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Twitter IDs list

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Hey guys, feel free to share your Twitter IDs here! Just post in the comments below and either I (or a mod, if they feel like it) will update this topic with your ID.


Jake - https://twitter.com/Jake_KH13

KH13.com - https://twitter.com/kh13com

KH13 Community - https://twitter.com/kh13community

KH13chi - https://twitter.com/kh13chi


Zeldablade7 - https://twitter.com/zeldablade70

KHSoraKeyBlade - https://twitter.com/ChrisKH19

slayernl - https://twitter.com/steeghsGame

Felicia Novita - https://twitter.com/feliciafei93


MarieltheKeybasHGirl - https://twitter.com/KairiinSkylands

RikuFangirl2008 - https://twitter.com/FranklinNeferti

Shadow Broker - http://twitter.com/wolven_witcher

TheKeyofRose - https://twitter.com/KeyofRose


Hallowseve - https://twitter.com/Hallowseve97

Jack Snow - https://twitter.com/JackRoxasFrost

Edited by Jake

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