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- Helios & Arthur Something - /w everyone else - Isopolis: City of Isolation -

Helios would listen, claws digging down onto the ground below. This was it. He couldn't go back now. He had gone too far. With the taste of his own blood in his mouth he would step forward. He saw the sword heading right at him. Helios would extend his wings, darting into the air as he aimed to dodge the incoming sword. With the same movement he would fly towards the new god, roaring as he would try and practically bodyslam him. Claws and large paws aiming for Ahriman. If he could rip him apart, if he could squish him like a bug, whatever it took to get rid of him. He roared, opening his mouth as he even tried to just take a bite out of him...maybe just eat him too.

Arthur would still be existing, energy without shape and barely any form. Electric energy existing in between existence and nothingness. Like the lightning of a storm, swift and deadly, if it actually hit. It was dormant, recovering of the blow. Yet Jynn's voice seemed to stir it from sleep. From the nothing a hand would form, before slowly crackling back as it would form the body's head, torso, and other arm, before the rest of the body formed. A mere silhouette of energy floating in front of the heir of the world above. " King...Jynn..." The figure spoke, the voice sounding in between static, as if the signal of a radio that was barely going through. "I remember...some...father ceased to exist long ago...mother and sister are gone with the place I called home." He would stare at the hand before extending it to Jynn. "King Jynn. I shall lend you all that I have left. All that I ask of you in return is for you to defeat the false god, and bring back my home." He said. He took Jynn's hand in his, grasping it tightly as the energy began to shift and crackle with a burst. "King of the Storm, I give you the full power of a Raiju." With that he would suddenly pull Jynn forward, the two bodies colliding as Arthur would disappear inside of Jynn. The grand energy would suddenly surge across from the inside out, sending waves after waves of reinforcing energy. It was a last resort, a thunder surging the storm inside until it snapped awake. The lightning would surround the prince, attaching itself to the armor as it made a sheet of lightning on the ends. Around his head, a circlet of lightning would surge, crackling across.

"The throne of the false god is built on the base of the innocents. If to take him out requires all that is left of me, then I shall grant it all, my king!"

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Mega Jynn Arthynn- Vs Ahriman

Arthur accepts Jynn’s proposal, and merges with him. Jynn seems to struggle with dealing with the merge. Lighting cackles around the prince, and a circlet of lighting floats above his head. He then goes silent, almost as if he was preparing something extremely powerful. A whisper comes out of the prince’s voice, in response to Arthur’s words. “We will defeat this creature, and I will see that you live through this, brave one.” 

Upon those words, the merging is complete, with a large blue flame aura surrounding the prince, and black sparks engulfing him. Black plasmas shoot to the ground from his armor. Taking off his eyepatch, Jynn finally opens his eyes, with  a blue flame coming from his injured left eye. The spirit has lended its sight to the prince. The two temporarily adopt a new name; Arthynn. 

The being looks towards Ahriman, and begins to speak in a powerful mixture of Jynn and Arthur’s voices. “The fate of the worlds is not yours to decide, animal. Nor will we ever bow to the likes of a delusional traitor!” Arthynn points La Justiceré at Ahriman, with dragon energy surging through the sword. ”I would like to try to tell you that war is inevitable, but apparently your brain is occupied by two monkeys ringing cymbals. So, since nothing is going to register in your simple mind, we will stop you from getting your way with OUR worlds. A creature like you has no right to exist in OUR worlds.”

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- Ahriman, Aspect of Destruction, The Overworld's New God - Isopolis, City of Isolation -

The incredible power and tenacity of Eclaire Tonnerre was something to be admired, for she persevered despite the odds stacking against her. Ahriman's moment of weakness was furiously exploited by the Valkyrie, who utilized Rebound Glyphs to enhance her assault. The heightened senses of the Aspect of Destruction allowed him to dodge the first attacks, following up by concentrating Lightning and the Void onto both of his arms, as to act as shields. He would defend himself against many of Eclaire's attacks, though some of them scraped and minorly wounded him, for he had ashamedly underestimated her speed, particularly after the Zantetsuken shattered his guard, but he clashed with her light-augmented slash with a Divine Aerial Blade: A larger, broader and golden form of Nergal's own blades protruding from his right hand, swiping the attack away. The energies from the clashing and rebounds would serve to discourage the Prime Helios, for Ahriman deliberately brushed off the Glyphs in a manner as to make them unstable, at least for a brief moment. But as Eclaire sped up due to the rebounds, Ahriman snapped the fingers of his free hand, summoning many small orbs of the Void around his perimeter as traps for the speedy yet single-minded Eclaire to impact upon and to further discourage the Shapeshifter.

