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[/b]Bherna and Dawson-Isopolis vs Ahriman[/b]

Bherna manages to find her way around the trap the previous Nergodin left for her. She leaps towards Rabiyu and Aura and joins the assault, with her glaive levitating in front of her. Four elemental runes take a triangular formation, and fire powerful blasts of elemental magic at Ahriman. 

Meanwhile, the resourceful Dawson manages to craft a small sword made of crystal while Ahriman was preoccupied. It wasn’t his explosive club, but it will definitely do. Before he does anything else, he flings a knife coated in poison at Ahriman with no warning. Whether or not it hits the “god”, in response to Rufus’s magic powering everyone’s attacks, Dawson plays a horn and ups everyone’s defenses. 

He looks to Ahriman. “A creature like yourself has no place in our worlds, ‘god’ or not. Your existence is insulting to our worlds, and it disgusts me.” He enters a sort of ‘“demon mode”, with streaks of red coming out of his eyes. He finally dashes towards Ahriman, and attempts to strike the entity with his sword. To Ahriman, if the attack connects, it would feel like he was slashed twice in a row. Dawson immediately buries underground to avoid any assault from the enemy. He remerges next to Bherna.

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- Ahriman, Paragon of an Unbalanced Mind -

Ahriman looked on at his foes, seeing them enriched by power and feeling as if they could win.  What imbecilic natures these lesser beings were, thinking that they could defeat someone with as much power as he had right now.  He cackled as he slipped to the side of Helios' beam attack and ran towards him, hand outstretched so that it grazed the outside of the beam and gathered residual energies in his hand.  What burns that lay within his hand was nothing to him, the pain a euphoric sensation as he skittered ever closer to the shapeshifter.

"Return to sender!" he shouted with glee as he thrust his outstretched hand toward Helios, his attack aimed for the exposed neck of the being.  The gathered pain of the energy will be reciprocated to Helios if he were struck, possibly injuring the poor Spriggan further with much raw strength behind the blow.

Whether this was successful or not, he aimed next toward Soren, intending with great passion to correct the evils of his stabbing Ahriman in the back in full with his death.  With a speedy rush of electricity and adrenaline, he surged toward the demonic cupcake lover and aimed a reckless assault with not one but two manifested blades of Void make, three strikes each weapon as he pirouetted overhead and rallied with another assault of two even quicker diagonal strikes aimed for his legs first and midsection next.  Enhancement or not, he would give Soren a run for his money with an onslaught of blows.

That's when the sonic blast made by Mariel and the rest of the heavenly hosts came into play, inspiring the newfound mad deity to look her way and sneer.  What would a breathless angel perform against his might? he would think to himself, but upon feeling the brunt of the sonic blow and witnessing the shattering of his weapons he could quickly understand the sheer strength of her controlled cone.  His eardrums burst under their cacophony, inspiring blood to well up from his ears, but eardrums to him were just another thing to grow, and he escaped the danger with more than a few ruptures in his skin, especially at his face and exposed upper torso.  Eventually he would regain his ability to hear as they would regenerate, though it would not be immediate.  For now he would have to bear with the annoyance of having to read lips and feel everything around him instead of hear it.

"Old magicks, come forth and meld with new!  Portato!  Undignama!  Feeblemind!" he shouted, firing off a stream of malevolence from the same hand as what he gathered Helios' beam with.  This malevolence, this pitch-black force, would launch towards Mariel very quickly and, if striking, would drain her of sense, intelligence, and personality, preventing spellcasting and rendering her limited in thought for a time.  This would be very dangerous for a debilitation, so Mariel had better find a way to either protect herself or dodge the attack outright.  While fast, it could be dodged effectively with enough speed and quickness of mind.

