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Cold hands, Warm hearts (V:LD 1x1 w/ Aqua7KH)

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Hunk picked up the Chewbacca figurine and chuckled. "Well, if I could be a Wookie, I'd definitely would be! They seem like very fluffy creatures!" Hunk admitted to Katie. He gently rubbed Katie's head, laughing as she stuck her tongue out at Lance. Lance looked at Katie bewildered.


"You don't like me?!" Lance asked. "But I'm the best brother ever!" He insisted. Then again, he thought, it's only been a few hours. By next week, he was sure that he would end up being Katie's favorite brother. Though she did seem to be much more attached to Hunk, maybe he could be the second favorite brother. Lance picked up the Princess Leia figurine, looking at Keith. "Well don't mind if I do! I can make an awesome princess Leia." Lance insisted, his charming smile never wavering. He picked up a few of the pieces and then the instruction papers of the different things they could build with the Legos. "Look, Katie! We can build all of these. Which one should we try to build first? I bet Leia would love to pilot the Millennium Falcon!" Lance said as he began to try and build a ship. He wanted to build one before Keith ended up getting all the good pieces.


"With enough legos we can build a house, Katie. Or a boat! I bet no one's ever seen a boat in space." Hunk joked, showing Katie the different ships that they could do.


"Ok but I think that Luke Skywalker would definitely be the Blue Paladin, by the way!" Lance added.

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Keith went ahead and grabbed as much pieces as he could, trying his best to snag the better pieces from Lance.

"Skywalker definitely isn't the Blue Paladin. Jar Jar Binks is." He said with a snicker, going along to follow the instructions to build a small aircraft. He held Luke Skywalker proudly, waving his red lightsaber around (Keith used the red since it was his favorite color).

Katie sat alongside Hunk, using her Green Lion plushie to play with the Chewbaca figure. She roared and blew raspberries, giggling moments later from the playing. She looked to the pieces and began to play with them, soon beginning to build something. One thing she did was completely disregard the instructions, making an entire contraption on her own.

Once she was done, she placed it on the ground. It was a rather oddly shaped figure, seeming to be some kind of fountain contraption. She pretended to turn it on, using her Lion to pretend to drink or eat whatever invisible substance came out of it.

Keith raised an eyebrow, looking at the odd scene.

"What's that thing supposed to be?"

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Lance stuck out his tongue at Keith. "I'll have you know that there is a theory for Jar Jar being a sith all along!" Lance argued, a triumphant smile on his face, though he wasn't sure what he had won exactly. He built what seemed to be a fighter ship, using the blue legos to give it that special touch of his favorite color. "I'm Leia, and I'm going to be the best fighter pilot~" Lance cooed as he held the princess figurine. He couldn't help but to watch Katie play. It was adorable, in all honesty. He had never had a little sister or a little sibling in general. All of them were around the same ages, just a few months apart if anything. Katie would be their first little sibling. Hunk watched in amusement as Katie built something. He didn't know what it was, but it was something.


"It looks like a...fountain?" Lance asked, tilting his head slightly as he watched Katie play with it.


"Or a chocolate fountain!" Hunk suggested, earning a high five from Lance. Hunk picked up a Han Solo figurine, and then with a few legos, made something that seemed to resemble a cup of some sort. "Oh Green Lion, Chewbacca! You wouldn't mind if we drink too?" Hunk said, moving his figurine over to the fountain and having it 'drink' whatever was in whatever Katie had created.


"I think that this is perfect for swimming!" Lance said, picking up the princess Leia figurine and dunking her head as if she was drinking it that way. "Come, Luke Skywalker! Join us in drinking this mysterious water that the Green Lion has brought us~"

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Keith couldn't help but smile at the scene. Although he wouldn't actually express it, having Katie around was nice. It was yet another sibling to protect, albeit a younger one.

Keith rolled his eyes at Lance's comment, trying to put random pieces together to build a small ship. He picked up Luke Skywalker and approached the Green Lion with it.

"Wow..." He said, making slurping noises as he pretended to drink whatever was coming from tb fountain. "This water is so good... I have energy to fight Darth Vader now!" He said with a grin.