Lightbringer left it's mark however, a slash upon Ahriman's upper arm, yet it was a superficial wound, particularly in the face of Eclaire's finisher:

She gave yet another fantastic speech, one that Ahriman would applaud were it not for his need to concentrate as he awaited her next move, intending him to "herald the frost of a new dawn" as she put it. Upon speaking those words, Eclaire charged at Ahriman with a greater slash than ever before, forcing him to respond by blocking Kugane Tragedy with his Aerial Blade, successfully avoiding another lost limb, but the blade was obliterated and the feedback from its energy mixing with Kugane's rebound into Ahriman's body, causing him a severe shock, the energies briefly enveloping him close to his body, eliciting a brief yell of agony.

Angered, Ahriman simply turned partially toward Eclaire, who had landed next to the Merged Rufus, his arm extended as a great amount of power gathered in his palm: Wild amounts of Lightning and the Void mixing and being unleashed in an astonishingly fast chain of energy explosions headed Eclaire's and Rufus's direction, which he would follow up with a refocusing of his energy, seen by the others as his aura gathering into himself and expanding outward back to where it was around his body once more, all the while Ahriman took a deep breath...and shook his head.

"I find myself disappointed...I truly wished the best for all present, to have you stand at my side as I brought these worlds their sorely needed rebirth and renewal!" Ahriman began, looking around, though his eyes never once looked in Yevgeni's direction, which some might find puzzling, though the words of Prince Jynn, now his spirit merged with that of the Lightning Spirit, caught his undivided attention and significant ire.

"The decision is mine, Prince. It became mine when my predecessors took hold of the Source of All Life and eventually unified within my newly crafted mind and soul! I bring deliverance, don't you see? The Worlds are diseased...rotten to the core. None of you can save them, not with a new government, not with this fleeting unity, not even a revolution can bring about enough change to purify them. The slate must be wiped clean, so that war, injustice and despair are but things of the past, fleeting memories in the minds of mortals and demigods." He spoke with a reserved passion, a hand fell over his heart a few times, along with the general area his arms could sweep out to.

"I will bring an end to all need for war, I will bring you true! Everlasting unity!" He then seemed saddened, as Light gathered to his right hand, beginning to create a very large, ornate greatsword: It was primarily gold, engraved and exuded a divine presence of its very own as he continued to speak. "But that honour will be reserved for those...who will yet live when my work is done. Those I recreate, rather than those who continue to stand against me...fighting a great battle, that will never be known. They will never know your names...for you are not fit to be even examples. You are fit...only to perish!" Ahriman concluded, raising his new sword, its blade physically extending to an unnatural length as he rapidly charged toward Arthynn to crush him beneath it, when--


- Soren Monroe, The Sentinel, Demonic Form, Has had it with this monkey fighting God in this Monday to Friday city. - Isopolis, City of Isolation -


A loud clang sounded in the air as Ahriman's blade was halted by another large weapon wreathed in hellfire, for Soren had intercepted the God and halted him in his tracks, one hand upon the base of his blade as he forced it to a standstill. Soren Monroe glared deeply into the eyes of Ahriman, slowly walking forward as Ahriman was seemingly unable to stop this advance.

"Your pretentious prattle has worn down our ears for far too long!! You, a self-proclaimed deity, cannot possibly know what we are capable of!" Soren went on, Ahriman's blade retracting as Soren encroached upon him. "I don't care who lies within your mind, who made your soul whole and what Fey you were built upon, they don't matter in this moment, as you yourself I am left with you. Ahriman. The Aspect of Destruction, oh how aptly named you are! For the only ruination that will follow in your wake, is your own! By the end of this day, we shall stand triumphant! We will put you down like the Pretender you are!" At this point, Soren and Ahriman were face-to-face, point blank as the demon roared in twisted baritones.

"And when all is said and done...and you are nothing but a fleeting memory and your 'building blocks' are tried and penalized accordingly...we will! Rebuild! We will renew our own world! We will recreate the Human World! And the Source will be back where it belongs: Safely out of the reach of megalomaniacs who seek to play God!" Soren's aura had been building up as he slowly threatened Ahriman with his approach, the demonic energies almost merged with Ahriman's own aura as they flared.

"And the only thing the name Ahriman will be associated with: Is the failure of a False God. And a man proven wrong by those he viewed as lesser than He."

- Ahriman -

"Then by all means...prove it to me." Ahriman whispered in response, revealing his being overpowered to be a ploy as he forced Soren back, albeit with some difficulty and the uncertainty that began to settle in upon his merged heart...for the Demon spoke with as much zeal as the Valkyrie and had much power, as she did...this fight could take a while, something that frustrated the true God, who steeled himself for further retaliation.