Yevgeni's stabbing maneuver came next, and Ahriman now turned towards him and aimed shattering strikes at Yevgeni's rapier, intending to cleave the blade of the rapier almost down to the hilt.  The jump overhead took him by surprise, as did the casting of fiery pebbles and cobbles from beyond the earth.  It did not cause significant damage, mostly creating a bludgeoning effect that bounced almost innocuously off of his radiant form.  The reason for this was the sheltering wings that enshrouded him with protective see-through feathers, defending him greatly from the bounding rocks from the sky.  Alderon charged in as well, aiming a cleaving strike towards the lesser god's legs, but that was thought of as less than threatening.  A feeble claymore, electrical or otherwise, and wielded by a blinded one without powers, was nothing in comparison to what was seen before, at least to his eyes.  He turned about and shimmied over the blow with enough of a leap to somersault sideways.  An arm reached out in an attempt to grab Alderon by the breastplate and toss him face-first to the ground, but nothing more could be performed before the next assailant stepped forward.

"Hello, beastie," he voiced, manically grinning as he slipped away from everyone nearby and gathered energy for the inevitable.  The leviathan's energy was potent and new to him.  Never before had he or perhaps anyone seen such a projected energy surrounding someone such as Arthynn, but that would not stop him from attempting to slice it up into a fine, fine energy pie.  A grand sword forged itself within his hands, manifesting into something of great cutting power, and when the great ethereal beast sprang towards him at Jynn's behest he dodged to the side, just barely getting grazed by the sweeping beast and yet being blown back by the creature.  This possibly would not be without damage to the beast, however.  He aimed a dangerous slice at Jynn's side as a riposte, though he wondered if it would be enough to pierce the creature's potentially thick layers of energy and protections from everybody that reinforced him.  And then there were the orbs to consider.

"Raven's Rebuttal:  Matador," he murmured as he ground to a halt, rushing towards each and every lightning orb with a black shield that seemed to absorb anything and everything in its wake.  Concluding that he obtained all of the orbs within his vicinity, he performed something incredibly odd:  he let loose the lightning orbs again, looking exactly the same as before, but with the opposite purpose.  They would still be lured to him due to a mistaken assumption on his part, and when he saw them draw close he skirted away from them as a result, but instead of harming him it would harm the others and not him.  If Arthynn continued to use them, they might be horribly mistaken if they thought the tactic was merely meant to gather all of the orbs to one location.  Draw too close and Ahriman would use the lightning orbs upon their owner and everyone else next to them, delivering unknown amounts of damage back at them.

The tri-pronged attack took him by great surprise, however.  No amount of detection or feeling the surroundings can prevent him from getting struck from a potent blind spot in a simultaneous attack of three angles, and he screamed an unearthly bellow as, just before he could raise his sword in front of him like what was done with Lysander many a time, the spear shot through his chest, just like Soren's blade did.  Hissing and fighting through the searing pain of the light-attributed spear, he fired off with a Flying General once more.  However, since the blade was new and untamed from long years, the maneuver was not as full of usefulness as it once was, nor was it as fast.  The mighty barrage of energies from the joint attack of the elementals above his head, as well as Aura's light attack, caused a mighty bout of powerful explosions and eruptions to happen about him, and he was tossed to the ground with a spear through his chest and an immense number of burns and lacerations covering what once could be considered a perfect body.

"If you think you've won already, you're sadly mistaken," he commented from the floor, lifting himself up from it with his sword in stiff, zombie-like movements and plucking the spear from his chest, attempting to snap it in half. Regeneration slightly came into play as his small wounds started knitting themselves slowly together.  His large one would take a considerable amount of time, however, as ichor dripped from the gaping hole.  "My heart is not so easily pierced, my will not easily broken.  If you truly wish to look upon a grave"--he cocked his head with an insane grin--"look upon your own six feet under!  Death's Haze!"

Three smokey clones of himself formed in front of him, intermingled with Void magic and malevolence.  Kicking off, they would launch towards Rabiyu, Aura, and Sifrei and if struck or getting too close the clones would explode into a cloud of radiation.  This was dangerous only if staying longer than two seconds in the cloud, and the cloud would quickly disperse within twenty to thirty seconds, being readily absorbed by the energy-rich air of the battlefield

Alastor was a chore to deal with, the lightning adept summoning up quite the bit of power.  However, as it was lightning-based, Ahriman had an idea, an awful idea.  An incredibly wonderful awful idea.

