqua.  "Neither her nor you could destroy me even if you wished it.  It is with a heavy heart that I will have to fight you, but I will do what I must.  It is what you would truly want, Eli."

Alderon Niles

The fist met Alderon's gut with considerable force, knocking the wind out of the human king and sending him reeling.  He stumbled back, jabbing his claymore into the stone as he gasped for breath.  Several ribs were broken from the impact, though he gritted his teeth and ignored the pain.

"Why do you fight for humanity anyway?" he asked the ex-Guardian Angel.  "After all, we have committed so many atrocities to your fellow angels and inflicted so much harm.  The chances that this will occur again in history?  About nine out of ten, and yet you would defy the god standing before you to preserve us?  How pitiful!"

Lysander's work continued to twist the king's mind.  While a part of him yearned, screamed for him to change his course, he could not break himself free of its charm.  He struck his sword into the ground, its electrical properties cascading through the granite and creating a fissure.  Raw lightning licked through the new crevice and danced toward Mariel.  While she was hopefully distracted, Alderon came charging again, this time intending to cleave the angel in two from a stroke above her head.

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- Alastor, Alicia, Henry, Typhon and Mikhail - I have too many characters - FInal Battle -


Alastor's attacks fell flat, the indignations weren't effective and neither were the homing cluster mines, regardless, Alastor faced down Nergodin as the being walked towards him and began a series of flurries with an extended Lysander. Alastor, without summoning his sword simply created a static field, with combined with wind magic on  the opposite direction of Nergodin's attacks to lessem both the impact and block them. With Alastor's enhanced speed, strenght and spiritual power. He blocked and dodged almost all of Nergodin's slashes, the last one was a bit tougher, Alastor simply didn't care as he sidestepped the easily avoidable and telegraphed attack, a faint lightning barrier shielding him from the explosive power around it. However before he could do anything Nergodin jumped back...and went on a tirade.

Typhon had just been saved by Yevgeni, who shielded the bug from Rabs's spell, the bug simply turned to the elf and just gave a nice thumbs up. Before resuming what he was doing, which was now pretty much watching Ahriman speak. He was prompted to assist Henry as he fell, but the human stood up before he could do so.

Meanwhile Henry was all too distracted by what had happened to Elia. His heart ached the moment she was hit, it was like being stabbed in it itself, The whole world went silent as he stood in quiet shock. Until a few moments which he snapped back to reality. "ELIA!" Henry screamed in concern as he rushed to her side, kneeling as he looked at her. "You...you dummy." Henry muttered under his breath, a tear forming up in his eye. When Elia's face twisted in pain, Henry calmed her down by focusing energy on his right hand as he placed it in her forehead, Henry was making his best to control his power to generate a healing effect on her, his aura turning a nice shade of green to signalize healing magic even, which would start working slowly, but steadily as the energy reached her body, it would close wounds and stop the bleeding...anything else was out of the question, it would at least soothe her pain. "Rest, let us handle this." Henry spoke, solemn as he looked to the side to see Alicia had walked to them. He simply nodded to her, "Can you please keep her safe? I beg you." Henry asked Alicia, who could not refuse as he kneeled beside Jynn, placing a hand on his shoulder. "Jynn...go, you have to fight." Alicia spoke, with comforting and caring words to the young prince, giving him the comfort he needed at the sight of Elia's wounds.

Henry calmly stood up, turned his way towards Ahriman and Rabyiu. And began a determined walk...only to halfway through his chest began to tug and hurt..only for its skin to rupture as he fell on his knees coughing blood, his aura turning green again and healing the wound, he looked at his bloodied hands from the coughing and closed them into a fist, as he slowly got up from one knee to a standing position. A hand clutching his chest, it was probably no secret to anyone else now, Henry's time was coming to a close, even with Everyth's life energy, the energy he had absorbed was too much for his body to handle, and it was slowly shutting down...but he would push on through to the end. Resuming his walk and ending beside Eclaire who had just made her speech.

"Why...Why is there always some fool...trying to rule the world?" Henry spoke to them, his words of disbelief and condensed hatred for such things. "Alderon and his witch, Midnea, Yevgeni..." Henry shot a look towards Yevgeni, a look with so much condensed hatred and apathy that it would send chills down the stoic elf's spine. "And now you...who threatens to create our world anew, erase everything that has been achieved, be it good or bad...to create the perfect world." Henry spoke, stepping foward. 