Soren meanwhile, had caught himself, preparing to fight with a low snarl, heat fumes exuding from his mouth.

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Elia Cabret –The One-Winged Angel Fairy –

"You're . . . so sweet, Prince Jynn," Elia croaked, white lips held in a slight smile.  She was certain that this would be the end for her.  While she could live with the loss of a wing, the blood loss was far more critical and problematic.  It caught her by surprise, however, when the prince placed his armor on her.  She felt a strange sensation course through her body and, while she could not say that she felt better, her mind became more clear.  She noticed Henry's hand along her forehead, the dreadnaught towering over her with a look of concern.  Relief coursed through her as he focused his energy to calm her, or was it his presence?  She could not be certain which.

"Henry," she said, voice soft.  No other words could come to her as her hand searched for his, eventually gripping it once she found it.  His hand felt so strong, so secure, especially when it was around her small, soft frail one.  He soon left her side to return to the fight, but not before bestowing his healing upon her.  The wounds had closed and already she felt considerably better.  Weakened, but better.  She would live, and that was a start.

Elia eventually rose to sitting, glancing over to Alicia who had remained at her side while the men went off to fight.  "You can go to him, if you want," Elia assured her. "I can hold my own . . . .   I will be all right now, thanks to all of you."

Yevgeni Malachite – Facing Rabs–

The elf took note of Alastor's remark and greatly desired to retort, and likely would have if Rabiyu weren't ready to teach him his final lesson.  She prepared her spell fast and expertly, leaving Yevgeni little time to react.  Yev kicked off the ground and rose into the air, though mere avoidance likely was not going to be enough to abstain from critical damage.  Thankfully he would not have to find out when she became frozen in place.  Or so he thought.

It was then that Rabiyu cried out that she would still do everything in her power to stop them, and began to gather energy once more.  Yevgeni drew his rapier and brought it up vertically before him, the blade starting to glow as he ran two fingers along it.

"Enough of your madness!" he cried, before letting out a shockwave of holy light magic in Rabiyu's direction.  If that was not enough to deter her spell casting, he started to charge her, sword extended and ready to pierce her as he jabbed it rapidly in a flurry of strikes aiming for her torso.  He did not want to harm her, though he came to the conclusion that if he did not stop her, she would ultimately end up destroying herself.

Alderon Niles - VS Mariel -

The angel's words made Alderon falter, even if they were difficult to discern.  " . . . False?" The word felt odd as it rolled off his tongue and rang in his ears.  What struck the king as odd is that he knew it to be true, and yet this truth angered him.  His allies, meanwhile, were being thrashed by Ahriman, Jynn in particular being his favorite target.  A fraction of him wanted to help, but a greater part of him did not particularly care.

"How dare you defy His holiness!" Alderon roared, despite his heart yearning for him not to.

Mariel struck him down at about that moment, sending Alderon crashing down on the hard surface.  He brought a knee to his chest to give Mariel a hearty kick in the torso (think Ganondorf-style kick), before bounding to his feet and sheathing his claymore to retrieve his magical weapon, a sword possessing magical properties that had been bequeathed to him by Lord Raiden himself–before he'd gone mad.

"I will teach you"–Alderon struck the ground, and lightning danced off his blade and flooded the ground, causing electricity to spring up in several places around the angel–"to be subservient to Lord Ahriman!"

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Arthynn- Attempting to recover Alderon

(Me and Stardust are combining our posts for Arthynn. red is text by Stardust, and blue is text by me.)

Ahriman’s barrage towards Arthynn was interrupted by Soren. Regardless, the being was unintimidated by the god’s approach. Meanwhile, Alderon starts to scold him for “defying” Ahriman. This causes Arthynn to turn his attention to Alderon. Jynn’s half of his body begins to speak to the other. We need to regain the human king’s alliance.

  Oh my king. How far you have fallen...allow my voice to speak. If he regains his sight no longer, maybe my voice can ring through.

  Very well, but if he doesn’t listen, we are going to need a more aggressive approach. He was affected by the magic of Odin’s sword, and it is not a spell that we can easily get rid of.

  Then maybe a combination of the two should be the most beneficial. The new being would approach the misguided king, keeping its distance. Even with the lightning swirling around him, that wasn't the worry; it was the sword that he wielded. Prepare the attack. We'll knock sense into him the moment he hesitates. Arthynn would prepare, soon enough the voice of Arthur booming from the body of the prince. "King Alderon! Stop this at once!" He yelled. "You are on the wrong side! Have you forgotten about your daughter?! Your kingdom and your citizens?! Those who you swore to fight for?!" He called, the sound of static in his voice crackling ever so softly from time to time.