"Raven's Rebuttal:  Matador!" he voiced, leaving a black "shield" up just before leaping away from the explosive burst of lightning energy.  He attempted to absorb the entirety of the blow and rebound it back towards Alastor, using his own weapon against him.  Best yet, he could not reabsorb it.  Corruption wove inside of the attack, and would prove more harmful than helpful.  If that did not work due to the magic's defense-breaking nature (I will leave this up to you, Scrap), the shield would be obliterated and unusable for two years or maybe longer, plus the explosion would rocket outward in an fiendish and distracting explosion worthy of the glory that is Ahriman, yet singeing him with its mighty blast.  Those lightning orbs, however . . . he would have to deal with the old-fashioned way:  running away and dealing with them later, maybe sniping them with long-range magic.  He just did not have the time nor the patience nor the mindset to take them all out methodically like before.

Skidding to a halt, he came to realisation that something was off, and his eyes and grin went wide with intrigue when he recognised who was back for more punishment, dutifully behind him as always.  Henry unleashed a noteworthy attack once again, forcing him to dodge once more, no small feat considering the number of attacks he somehow managed to survive.  Feeling a lick of invincibility (even though this was far from the truth), he slipped to the side of the triple burst of energy, but had little preparation for air-jumps made by Henry.  The explosive chain of events surrounding the man encompassed Ahriman as well, bombarding him with obscene amounts of force and forcing him to close his eyes as he attempted to lash out at the man before being tossed to the ground.  If Henry could not see through the explosions about him, he would probably feel a wild slice from an errant sword slash across the outside of his upper leg, or if so should be able to dodge it.

Wounded, battered, wheezing air mixed with the bitter taste of his own blood, Ahri would finally end up with the annoyance of Bherna and Dawson firing even more projectiles at him and Dawson somehow making a sword out of crystal.  He did not ask.  He just grinned wildly and strafed the magic, caught the flying blade, and used Dawson's speech period to restore himself.  His breathing settled, his burns and bruises mellowed.  At Dawson's dash, he caught the weapon with the once-thrown knife and tried to swing his greatsword at him to no avail, as the fuzzy little critter burrowed underground through solid stone and resourcefully made his way to Jynn's adoptive daughter.  Interesting?  Very, but it was a clever tactic for someone who can do that in record time.

((All right, that should cover all attacks for now.  Kuni, all yours for the next round.  I feel like I have written a book that contests War and Peace in length for this post.))

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- Aura, Rabiyu and Sifrei - Isopolis: The City of Isolation -

Sifrei reached his hand out just as Ahriman plucked the spear from his chest and attempted to snap it in half. The spear, in a combination of light and darkness, faded from Ahriman's hand only to reappear on Sifrei's.

"And OUR will won't be shattered by the likes of you," Aura yelled, "We will win this fight and you will fall to us!"

As Aura spoke, Rabiyu noticed that Ahriman's wounds were knitting themselves together, slowly, but surely. The only exception was the large one, which, she supposed, would take even more time to heal. The Elemental Spirits hovered for a few seconds before retracting back into the glyphs just as they faded away. The white haired elf nocked an arrow and enfused it with fire magic, making it's tip glow with a red light. At that moment three clones of Ahriman darted towards the trio, ready to continue the fight.

As one of the clones was getting closer, Rabiyu back-flipped into a small cloud of black mist behind her and, somehow, disappeared into the ground just as the cloud faded away. As another one moved closer to the Archangel, he crouched before taking a huge leap into the sky, probably taking the clone by surprise, but just as the clone was about to look up, an arrow went flying towards its head, an arrow that came from a small point of black mist in front of him, an attack it managed to easily dodge by moving its head to the side, this was the perfect distraction as the clone would soon find a spear coming out of its chest, a spear held by the Archangel. Sifrei waited for it to fall to the ground, instead, he was greeted with an explosion to the face, one that he could barely escape thanks to his speed, but not without suffereing some damage from it just as he moved away from it.