Katie couldn't help but press herself closer to Hunk once her two other brothers approached her, although after seeing Lance and Keith 'drink' from the fountain and enjoying it, Katie couldn't help but smile.

With a small giggle, Katie continued to hug Hunk's hand with one arm while she used the other to make the Green Lion jump up in the air.


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Lance gasped, holding princess Leia as he used her lego arm to point at the Green Lion. "Oh no! A giant, mechanical Green Lion has appeared to steal the fountain of awesomeness!" Lance said, quickly hurrying the figurine into the ship he had created, sitting her down, and beginning to fly around. He made flying sound effects as he began to fly around the Green Lion. "We come in peaaaaaceeee~" Lance cooed.


Hunk laughed, smiling at the interaction. He didn't hesitate to join in, picking up the Han Solo figurine as he began to approach the Green Lion. "This is the mightiest lion I have ever seen!" Hunk said as he proceeded to try to pet the Green Lion with the figurine. From the doorway, Shiro couldn't help but to listen and watch the interactions. It felt as if a weight had been lifted. They were getting along and playing together. Well, it was just one night. The first night. Many things could go wrong from there on. But it was a start.


Lance was the first to notice him. Making flying sounds and beam sounds as he poked the Green Lion over and over again, before glancing at the doorway and looking at Shiro. "Papi!" Lance smiled, waving at him. "Want to play with us?!"


"Huh?" Shiro blinked and smiled softly. "I don't know. I wouldn't want to interrupt you."


"Play with us, pleeeeeeaaaaaseeee?" Lance asked, giving him some puppy eyes.


"We need someone to play Chewbacca. Come join us dad!" Hunk insisted. Shiro smiled softly and walked over to the group, taking a seat on the free space on the floor.


"The Green Lion is attacking! We need backup!" Lance quickly announced.


"Oh the Green Lion is attacking?" Shiro cooed, picking up the Chewbacca figurine. "How scary!!! That is the scariest creature I've ever seen!"

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Katie giggled as she continued her playing. When Shiro joined it made it even better. Although after a while, she realized that she was 'attacking' and being the bad guy. She didn't like the attention and the fact that her family was 'scared' and wanting to 'fight' her.

Katie whimpered softly, feeling rather overwhelmed at the suffocating space around her. She yanked the green lion away and held it close to her chest where she stuffed herself into Shiro with a small cry.

Keith sighed and put his toys down. He was a bit dissapointed it came to this, but hey; it was a start. The fact that Katie was playing in the first place was great enough.

"It is late..." He said, going to put the Legos away. "I think Katie is tired."

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Shiro wrapped his arms around Katie, gently rubbing her head. "You have a point, Keith. It's pretty late as it is. I think it's time to call it a day." Shiro said. He picked Katie up in his arms, getting on his feet. Hunk and Lance helped Keith put away the legos until they were all tucked away in the lego box.


"Aw already?" Lance asked.


"Yes. I'm sure you are tired too." Shiro said. Lance whined slightly, but simply nodded.


"Ok...can you tuck me in tonight?!" Lance asked playfully.


"Of course." Shiro chuckled. "Let me put your sister to bed first. Say goodnight, Katie." Shiro said, carrying her away to her bedroom.


"Good night, Katie!" Hunk and Lance called, waving at their sister. Shiro carried Katie to her bedroom, gently setting her down on the bed.


"Here we go." Shiro said. He removed the luggage from the bed and settled it on the floor. "We'll unpack first thing in the morning tomorrow, alright? We'll organize all your clothes neatly. But for now, lets get you some pajamas alright?" Shiro assured, opening Katie's bag and quickly finding a few pairs of pajamas. "Here you go. You can dress yourself, right? You're a big girl." Shiro said softly as he rubbed Katie's head.



This is how I imagine the bunk beds btw




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(What omg I want that)

Katie sniffled as she clutched tightly to Shiro's shirt. All she wanted was to just go to sleep. It was a long day, after all. When she got to her room, Katie tiredly began to put on her pajamas which was matching fuzzy pants and a shirt with foggies all over it. Once she was done she folded her clothes and placed it to the side. She held her lion close to her and climbed onto her bed despite it being extremely tall. She snuggled herself under the covers and glanced up to Shiro with a small frown.