While Arthur takes control of Arthynn’s voice, projecting his own voice to try to persuade Alderon, Jynn takes control of Arthynn’s body, and shoves Mariel away from danger, absorbing some of the electricity Alderon’s sword releases. He withdraws La Justiceré so he doesn’t seriously injure the king. With Alderon’s claymore sheathed, Jynn knew this was his chance to counter. He slams his palm on Alderon’s chest, and bright flash of light emits from Arthynn’s palm, with a blast of energy afterwards. If Alderon does not react in time, he will be blasted into the wall behind him. It would not be enough to seriously injure him, but it could be enough to regain Alderon’s allegiance.

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-Eclaire Oathkeeper: One who stands against the Storm-

Eclaire shot off, leaving a magic shield behind her to assist Rufus. "RHEA!" She roared once more, skidding to a halt, sword in the ground. All her weapons had been used up against Ahriman's arm, leaving only Rhea's two and Caladbolg, along with Shiva. Those currently had been tossed to their owners. "WALL." Was all she shouted, now next to Aura.


Rhea was torn for a brief moment. Which way? Go, and leave Xion? She was not yet out of the woods...

But Xion's hand found her knee. One slight nod was all Rhea needed - winging up, she threw her spear into the ground before Eclaire and the humans. "LAND OF THE KING." She cried out. A wall of ice sprung forth between the battle,and those who were harmed. Divine down, twin swords in hand, she slashed the air, sending waves of Light at Ahriman during her descent. One sword then burst into flames, while the other froze into aetheric ice, with which she slashed at Ahriman's new arm.


Eclaire, now blocked by the ice, extended a hand to Aura. "You have heard the call of my heart, and the ringing of my voice. So I ask you, human....I ask for the lamp."

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- Typhon - Stopping a mad elf - No idea where - 

Everything was unfolding as expected from Typhon, complete and utter chaos as Feys and Humans are accustomed to causing, nothing he could really do about it, but he could do something, as they were all speaking to one another, Typhon had already activated his chamaleon abilities and was already moving over to Rabiyu to stop the elf from killing herself. However his initial plan from coming from behind her were thrown out the window because of a certain blonde elf trying to impale his friend. 

Because of that Typhon had to lunge in front of Rabiyu and take the brunt of Yevgeni's stabs with his back, "Ow, ow, ow" Typhon spoke in a monotone tone as he hopped Yevgeni would notice quick enough to stop the flurry, the attacks were mostly defended against by his exoskeleton. but some pierced through it and hurt like hell, but hopefuly he could heal. 

Without wasting any time Typhon grabbed Rabiyu's hand that had the forbidden spell charging up, releasing dragonblight poison through his hand's veins in an attempt to neutralize the spell.

"I know just the thing that will bring you to your senses!" Typhon exclaimed as his free hand...began to tickle Rabiyu's waist and stomach, he hoped Rabiyu was ticklish enough to be distracted by it, and distracting her focus from the spell would be the best bet he had in saving the elf's life...and his own as he doubted the forbidden spell would be neutralized for long. 

If the tickling did not work, however, he'd slam his head on hers, with his enhanced strenght and her weakened form, it would most likely knock the poor elf unconciouss. Still, he did not wish for her death.


- Alastor and Henry - Engaging Ahriman - 



Alastor focused for a few seconds as everyone else began their attacks, Soren blocking Ahriman's blade and Rhea assaulting the false god with a barrage of attacks Alastor concentrated. He nodded to Henry to attack first.

Henry followed right after Rhea's attack, Dashing towards Ahriman but breaking into a circular slide around him mid way, allowing Rhea's attacks to go through as he stopped beside Ahriman, Henry reached for his sword, now broken in half, but considering it was a longsword before it was broken, it was now the perfect short sword with an extra sharp and pointy end, Henry performed a series of slashes, each leaving trails of pure energy in their wake, coating the surroundings with faint red particles as he, each slash would carry several tons of accumulated strenght within them, each capable of cutting apart the sturdiest metals and walls in the land, averting the angles of the slashes in order to throw Ahriman off. His last slash would be a downards slash as he would turn the blade and hold it in reverse grip as he would then slash up at Ahriman's chest, this would be easy enough to dodge but it would cause a wave of energy to explode in front of Henry in a cone, with the possibility of damage and knocking back Ahriman. 

Without letting up the red particles in the air began to gather around Henry's left arm, which was free, charging it full of energy Henry did a foward punch towards Ahriman, releasing a condensed bolt of energy towards him, except he missed by an was all part of the plan though.