Aura, while not completely fine, managed to notice the clone heading her way, and was ready to engage with the clone. Instead, Rabiyu suddenly appeared in front of her.

"Be careful, do not let it get close to you," Rabiyu said as she looked towards Sifrei after the explosion and the cloud left behind by the clone, "We do not know what that cloud that is left behind will do."

Two clones were now heading their way. Rabiyu ran towards one, dismissing the bow and taking out her daggers, jumping towards the clone and slashing down towards it, making it jump back a bit, only for it to be welcomed by a swing of Aura's sword in an attempt to take its head, making it crouch to avoid the attack. At this point Rabiyu was almost neart the clone, muttering arcane words under her breath to enfuse her daggers with lightning as she stabbed the clone on its back. This made the clone shake for a moment and, as if in slow motion, it began to grow and grow until it exploded.

"Mond!" Was the only thing Rabiyu managed to say.

The sight, and pain, of the imminent explosion made Aura close her eyes to brace for the coming pain, but that pain never came, instead, she was now at some distance away from the newly released cloud from the clone.

"What happen?" She asked, before noticing Sifrei behind her and Rabiyu, "Oh, right. You can do that."

At this point only a single clone remained, Rabiyu raised her hand as flames gathered in her palm, Sifrei did the same with his light magic, and Aura, looking at the other two, pointed her sword at the clone as it began to glow.

"BEGONE!" Aura and Rabiyu said at the same time.

With that single word the three beams of magical energy were released towards the last clone that was running towards the trio, hitting it and engulfing it into beams of light and fire until it disappeared from the face of the world, leaving only a cloud of radiation behind as the proof of its short and meager excistance.


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- Helios - /w everyone else - Isopolis: City of Isolation -

Helios would see the false god throw the attack back. He was ready. He stretched his wings, taking flight just as Ahriman reached for him, dodging the possibly deadly attack. As he would fight off the rest of the attacks, Helios went straight after him, flying up into the air before diving back down and flying low, close to the ground. He searched for an opening, finding it when he caught his breath at Dawson's speech. Helios would fly from the side, opening his mouth to shoot another beam at Ahriman. However, that wasn't what he was aiming for. Whether the beam hit or not, just as he approached Ahriman, smoke would escape his lips, covering the area, and for a moment, probably blinding Ahriman's view from the world around him. Whether it actually worked or not, Helios wasn't done. As the smoke would surge and cover the area, Ahriman would feel as Helios had transformed mid-way, a pair of arms wrapping around him from the side, almost as if in a hug. For a mere second, it was as if he was trying to just rest and catch his breath. He was covered in blood, his throat ripped open and burned beyond recognition, the marks spread down to his chest and up to his jaw. He seemed to mouth something, but with so much smoke, what could it be? One couldn't see. But soon the arms and the body would shift and transform, and soon enough Ahriman would feel the large body of a large snake wrapping around around him. Helios transformed himself into an anaconda like snake, wrapping around his body, arms and neck, tightening down to pin him as hard as he possibly could. The extra strength given by the Djinn would have definitely help, snake fangs digging down against Ahriman's neck and biting down. He wouldn't be letting go any time soon. "Hurry, everyone!" Helios' voice echoed, screaming across the chaos. "Give it all that you've got!"

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Arthynn-Isopolis vs Ahriman

Unfortunately, the assault was unsuccessful. Ahriman stepped aside, and struck the beast’s side. Fortunately, the tough shell and size of the leviathan’s form protected Jynn and Arthur from sustaining damage, however, the force Ahriman fell upon Arthynn grounded the creature. To Arthur, Jynn expresses his thoughts. “Ugh. That hurt. Idiot’s got strength.” 