"A perfect world is nothing but an idiot's dream, there will never be a perfect world, no one and nothing can be such. That is what makes us Humans and Feys,, we have our flaws, we have our strong points, everyone is different, with different ideals, you will never change that. And I won't let you do so!" Henry spoke solemny as his aura began to flare, its white aura from having absorbed Nergodin's power turned into a bright red color as it flared around him, to symbolize his determination.  
"I will stand in your way, I will not waver, for as long as I have to." Henry finished as he stared Ahriman.

And suddenly enough, the hexagons Rabyiu had created to threaten then was swiftly and unexpectedly cut down by two flying sillhouetes, covered from sight in wind magic spiralling around it, refracting the light to shroud them, the motions were done in the blink of an eye. As the wind shrouded sillhouetes flew to Alastor's back, floating there and revealing themselves as his two signature swords The wind blade: Storm Ruler. And the blade of lightning: Storm Quell. As he stared at Rabyiu, before stepping foward beside Eclaire.

"Do all elves speak so much? Or is it just you and blondie here?" Alastor spoke to them, clearly trying to get a rise out of Rabyiu, and Yevgeni if possible, mostly for his own amusement.  

"What the human says is the truth, you can't just reset everything and try to make things right. And that is not how it'l go." Alastor spoke.

"Eclaire, Rhea, Henry and everyone else. There is no turning back now." Alastor explained their situation for them. "If you wish to fight step foward!" Alastor suddenly shouted at the others. 


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{Mariel: Isopolis}

With the King at least temporarily subdued, Mariel turned her attention to the resplendent creature that once was her charge and a murderer. Like Alderon, there was a small part of her free of influence. That part mourned for Odin. She knew she couldn’t save him or perhaps even stop him. But even without the Sanguis Vindicta driving her on, she wouldn’t stop.

Her glowing eyes went back to Alderon as he spoke. His words meant little to her in this state, but a word stuck. God. It was a term built in deep. But he seemed to be referring to the abomination that stole hope. That wasn’t right.

“False god.” Mariel rasped through her damaged throat. 

She rushed the human king, getting inside his reach and tackling him as his blade came down.

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- Ahriman -

The amalgamation of two people looked at Eclaire with grave interest, wondering when the lengthy tirade would cease or if others would decide to attack him while she spoke.  Oddly enough, everybody who was out for his ichor was staying passive, as was he.  Maybe he just wanted to hear the entirety of this spiel, to see if it made sense to him or was anything more than the ramblings of a self-righteous halfblood.  It did not match his palate in so many ways, and instead further caused him to desire to bring an end to her withered words in a permanent manner.

Her honeyed tongue certainly inspired the others to fight on, however.  Helios further augmented himself in a way no spriggan should.  Yevgeni, who was possibly listening in, still strove against Rabiyu, trying to bring her back or elsewise telling her that she could not kill him if she tried.  There was no getting an understanding out to him without Lysander, it seemed, and the blade of the sword had been cut down to the middle.  Alastor and Henry both stated their shared viewpoints, decidedly narrow-minded and set on the often walked path of letting things continue unguided.

Fools, all of them, and they, being fools, have deemed him as enlightened as he was foolish.  While he understood their views, having followed it for several fragmented lives, he could not bring himself to tear himself away from his chosen path.  There was too much evidence that people were too fallible.  They repeated the same mistakes throughout the generations.  They tumulted against each other in droves for the sake of ideal, religion, land, and desire for thousands of years, and when they did not they schemed and ventured for personal gain.  This temporary alliance was fragile at best, and even if they managed to win they will turn on each other eventually.  It was the nature of man and fey.

"Your unity is momentary, your resolve great but far from mighty," Ahriman voiced as his wings flapped, putting away Lysander on his hip.  "What I offer is what Odin once offered -- a peace through understanding, a merger of minds as everyone, free will intact but formed out of a collective.  Alas that many among you cannot see what I see, cannot know what I know.  You cling haplessly to what works well enough, but those of vision strive to change things for the better.  It is for that reason that I will wipe out the forest with fire to allow for new growth, humanity under a new design."

A deep rumble flowed from within the space where they all were, followed by a calamitous groan of earth far below everyone.

"It is already in effect.  The blackened force sealed within my predecessor's former arm will grow unfettered until I seal it once again.  With this darkness, the world will be wiped of all except whom I deem fit.  If you think yourself fit to take me down and stop what is set in motion, I will laud your efforts and give your collective grave a proper epitaph."

With a surge of tangible power, not born of energy but rather focus, Ahriman rushed towards Eclaire, three newly created swords wedged between his fingers in either hand, fashioned from a very refined blend of lightning magic and void magic.  He sliced once horizontally and once vertically upward toward Eclaire before whirling around and flinging an airborne sword at Helios' faraway chest very quickly.