Because A few meters behind him, Alastor had flash stepped and closed the distance, extending his arm as the bolt of energy passed landed in his hand, quickly channeling the power to Alastor, the attack, was in fact a way to transfer power, and Alastor had just charged himself with even more power from Henry. Alastor draconic aura would then spike greatly, releasing a shockwave in his vicinity as the aura would now contain faint red hues. As After images began to form behind Alastor, two in fact, following her every movement. As he grabbed his two swords which floated behind him as he didn't even dash, he just flash stepped in front of Ahriman.

"Alpha Combination." Alastor muttered as he began an extremely powerful flurry of attacks, most slashes aimed at his torso, others at his weakened arm, each slash in perfect sync and flow with one another, each time a sword would hit or miss, another would then follow, each sword sending out massive pressurized wind shockwaves in their wake, considering Ahriman most likely shared his affinity for lightning, wind would have been the best bet after all. Each shockwave cut appart the ground behind Ahriman, showing the sheer power of the wind pressure. The ammount of attacks in the combination in question? 26 slashes in total.

Ahriman would notice however...that Alastor's after images behind him were not for show, each slice of his sword, would be followed by two more slashes of similar power from the after images, effectively making each attack, hit three times if landed effectively tripling the overall danger of the combo. 

Alastor would quickly end the combo as he stabbed the ground with both his swords, which would cause his aura to spike and release a massive draconic explosion around him, capable of doing extreme damages to Ahriman's body if the god did not jump away from the explosion's radius.

"I you still carry the remnants of Raiden within you?" Alastor taunted Ahriman as he emerged from the aftermath of the explosion, completely unscathed and his aura unchanged. 

"Lets find out" Alastor spoke as he let go of one of his swords as it began to float around him with wind again as he extended his arm. As he would then began an incantation; "Oh sword of lightning, given to the noble with the name of Raiden, thy master is in peril, and he himself cannot wield you as he is. So I beseech you, grant me your power in order to save him." Alastor spoke, his words carrying the ancient powers of incantation, usualy as a means of summoning enchanted swords bound to said users. If the sword would hear him, it would answer his call. 

"Come to me! Shapeshifting sword of thunder, Zweishock!" Alastor shouted. Hoping whatever remnants of Raiden within the new being still carried the binding to the sword. 

- Alicia - The Dragon Mage - 

Glad as she was that Elia was ok, as the ice walls formed around them to protect them. Alicia smiled at Elia as the girl spoke to her to go help the others. Simply nodding as he slowly rose to a standing position. 

"I will, if Im not around, the prince will do something reckless again." Alicia commented as her aura began to manifest again. As she stepped foward. Overlooking the battle, and what Jynn was currently doing.




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{Mariel: Isopolis} 

Mariel was raising herself up to continue Alderon’s beating when he delivered his kick. Forced off, it took a moment for the angel to recover, her fists clinched for the next attack. Alderon’s change of tactics scored him a hit with one of the lightning strikes, jolting through an outstretching arm. Adding more burns to that arm, the electricity coursed through her, affecting her heart rate. She collapsed to her knees as her body strung out on adrenaline and the Sanguis Vindicta fought to get her heart rate back down. The red glow partially faded from her eyes as she heaved a few breaths. 

As she struggled to recover, Arthynn made their move against Alderon. Mariel has recovered enough control to direct the rage away from the human king. He wasn’t the problem. Knowing this would be a temporary reprieve from the blinding madness, the angel got on her feet, eyes fixed on Ahriman. 

“Couldn’t the corrupted king and murderer that make you up inform your ‘infinite wisdom’ as how this was going to go?” Mariel rasped at Ahriman. “You may have power, but power alone does not make one divine.”

Her words were labored, like she was fighting to keep them coherent.

“Come now, Odin. I taught you better than that. That’s why you will always be a false god.”

The red glow grew stronger in her eyes as Mariel built up light for another attack on Ahriman.

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- Rabiyu - Isopolis: The City of Isolation -

Yevgeni's wave of holy light magic made Rabiyu skid a few inches back, but the spell that she held on her raised arm was not affected by that.
"Quiet! That won't be enough to stop what is coming," Rabiyu managed to say to her fellow elf in a strained tone, "You won't be able to interfere with His Holiness. I will take you out before that can happen."

Rabiyu watched as Yevgeni ran in her direction, ready to pierce her in a flurry of blows, to which Rabiyu still kept trying to open her hand to unleash the power contained. Just as Yevgeni's rapier was about to make contact with her chest, this, however, was stopped by something in front of her prevented the rapier from reaching her. There was nothing there, nothing that she could see at the moment, but a familiar voice made her realize what had happened, Typhon had stopped Yevgeni's attack and now was holding her hand. At that moment she could feel how the power of her spell slowly diminishing with each passing moment. She felt a familiar sensation on her body, the sensation when someone was inflicted with dragonblight.