"Daddy... Where's mommy?" She asked. In her mind, when there was a father, there was a mother. So it was only natural to assume that she had a mother as well in addition to Shiro.

Meanwhile Keith groaned tiredly after he finished cleaning up and sat on the bottom bunk underneath Lance's.

"You're like, how old?" Keith asked retorically, snuggling into his blankets with a sigh. Another night dealing with Lance's obnoxious snoring. He couldn't help but look towards the door, still trying to process the fact that Katie was here. "...What do you guys think?"

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Shiro frowned slightly as he listened to Katie's question. Mommy. A mother. Shiro wasn't married. He hadn't met the love of his life yet, or so it seemed so far. There was Allura, the ever so beautiful neighbor, and Shiro sometimes was too shy to even ask her out for drinks.

"Well," Shiro sighed, gently playing with Katie's head. "There is no mommy. Not yet, at least." He explained. "Daddy hasn't found a mommy. But maybe one day." He gently kissed Katie on the forehead. "Sleep tight, kiddo. I'll be down the hall if you need me." Shiro assured. He turned on the small nightlight on the wall and walked out the room. He turned off the lights and gently closed the door. "Good night Katie. Sweet dreams." And with that, he closed it.

"I like her." Hunk said. "She's very nice!"

"I can't believe she doesn't like me." Lance said, almost sounding sad. Hunk laughed.

"Give her time, she'll like you eventually." Hunk assured, snuggling in his bed.

"Maybe." Lance hummed, thinking for a moment. "Her family were friends of dad. Dad trusts her, so I do too." Lance said, a smirk on his face as he leaned over to look at Keith. "You're not jelous that you will lose dad's attention, are you?~" Lance teased. He was about to go on, until he saw Shiro walk in. "You came!"

"You think I wouldn't come to say goodbye to my boys?" Shiro cooed. Lance lifted his arms, and Shiro tucked him in, kissing his forehead. "Good night Lance." He then turned to Hunk, who was more than happy to accept a good night kiss from dad. "Good night Hunk." He then walked over to Keith, and gave him a good night kiss too, even if he would be flustered by it. "Good night Keith." Shiro said, standing up and walking out of the room. "You boys have sweet dreams."

"You too daddy!" Lance and Hunk spoke in union. Shiro smiled and clicked off the lights before closing the door. Then he went ahead to turn off the rest of the lights around the house, and then to his room, changed into his pajamas and went to sleep. Lance, as always, had a bit of difficulty sleeping immediately.

"I'm going to teach Katie how to play so many games! I can teach her hopscotch and how to play pokemon." Lance murmured, smiling as he tried to sleep. Hunk meanwhile was knocked out asleep just minutes in.

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Katie looked up to Shiro innocently as she listened. There wasn't any mommy... She didn't quite understand the concept of single parents, but oh well! She was happy with having Shiro.

She snuggled into her covers along with her lion.

"So you're daddy AND mommy?" Katie asked, watching as Shiro went to leave. "Goodnight daddy/mommy..." She cheeped.

Meanwhile, Keith pressed his pillow to his face when Lance started to press his bottons once again. He tried to ignore the boy, but then Shiro came in. When Shiro kissed him, Keith pouted and rubbed where Shiro kissed him quickly.

"Goodnight Shiro." Keith said, yawning as he turned to lay on his side.

He wasn't able to go to sleep that much like Hunk was due to Lance's rambling. In the middle of it Keith tossed his bean stuffed star plushie over to Lance's face.

"Lance go to sleep already." Keith uttered, pressing his pillow on his face once more.


(I meant to ask you if I could time skip. If so I can post again if you want! ^.^ any ideas?)

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Shiro woke up early, around eight in the morning or so, as he always did, and went into routine. He worked out for about thirty minutes, the casual sit ups and push ups. Then he took a quick five minute shower. By then it was almost ten. Wearing his white 'I want to believe' t-shirt and shorts, he made himself some coffee and began to think of what to prepare for breakfast. The kids would be waking up sooner or later. He went ahead and decided on pancakes. Propping up an apron, he began to cook, multitasking as he looked at his phone for any work related emails.