The swords had a unique feature to them.  Any other lightning attacks within two feet of their vicinity would be reflected back towards the attacker, like magnets with the same polarity facing each other.  Beyond that, they were dangerously sharp, possibly sharp enough to cut through Eclaire's newly christened sword Shiva, and likely sharp enough to pierce through Helios' scales or exoskeleton.  Dodging might be worthwhile.

For those that analysed him closely, however, they could see a moment of weakness as he flung the sword.  Such was a toll of Nergodin's having his arm cut off.  Ahriman lost a fair amount of the source's energy with it and was running off of part of its immense power, and Henry, that shambling corpse, had some as well from his absorption abilities.  He would have to be careful and ration himself accordingly so that he can stop the once-sealed force later, before it was too late.  Yevgeni and some others had to survive if the world was to begin anew correctly.

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- Rabiyu - Isopolis: The City of Isolation -

It looked like everyone had made up their minds, they had chose destruction rather than salvation, which was not surprising, at all. Eclaire, Henry, Alastor, Helios, even Yevgeni would try to stop Ahriman's dream from coming true, and she was not going to let that happen, not without a fight.

"And who are you to judge what is possible and what isn't, Yevgeni?" Rabiyu answered Yevgeni, "Your apprentice may have a soft heart, but I do not, nor I am as weak as you think. Perhaps it is time for you to learn one final lesson."

At that moment, when it was obvious that not a single one of them were going to submit to Ahriman, Rabiyu did a few quick handsigns. The glowing hexagons ready to release their power towards their targets, until two fast shadows interrupted their function and destroyed them. She could see Henry and Elia in the corner of her eye, and while her mind was telling her to help the poor girl, she was not able to do so, her purpose was to stop them, not help.

"What does it matter, the time to talk is over, Dragon Hunter. Neither you, Henry, Eclaire, Helios, or any present here will get in HIS way, " Rabiyu said to Alastor as she raised her hand to the sky, " I summon the power of the mighty spirit of the north, lend me thy anger and unleash thy wrath upon mine enemies!"

The previous spell that she had casted was almost done with the storm that was created, possibly, by Alastor, so it faded away, leaving only remnants of the storm. The air around began to feel heavier and heavier with each passing second as Rabiyu's hand closed into a fist before it began to glow brighter and brighter. Anyone close enough to the elf would began to feel how power gathered on the elf's closed hand, raising and raising without any sign of stopping.

"Descend upon us, Northern Star, and reduce to dust everything in your path! Senan Exo-"

At the moment the white haired elf was about to open her hand and unleash the power of one of the ancient forbidden spells of destruction a mark on her chest began to glow and spread around her whole body. The power of the spell then was getting weaker as she was unable to complete the casting. The glowing marks that now adorned the elf were preventing her from moving and casting anything else. This had been a failsafe put on her many centuries ago, in case she was out of control.

"What is this? I-I can't move," She said, "No, this  not possible. I will not a-allow it!"

Rabiyu tried her hardest to move, to cast anything to get free from the seal that was binding her, but in the end she was unable to do it, she was unable to keep helping Ahriman. That only meant that she failed and that she was deserving of the same fate as the rest of them.

"I might not be able to destroy all of you like I had planned, but the power that I still have left will be enough to take destroy a few of you!"

As Rabiyu yelled those words, the remaining power of the forbidden spell that she still had began to gather on her hand once more, this was going to be one last effort to stop them, even if it meant taking damage for her own attack, or even worse, dying from it.

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-Eclaire Oathkeeper: One who stands against the Storm-


She could feel it. Rabiyu's magic, the broken seal. It was a losing battle. At first she felt herself falter, Her ears lay back as the oppressive forces came up. The girl grimaced and took a step back on instinct, her body crackling with lightning. She had expected the attack, and only was saved by her arcing lightning storm to be turned against her, throwing her back and to safety, Ahriman's slashing narrowly missing. Hitting the ground and rolling, she got back up, wincing. "Dammit..." She stayed up, before she heard skidding. At her feet were three swords - Rhea's twin blades and Caladbolg.

"Don't you dare take another step back!" Rhea shouted. She was busy stabilizing Xion, who at least was breathing.Rhea grimaced as she glanced to Elia. There was nothing she could do right now. And she knew that Eclaire was low on power, having used most of it. "She believes in you! Your mother believes in you! So...so believe in yourself!"