"Whatever it is that you are planning, Cyph, it will not work. Dragonblight has but little effect on-" Rabiyu's words came to a stop at that moment after she felt something touch her waist and stomach, this made the elf blush immediately, and try her hardest to not laugh, "How dare you put your hands on me , Cyph! I will turn you into dust for your insolence!"

The white haired elf's concentration was faltering, the spell was getting out of her control, it would either fade away or release and hurt her, and probably the cyph too, the tickles weren't helping either. She was fightin against Typhon's antics, the time bomb she had on her hand, and the blasted seal that was preventing her from taking any sort of action against His Holiness. With enough effort she had managed to almost fully open her hand, that was until she felt a wave of pain on her head, possibly caused by the cyph head-butting her at such a close distance. This caused two things, first, the seal fully took over her body, effectively making her unable to do anything, second, the spell disappeared and caused a magical backlash inside the elf's body. Rabiyu's whole body went limp, thanks to that backlash from the spell, she was now unconsious.


- Inside the Mind -

"Gods damn it. This shouldn't be happening."

"I think that that is exactly what should be happening."

"They will lose and they will be erased. Same goes to you, or rather both of us."

"They will win, I am sure of it. They are fighting for what they believe, united as a team against one who claims to be a god, one who wishes to remake the world with his flawed ideas."

"If they lose, we die. You understand that, right?"

"We all knew the risks. I am ready to put my life on the line if it means saving both worlds from him."

"I hate you so much. You took my life, you took my place, you took my free will. Fine, do what you want. It's not like you will remember."

"Perhaps. But I do have something I want to say to you."

"Oh? And what would that be, dear Eliltari Ar-feiniel?"

"I am sorry for taking your place, Iseult. And for everything I have done to you. I've had time to learn a few things while I was here. It wasn't my intention to take your place, but it happened, and I am so sorry it has to continue."

"It's not like it matters, Eliltari. One day I will be free, and you will be gone. Things will be back to the way there were suppose to be one day. Maybe not today, maybe not tomorrow, but one day. Until that day, do not die. You are not allowed to."

Rabiyu's hand quickly moved and grasped the arm of Typhon, even when she couldn't see it, she had regained consciousness just a moment ago. Why she was being hold by the cyph, she didn't knew. Why was Yev trying to attack her, she didn't knew either.

"It would be appreciated if you let go of my hand at this moment. Instead, we should be fighting against the man who thinks himself a god," Rabiyu said to Typhon, "so please, let me go and focus on the person who really matters instead of attacking your own allies."

She had no idea what happened before the fused being attacked her and her mind fell into darkness, but now that she was back they had to focus on their target, the one who thought himself a god.


- Aura and Sifrei - Isopolis: The City of Isolation -

Aura was startled by the sudden appearance of Eclaire, and the spear that summoned a barrier of ice in front of her, Sifrei and Athena, the Archangel was ready to fight Eclaire, but he sensed no ill will towards Aura, nor the human princess, so he allowed her to speak. To say that Aura was confused was an understatement. She had heard the words of Eclaire, she had been a source of morale for the group that was currently fighting with a wannabe god. The retainer of the Ice Queen was asking for something she didn't want to give up, if only because she didn't knew the woman too well, but she was right, they needed the wish, they needed Rufus' help, even if it meant not helping him get his freedom at the moment.

"I was waiting for a chance to help Rufus regain his freedom, but with only one wish per person I suppose that is not possible at the moment," Aura said while looking at Eclaire, her hands still holding the lamp, "but this is what needs to be done if we want to survive, if we can get a chance to defeat our enemy with a wish then so be it, I am sure Rufus would understand."

Aura glanced around, trying to find Rufus, but her sight was still not good, and so she sighed and looked at Eclaire, offering the magical lava lamp.

"Take it. Wish for whatever you think is necessary to succeed," Aura said, "make your wish count."

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- Rufus Contralto -

Rufus lay there for a time, barely able to pull himself upright and stare bleary-eyed at the battle going around him.  His eyes seemed unfocused and his muscles lax and untested for centuries, but they still held enough power within them to pull his upper torso free from the stone beneath him.  Being incorporeal and without mass for a while certainly had its limitations.  No longer can he freely move.  The sensation of moving his body felt alien and sluggish and difficult.

When Eclaire slipped his way, nearly slamming her feet into his aching body, he glanced at her too and nodded in response to her question.  He felt more himself than ever before, now that he was close enough to being considered human.  In fact, he felt more powerful than before, even with his present physical weakness.  It was a refreshing change from feeling nothing at all to reality, and he kept himself still, arm propped up on one knee.