Inside their room, Lance and Hunk were asleep along with their brother Keith. Lance was curled up, holding onto his Blue Lion plushie in his sleep. Hunk slept peacefully with his whole body underneath the bed sheets. As the sunlight peaked through the window, it hit Lance first, waking him up from his slumber. He groaned, rolling over on his bed, laying there for a few minutes before sitting up on the bed, his air a complete mess as he stretched. "Morning already?" Lance asked himself, yawning once more. He looked around at his brothers and then sniffed the air. He could only smile as he recognized the smell; pancakes. Dad was cooking pancakes. "Hmmm~" Lance hummed, quickly climbing down from his bed. He first went to Keith, nudging him gently. "Keeeeeeeith, dad is making pancakes!"

"Pancakes?" Hunk hummed from his bed, sitting up slightly as he rubbed his eyes. "Five more minutes." Hunk then pulled the bed sheets over himself again.

Lance climbed on Keith's bed, sitting in front of him as he slept. "Hey Keith, want to go to the park today?" Lance decided that he would try to convince Keith first, because out of the three of them, he was the most stubborn, at least in Lance's eyes.

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Katie was actually somehow awake already. She climbed out of bed immediatly, wanting to be near Shiro again. She quietly entered the kitchen and before Shiro could realize, the small tiny mass was sitting next to him on the floor much like the day before. She looked up to him like a lost puppy would to its owner, messy fluffy hair out and about as she sat on the floor. She held her plushie close to her chest and wrapped her arms tightly around Shiro's leg as she silently bid him good morning.

"Papa..." She said with a tired whine, yawning as she rested her head on his leg.

Keith meanwhile hissed in aggravation. He turned in his bed, shoving his pillow on his face when Lance started to bother him.

"Lance..." He uttered. "Go back to sleep..." He couldn't help but open his eyes however when the smell of pancakes drifted to his nose. He looked up, holding the pillow at his side as he glanced over to Lance.

"Alright." Keith said with a yawn. "I'm in the mood to climb the swings anyway."

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Shiro looked down, feeling as Katie hugged his leg in a similar manner than yesterday. "Good morning Katie." Shiro said with a smile. "You don't always have to wait by my legs." He added, but allowed her as he focused back on the pancakes. Meanwhile Lance smiled at Keith.
"Alright!" Lance said, climbing off Keith's bed and hurrying over to Hunk's bed, now deciding to bother him. "Hunk, Hunk, Keith said yes, did you hear him? Do you want to go too?" Lance asked as he shook his brother. Hunk gently peeked his head out from beneath the bed sheets.
"The park? Hm...ok! But I want to bring bread to feed the ducks by the pond!" Hunk said as he sat up on his bed. Lance threw his arms into the air.
"Alright! We can all go together!" Lance said as he jumped off Hunk's bed. "Now to convince dad." And with that, he ran out of the bedroom. Hunk gently stepped out of his bed, looking over at Keith.
"Morning." He said with a small chuckle. Just another normal day. Hopefully. Lance walked into the kitchen.
"Good morning dad!" He said, his eyes quickly landing on Katie, who once more sat by Shiro's legs. "Good morning, Katie!" Lance added, hoping to be friendly to his sister. "Daaaaad, can we go to the park todayyyyy?" Lance said, getting his hands behind his back and tilting his head to the side.
"The park? That sounds fun. Sure." Shiro said, flipping up some pancakes as they casually landed on the plate next to the stove. "You can take Katie with you." Shiro added. Lance couldn't help but to pout at that. If she went, it would also mean that they would be in charge of babysitting her. That didn't sound as fun in Lance's mind. "Alright, who wants pancakes?" Shiro asked as he finished. He looked down at Katie, gently moving so he wouldn't accidentally push her over. "Ready to eat, Katie?" Lance sat on the table, glancing over at Katie from time to time. What a strange little girl, yet, he couldn't help but smile at her every time.

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Keith yawned as he slowly got up from bed, feeling rather bad that Lance was now bothering Hunk. Lance's desire for bothering people was almost like that of a virus or something.

"Lance, cool it." Keith uttered, entering the kitchen not too long later to see Shiro making pancakes. Keith's stomach growled.

"Food..." He said, mouth watering. He noticed Lance's dismay at having to bring Katie along. He plotted up to him and nudged him in the shoulder.

