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Suppose there's a Teen Titans: Season 6.

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If they rebooted it, I'd prefer it be about the Rebirth Teen Titans, if you dont know about it, it consists of a teenage Damian Wayne, who's seems much more likeable than before, Black Kid Flash, Raven and Beast Boy are still there and remain teenagers and Starfire is still on the team but a a bit older than the rest


I'm really liking their redesigns here is some artwork of them, the comic hasnt actually released yet so these are some of the only pictures of them.












Kid Flash







Beast Boy























The main antagonist is Raz Alghul rather than Deathstroke but they can always throw in an arc for him to introduce Ravager. 



I would like it better though if they didn't follow the comics exactly like how the original show did so they can make it more interesting. They could expand the team, alter some ages, and if they removed the weird way Damian talks he's basically just like how Dick was in the original show. It could be like the old Teen Titans but, based off the recent animation, also explore their lives when they take the costumes off. I just dont think CN is ready for that right now so the only way I see it happening is Adult Swim or Netflix.

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If it was a season 6, it would not be a "reboot", it would be a continuation. Like, Young Justice season 2 wasn't rebooted, it was continued. It's only a reboot if the show is rewritten and they're starting from scratch at a season 1. In that sense, Teen Titans GO is a reboot, as it does not continue where the original series left off, nor is it connected to the original series in continuity or writing, apart from character names and likenesses.


As such, if the original crew was on board, as well as the original cast, and they tied up all other loose ends and ended on a good action-packed note with the same flare and passion that drove the original series and acted as a definite conclusion to the show, then yes, I would be fine with a season 6.

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I want a Season 6 for this show so badly!  I watched it completely just about two months and a half ago, and I learned of how the show was actually cancelled, and that made me mad, because this show was amazing! I hope Netflix eyes Teen Titans for a Season 6, so we can get a conclusion that makes us all happy!


Of course, if a Season 6 never happens, then at least we have Trouble In Tokyo, which is technically the "end" of the series, so at least there's that, ya know?

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