"Aura has my lamp.  Fetch it from her and I'll lend my power," he spoke through rasps, his dark eyes refocusing on Ahriman and a hand bobbing its way to face the so-called deity and his magical wellsprings of electricity and void.  Eclaire left, leaving only a magic shield behind as she left him to a fate of fitful explosions.  How kind.  However, since he had to use his powers to unmake the energy tossed his way, he would have to rip apart the shield as well.

"Null and void!  Mudamudamudamudamuda!" he shrieked in some sort of weird tongue foreign to him, but he liked what was said regardless.  The shield ripped open, now defunct of purpose, and the wild explosions facing him died down to whimpering pops and fizzles that barely lifted the hairs on the nape of his neck with their static charge.  Nuchal hairs aside, he smiled and decided to lie low for a bit, maybe retreat to where the others were behind the wall of ice.  He lifted himself up and migrated to safety, his eyes ever focused on Ahriman, just in case.

- Ahriman -

The newfound god focused much intent towards stopping the quick assault tossed in his direction, a dangerous joint attack by Henry and Rhea as they attacked on two sides.  Flashing light waves rained down first, which Ahriman skirted away from with more than enough lag time, but the assaults of three arcing weapons would prove tricky if left undeterred.  With his extending and strong great blade he swung full-force at Rhea, matching sword with sword as he attempted to either cleave her cleanly in two or bat her away with impressive force.

Next he put his focus on Henry, that corpse who was too stubborn to die, who seemed to trail energy with every move he made.  How did he, a human, gain such power that rivaled those around him?  He did not know, nor did he catch on to how forceful the blows were that were launched in his direction until one struck his sword mid-block and cut it in half.  Eyes narrowing, he kept himself and the remains of his sword clear from each of the enhanced strikes, dodging the last combo with a backwards leap.  That proved to be a poor decision, as the blasting cone of energy struck him, wounded him with several bruises along his crossed arms and stomach, and launched him backwards a considerable distance, and yet again Henry was on his case.  Face contorting into anger, he dodged to the side and performed a hilt bash aimed for Henry's stomach, taking advantage of his angled posture.  Worse yet, if striking true, he would feel an explosive burst of small, grape-sized spheres that would send Henry flying and cause tremendous internal bleeding if left untreated.

"Grapeshot," he muttered.

His eyes snapped open as Alastor slipped in behind him, his power spiking from Henry's gathered energy.  Was it a purposeful sendoff?  It must have been.  When did they make such an agreement, he wondered?  They did not seem to agree on anything beforehand, but perhaps it was due to his concentration on other matters that his attention was split.

This is bad, he internalised, but worse situations lie in my memory.  My opponents will exhaust themselves faster than I will tire, and I will stand on top.

Stretching his blade further, the cut end renewed, Ahriman shielded his body with a tight-knit defense of Force Armour, Void energies, and the energy projections of wings as he stood his ground against Alastor's rapid assault.  This proved the better strategy, considering that the ground he would have walked on behind him was crumbling away, and he battered against the ferocious winds and arcing slashes with his own, slow flurry of parries and pulses.  The forces of the blows were double-edged, however.  His open left hand was battered and bloodied as the Force Armour actually bowed under the force and grew weaker, and rivulets of blood streaked up and down his arm as he swayed in a battle dance against Raiden's former friend.  The two afterimage strikes were not taken into account.  If armour was not made, he would have surely been killed.

The draconic explosion was dealt with, the final dregs of energies of the Force armour dissipating the blast sent his way.  Alastor, being known to be a very hardy individual, appeared unfazed by this great release of power.  He, on the other hand was quite battered, his blood shed, his ire not satisfied.  Ahriman glared at Alastor as he readied his incantation, halfway figuring out what he was doing and leaping back as a result.

"You think the paltry sword you gave Raiden, that frail, wishful shard of a man, would heed your call?  Let me enlighten you, that it will not--"

He stopped mid-sentence, feeling the tugs of the link buzzing to life within him.  The summons given to his sword was actually taking effect, even without his permission.  But how?  Why?  The rules of binding stated that bound weapons would remain linked to their masters, and yet Alastor was able to beckon the sword into existence, the white-gold sheen of the Damascus steel of Zweishock appearing just in front of them both at Alastor's feet, propped out of the floor and ever rising.  The majesty of the weapon was something to behold and filled Ahriman with gushes of memories old and new, particularly of the fight between Kilkes Seres and Mystras on that battlefield.  He placed his bloodied hand on his head as the tie of the link was broken completely, ownership of the sword now belonging entirely to Alastor.