The leviathan stands on all fours. “But so do we.” Jynn turns the beast’s head to Ahriman. He notices that the orbs he previously sent out have turned hostile. With blasts of aura, he destroys each one to prevent any harm to his allies. Arthynn suddenly feels four elemental powers surging throughout the monster’s body. He looks to see that Alicia is providing him this power. “Alicia’s granting us additional elemental powers. We must use them.” 

The leviathan turns back to Ahriman and lets out another roar. Flames ignite on its back, a mirage swirls around it from wind aura, and sparks of electricity surge from its mouth, giving the jaws a blue luminous glow. 

As his first act, Jynn makes the beast spin rapidly, with bursts of flame. It’s wind aura creates three twisters, while its flames engulf them in fire. Simultaneously, the beast summons giant whirlpools around the area, limiting Ahriman’s movements. 

The flaming tornadoes would home in on Ahriman, then dissipate upon contact with him, or if he dodges. Finally, Arthynn opens the monster’s jaws and charges up a powerful attack. A blue orb gathers aura and energy from the surrounding area. Before the beast fires a deadly attack, it is interrupted by Helios coiling Ahriman into a pin.

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Yevgeni Malachite -- Casting Holy

Again the elf's attacks seemed meaningless to Ahriman, who treated them as though they were child's play before moving on to the others.  He was tired of being cast aside, he was tired of being useless.   With the buff received from Rufus' wish, Yevgeni was going to tap into magics that he hadn't used since the Great War, standing alongside his father during his hour of peril.

"Stand aside!" Yevgeni cried out, throwing his arms wide.  "Anyone surrounding Ahriman will be in the line of fire!"

He tried to warn his fellow comrades, but he wasn't going to wait on those whose ears were deaf from his warning.  Helios was the one that he feared for the most, as he was directly pinning Ahriman down, though the spriggan must've known the dangers that awaited him from such a stance.  Helios wanted them to give it their all–which was precisely what Yev was going to do.

Slamming his palms together, a green aura consumed him, expanding rapidly in diameter.  A roar sounded, causing Yevgeni's ears to throb as white light began to emerge before him.  It grew and grew, until it eventually was about ten times Ahriman's size.  Shoving his hands with great effort, the blond unleashed his spell, sending the holy energy in Ahriman's direction.  Its rays of light exuded the most potent of holy magic, purifying whatever it touched and scorching it to nothingness.  It roared toward Ahriman, and ultimately Helios, at a rapid pace.  Its size would make it massively hard to dodge, and its potency would also make it immensely difficult to block.

Alderon Niles -- KO

The king was brusquely grabbed by the breastplate and thrown face-first onto the marble stone.  His nose cracked, crimson staining the ruined marble below him.  His head throbbed, and sadly the human king lost consciousness.

Athena Niles -- Joining the fray

"Father!" the princess cried as she watched Ahriman toss Alderon like a rag doll.  Her father fell with a dull thud, and did not rise again.  She could see blood pooling underneath him.  She started to move toward him, when Elia, the one-winged fairy, threw an arm out in front of her and shook her head.

"I will go see to him," said the fairy.  "I cannot do much on the battlefield in my condition anyway.  Go do what you can!  I will help your father to the best of my ability."

Athena was reluctant to leave her father's life in the hands of the small, frail Elia, but she complied.

"Thank you," the auburn-haired princess murmured, before darting alongside Aura and Rabiyu to provide whatever support that she could.

She arrived moments after the clones' destruction, unsheathing her sword and bearing it in front of her.  She wanted to charge up toward Ahriman but thought better of it; Yevgeni's massive ball of light began hurtling toward the god, and there was no way that she wanted to be in the line of fire.

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-Eclaire, Rhea, and Xion Divolves to-

"Do not stay yourselves!"