"Hey." Keith grumbled. "You were going on about how cute she was and how happy you were to have her here right? Well there's responsibilities to that. You don't expect her to just sit here by herself right?" He couldn't help but grin at this next part. "...I thought you said you were going to be the best brother ever."

Katie merely rested her head on Shiro's legs, looking out into absolutely nothing the entire time as she held her plushie to her chest. She nodded in understanding at Shiro's words, although she liked being next to Shiro.

Once the boys woke up, Katie couldn't help but smile. She wasn't really focusing on Keith or Lance, but more ok Hunk. Her eyes seemed to sparkle upon seeing the big boy although her face didn't have much expression. She got up and went over to him, hugging him as if he was a big teddybear.


Once it was time to eat, Katie did something rather strange. As everyone started to sit down to eat, Katie instead of pulling a chair up decided to climb up Hunk's chair to perch herself comfortably on his lap like a little bird to someone's shoulder. She had her plate next to Hunk's and she wrapped her arms around him once more lovingly. She held her fork in her hand, not wanting to eat until Hunk started.

Keith raised an eyebrow in confusion at Katie's actions. The fact that she never really explained much made it even more strange... She just did whatever.

"Well at least she likes on of us. Lance is probably going to be the last."

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Lance stuck out his tongue at Keith. "I'm a big brother, not a babysitter." Lance insisted, apparently not realizing his own contradiction in the statement. He watched as Katie went straight to Hunk, hugging him, to which Hunk didn't hesitate to hug back.


"Morning Katie!" Hunk said cheerfully, hugging back at his little sister with a smile. As he sat down to eat, Katie decided to eat with him. On his lap, actually. "You want to eat with me? Ok!" Hunk said as he began to eat, enjoying the pancakes as he watched Katie eat as well. Shiro smiled softly as he ate as well. At least Hunk was a sweetheart god sent child that never seemed to cause any trouble. At all. Hell. He was too kind for his own good at times. Nothing seemed to bother him. Though when it did, in the rare times, hell had no fury than Hunk protecting his siblings from anything that got in the way.


"She'll warm up to you boys as time goes on. The more she knows you and the more you know her. Before you know it she'll be one of you boys." Shiro assured as he ate.


Lance shoved pancakes into his mouth, chewing as he watched Katie. A tint of jealousy was starting to rise in his tummy. It wasn't big. But it was just a tad bit. The whole her getting attention thing maybe. "I won't be last! I'll have her like me better than you!" Lance insisted.

"Now boys it's not a competition." Shiro said as he drank some orange juice. "You boys want to go to the park, yes?"


"Yeah!" Lance cheered.


"Then we'll go after we're all done with breakfast." Shiro said, finishing his own plate. "What do you think, Katie? Want to go to the park with us? It'll be fun." Shiro smiled.


"We can feed the ducks." Hunk added.


"I'm going to climb the highest part of the playground." Lance declared boldly.

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Keith just stared at Lance, baffled.

"...You do realize that entire statement makes no sense right." He uttered, giving up almost immediatly. Lance was just... Lance.

Keith rolled his eyes as he went to eat his pancakes, munching on the fluffy goodness. Keith did like his pancakes burnt, but honestly his vocal cords was tired from responding to Lance's bullshit.

"I'm going to climb way higher than you." Keith said with a huff. "You're going to eat my dust."

Katie meanwhile wasn't really paying attention much to the entire conversation. She just sat perched in Hunk's lap comfortably, munching on her pancakes. She even pretended to feed her Green Lion some, although she was careful not to get syrup all over him. With a smile, she nodded at her plate in responce to Hunk's suggestion.

"Duckies..." She said softly.

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They were getting along, Katie felt comfortable, and it seemed that she had already began to form a bond with Hunk. Things were going great so far. "Then it's settled. We'll head to the park once we're all done eating." Shiro said, finishing his plate of pancakes. He piked his plate up and settled it in the kitchen sink. Lance was quick to finish his, picking up his plate and hurrying it over to the sink as well.

"I'm done!" Lance said cheerfully as he grabbed the sponge. "I'll do the dishes!"