"How dare you claim that blade back from me," he hissed in agitation, raising his eyes from the sword.  "And how dare you look down upon me, Mariel, you being once a friend to Odin who came before me, a mere man more flawed than even I can list.  I will dole out sufficient punishment for everyone involved, starting with those cowering behind that wall of ice."

With a quick surge of power and a flick of his wrist, fell energies composed of heavily destructive forces launched forth from his hand towards the center of the wall.  If left unhindered, it will detonate against or next to the wall with enough explosive force to destroy a hill, shattering the ice and possibly killing all of those behind it.

Rufus, spying this from next to that very same wall of ice, tried erasing it from existence, but his abilities of antimagic could only erase a fragment of its power.  This is because the energies were mostly not magic, but primal and almost unrefined energies, malevolence in itself.  Someone else would have to stop it.

"Next is you, Mariel," he commented, eyes locked on her as he held his sword to eye-level and very quickly rushed towards her with a Flying General attack, sword swinging diagonally in two slashes with tremendous force behind it.  Afterwards, he held out a hand and brought to voice:  "Erupting Emptiness."

Void energies fired off from above him in Mariel's direction, wherever she went, it will be fired.  The shots would be like geodes, hollow in the middle and yet crumbling and shattering within a person.  It was an attack meant for bloodletting and cutting into vital organs, so if Mariel was not careful and prevented any from piercing her skin she would find herself in a painful situation.

((Phew.  Done.  You guys really know how to write.))

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- Helios - /w everyone else - Isopolis: City of Isolation -

Helios would walk around, surrounding the god as he would seek his chance. The whole place utterly surrounded as powers and elements floated around them. Each attack drained more of each of them, but it also brought everyone close to the end of the battle. Helios would watch as Ahriman would fight against the incoming attacks on him. One after another. When he went for it he saw his chance. He charged forward, straight at Ahriman. He would raise his claws and wrap them around the god, trying to bring both paws down on him with bared claws.  All while he tried to press the paws down and try to crush the god, he also opened his mouth. His teeth bloody as he tried to bite down on Ahriman. Swallow him whole. Kill him in any way possible. He was big enough to fight back at the very least, and he would have to make sure with the abilities that he was born with. "Thinking that you would win was your greatest error." Helios warned, his pupils sharpened. "We've already given up our lives for this cause since the moment the war began! We do not fear death! Only of the consequences should we fail!" He roared, biting down on him.

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~Aqua: Too Lazy to be creative: The Wrapped City of Isolation~

Aqua had gone into a meditative trance as she concentrated on her magic until she knew she had enough to be useful. She then quickly scanned around the room, she made a plan on how to use her magic as she did so. Firstly, she made a wind barrier around the ice wall. Next, she put her attention onto the main foe Ahriman. She made her way closer to him, but not too close, with rapid yet graceful movements. Once she reached a distance she felt was close enough yet still safe she stopped. “No one wants to die, the goal this to win this fight and live.” She gave a deadpan expression as she talked a cyclone of wind formed in front of her. It flew straight toward Ahriman with the intent to hit with a large amount of force. Aqua, however, knew even if it hit it wouldn’t cause damage, rather she was hoping it would stun him. 
(I got a roll of four so I can't use magic for 1 post. Sorry, I took so long, I figured it made sense to wait for a clear change to post rather than post and get details wrong.)

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{Mariel: Isopolis}

As Ahriman turned his attention to Mariel, she smirked. It looked like she struck a nerve.

"Still flawed." She taunted as she continued to glow with stored Light magic. 

With a tentative hold on directing her own actions, Mariel managed to suppress the feral instinct to just charge. As the false god opened with his first attack, Mariel burned off part of her Light charge to enhance her speed, moving nearly 90 degrees on Ahriman. As he raise his hand at her for his second attack, the rage took charge and sent her hurtling at her foe. But there was still enough of Mariel to be clever. As the Void Shots closed in, she burned off more Light to speed up. She managed to blow past all but one, which caught a blow on her left arm. 

Jolted out of her Light speed, the angel made a strangled sound as the agony of the Void Shot wracked her. She stumbled in her charge, but the Sanguis Vindicta surged to keep her going. In the scant moments as she closed the last few feet, Mariel acted on instinct, running her right hand up her lacerated arm, gathering blood on it. As she neared Ahriman, her hand shot out to expel the rest of her Light charge at the combined being. The Light Magic mixed with the magic in the blood, turning it red with crackles of ancient energy running through it. The magics combined set off a powerful bolt of energy at Ahriman at close range. Mariel attempted to scream for more damage, but her ravaged throat still wasn't ready.

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