Nodding, Eclaire's wings flared to existence. That hesitation...oh, did she have a plan. She grinned, her cat-slit eyes gleaming. "Hey. Ahriman. You missed."


Eclaire shot skyward, into the storm. Suddenly her wings were covered in blades and spears...every single weapon she had held, from Overture to Kusanagi, Shiva's Spear, In Paradisum in Fifth Configuration. And oh did she smile. Because she had seen something...and now....she knew what to do.


And she threw her left arm out, and the weapons rained down...everywhere but Ahriman.
"Rebound Glyph!" She roared, suddenly diving down. Simpler and far easier to use than runes, glyphs could do simple things. The glyphs she used would rebound whatever hit them...and they were on the weapons. suddenly was there, slashing at Ahriman's new arm, the one that hesitated...and rebounded off the glyph below her, and it shattered...but she was now flying at lightning speed at another weapon, and rebounded. Kusanagi in hand, she rebounded at Ahriman, executing Zantetsuken at his arm, letting the blade shattered to light after the strike, rebounding back with Overture for another powerful light-augmented slash, using the very existence of her weapons to empower her strikes. The rebounding was speeding her up, making after images appear as she now grabbed Caladbolg, attempting to cleave his arm off with the dark-enhanced greatsword before she now moved onto the In Paradisums and Shiva's Spear, slashing and stabbing at his hesitating arm with merciless precision, before grasping Lightbringer, the true name of Takao's sword. It glowed fiercely, a line of cerulean light left behind as she slashed at that damn arm. And then...the final glyph.


There was no weapon.  There was only the glyph. And once she struck it, she used one of those two seconds Takao had saved her. Her sword glowed...not with the fierce white-blue of lightning, but the cool colors of ice.

"I see my foe before me. He is not good, nor evil - nor am I good, or evil. Like him, I see fear, I see hope. Before me I see not a foe, but an equal. Not an equal, but a better. I am the steel that creates my blade, the leather that wraps the hilt, and the song that sings through the wind." He glowed. "Noblesse Oblige - Anti-Foe Ancient Magic: Kugane Tragedy..Shiva - herald the frost of a new dawn!"

And so she struck once more with Kugane Tragedy upon his new arm, before skidding on the ground and spinning, stabbing Shiva into the floor to come to a stop....right next to Rufus. Her attack was known...as Flash Raid.

"...so...did that little fight of yours give you anything, Djinn?"She asked, standing. She glanced around, then spotted Aura. "Does she have it?"

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Jynn, Dawson, and Bherna-Vs Ahriman

Elia states that Jynn must live, and she only wanted to help. The prince tries to keep her confidence up. “And you can keep helping! Remember? I lost both of my wings. I know the pain you’re going through right now. Trust me, I’ve felt it. You must stay strong. That’s the Elia I know. Just be yourself, and I know that you’ll pull through.” He offers her a smile. “I’m going to tell you, the loss of one wing will not slow down Elia, the fairy full of determination, bravery, and hope.” He takes off his chest piece and puts it on her. A green aura surrounds the fairy, and armor piece starts to heal her as well, stacking with Henry’s healing magic. Meanwhile, Alicia offers Jynn some comforting words. Jynn takes her hand and caresses it with both of his. He looks to her, Elia, and Henry. “I promise, I will not fail the world below and ours.” He kisses Alicia’s hand. It was a bold move, but he knew he had to confess his feelings to her at some point. He surrenders Elia to Alicia and stands on his feet. “Keep her safe.”

Jynn looks to Dawson. “Hey, do you have anymore armor for me?” Dawson manages to pull out one last dart. It had black and gold feathers attached to the end. “Yes. But it’s my last one! You better use it wisely!” He takes a deep breath and blows the dart at the prince. As soon as it strikes Jynn, metal and cloth start to materialize around his body, splitting apart his current armor. An eyepatch covers his blind left eye. The set had a regal appearance to it, but it had quite useful abilities. Jynn starts to feel stronger. The prince finally raises his hand and calls back La Justiceré.

Jynn’s new armor.


Jynn knows that he is not strong enough to kill Ahriman, he can only injure the proclaimed god. There is no way we can beat him. But I’m sure with a bit of extra power, we can. Looking around, he lays his curiosity on the electric spirit that is Arthur. Hmm. I have an idea..... but it might be risky...... but I just stay the way I am, we won’t get anywhere. I must give it a try. He leaps towards the spirit. “I have a request. We must defeat this monster, and we do not have the strength to do much to him as we are now. Lend me your strength, and I promise I will return you to your state. If we work together, we can defeat this nuisance.” The prince raises his hand to the spirit.

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