-2 minutes ago-

Rhea and Xion were engulfed by Light and Dark, respectively, before both were revealed - Rhea, looking older, with four golden wings, and Xion - looking a bit taller. Both exuded power, with Rhea having ascended to a Valkyrie Councilor while Xion now held the power of a High Succubus. But that was nothing compared to Eclaire, who had been surrounded by both Light and Dark, and the egg of this duality broke apart as she appeared, her pink hair now streaked with blonde, her head now adorned with High Succubus Horns, and with six aetherial wings. Her power had mixed, and the divine power of a Fallen Seraph now glowed.


"The Spriggan is dying! He is giving himself up so we may strike! Do not insult him by holding back!" Her wings flared and she shot up. "Mother! Spell Transferance Runes, now!" She looked to Helios. "I will not let your sacrifice be in vain, nor ever forgotten!"

"I'm on it!" She drew a rune before her, then another. "Duplication Rune!" She slashed the air. "Shadowstele!" She then slammed the ground, and tendrils of darkness flew across the floor and to everyone who had a weapon, placing upon them the Spell Transferance Rune. Rhea, who now had the lamp, shot over and shoved it into Henry's hands. "MAKE YOUR THREE WISHES COUNT." she shouted, now inscribed with the runes. Her twin swords now had formed a Holy Spear - Bradamante, the Spear of the Councilor's Paladin. In her other hand she held Geirskogul, which now was tossed to Eclaire. "USE IT WELL!"


What's in a name?

As Eclaire shot into the air, within her mind did flash that day.

A name, Eclaire, is power. To invoke a name, is to invoke that very thing. To name a sword is to invoke that sword's very being, to invoke a person is to call upon their very existence. To men and fey, names are given for whatever reason. With little ritual, or sometimes little care. Nay, for us of the Divine Light and the Deep Dark, we see names as a power, a force all themselves. So when you name something, you create an existence. When I named my blade Long and Dark December, it's existence was made on that idea - that winter is long and dark, but it is in this long and dark time that we find out joyous times. When Zion named her great sword Forward Unto Dawn, she named it's existence just that - the drive to always move forward. a new day. To a new dawn. So if you forget anything, I beg you, Clary. Do not forget this: Names are power. Even, if the power is to just bring a smile.


"Full Bloom Amaryllis." Eclaire threw her arms out, and all around her did she summon her entire armory. "In Paradisum, Fifth Configuration!" She roared, spears surrounding her. The blades formed a circle, all pointing to Ahriman. And she began to chant.

"I stand not alone, but together! Their joy is my armor. Their  happiness is my shield. Their kindness is my blade. By the will of those who fight for life, who brought forth Light from where there was none, by the souls of all who fell, fall, and will fall, we are the Light of Promised Victory!" . "Nobless Oblige - World-Saving Light! Let us play a song - an Arpeggio of Endless Starlight!"

All around her, light began to rise from the ground, and from the high up ceiling, began to fall. "By our conviction we save worlds! By our courage we uplift the lost, and the downtrodden! By our sacrifce, we give way to the future! Together I summon forth the embodiment of the noble obligation to help the weak, and lay low the strong who misuse such strength! Together I call for....Avalon Salvation!"

Xion lifted her sword. "Invoke the name of your weapons! Use the spell or use it's power, it matters not! Eclaire has channeled it, now it is up to all of us!" She had seen Rhea run off to give the lamp to the he had to do, was make the right wishes.

"Long and Dark December!" Xion roared, unleashing a blast of dark light at Helios and Ahriman.

"Bradamante!" Rhea shouted, a beam of pure light fired at the mad god.


And above, all of Eclaire's weapons glowed, as the - at least temporarily - Fallen Seraph unleashed the full force of her power, her weapons, and her heart.

"Caladbolg! Geirskogul! Overture! Kusanagi! Spear of the Eidolith! In Paradisum! Lightbringer!" Her cry echoed as she unleashed Avalon Salvation upon Ahriman and Helios tenfold, crying out the names of her magic weapons, the contents of her armory - the weapons that had carried her to this day.

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