"You will? Why thank you Lance." Shiro said as he rubbed his head. Lance never wanted to do the dishes. Or any chores in general. But he wasn't going to stop him. In reality Lance was planning on getting into Shiro's good graces just in case something happened at the park. Sneaky sneaky Lance. Hunk finished his plate, licking his lips as he was done. Shiro's pancakes were simply the best.


"Thanks dad!" Hunk said, loking over at Katie. "You have pretty hair, Katie." Hunk hummed. He couldn't help but to stroke it softly before smiling. "When you're done eating, let me make your hair a ponytail!" Hunk insisted. Out of the three it seemed Hunk was on his way from winning the favorite sibling competition.


"Be careful that you don't pull on Katie's hair if you do." Shiro reminded as he helped Lance with the dishes.


"Maybe I can cut Katie's hair if she wants it shorter-!" Lance began, only to be immidietly shut down.



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Katie looked up to Hunk when he asked the question and nodded. Although she wasn't too fond of people fumbling with her hair, she'd do it for Hunk. She snuggled him for warmth once more, closing her eyes softly as she dozed off from the feeling of being full. There she was, in a tiny little ball on Hunk almost like a curled up little kitten.

Keith rolled his eyes as Lance went to go do the dishes. He knew exactly what Lance was doing. He knew Lance like the back of his hand.

"Don't fall for it Shiro." Keith said with a huff, waiting for Lance to finish the dishes on purpose before Keith placed his dish in the sink. He stuck his tongue out at the boy.

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Hunk smiled and wrapped his arms around Katie. She was so cute! Lance looked over at Keith with a face of utter betrayl as Shiro laughed.

"Keith, I cannot believe!" Lance said, sounding overdramatic on porpouse. "I would never." Lance stuck out his tongue back at his brother before resuming to wash the dishes to finish with Keith's plate.

"Right. Lets get ready to leave, shall we?" Shiro said as he rubbed Lance's hair softly. "I'll get some bread ready for the ducks." Shiro added as he walked over to Hunk and Katie. "Ok Katie, go ahead and get ready alright? Hunk and your brothers will get ready as well." Shiro said. Hunk nodded and softly helped Katie down on the floor before stepping off himself.

"I'll go get ready! Come on Keith!" Hunk said as he ran off. Brush his teeth, brush his hair, get dressed, they had to get ready for the park!

"H-Hey, wait for me!" Lance whined, drying his hands as he followed his brothers. Shiro turned back to Katie.

"I'll be right here if you need me, Katie." Shiro said, turning over to pack a few slabs of bread for the ducks. Hunk and Lance brushed their teeth and hurried to get dressed. Lance would get dressed in a blue t-shirt, a pair of shorts, and blue sneakers. Hunk would wear a yellow shirt, green pants and some black sneakers.

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Katie wasn't expecting to be let go so soon. She whined softly, reaching her arms out for Hunk. Sadly the boy went away, so Katie had to stand there all by herself. With a small sniffle, she went away to her room.

Keith went over to the room to get ready with his brothers. Instead of getting dressed with them, he went to go brush his teeth alone. firetruck sharing a sink with Lance. After he was done he went to go get dressed while his brothers went to the bathroom. He got into a pair of gray shorts, sneakers, a red jacket with a brown shirt underneath. He didn't really bother to comb his hair. He went into the livingroom to meet with Shiro.


Meanwhile, there was nothing but silence coming from Katie's room. After everyone was ready, it wasn't a few minutes until she slowly emerged from her room. It appeared she wasn't quite old enough to dress herself efficiently, for her overalls were this way and that, her green striped sweater was messy and half on, her hair was all over the place and she had mixed matched socks on with her shoes. In all though she appeared to be more tired than anything, rubbing her eye with a small yawn.

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Lance couldn't help but to laugh. Katie looked like she had jumped into a clothes basket and jumped right back out with whatever had happened to cling on. Shiro couldn't help but to smile warily. She looked so cute, but he definitely needed to help her look more appropriate. "Oh Katie." He cooed. He quickly walked over and knelt down, fixing Katie up quickly. He fixed the green striped sweater, fitting it on Katie. He then fixed the overalls, pulling the straps on her shoulders and adjusting them. He gently picked her up and set her down, taking off her shoes and getting her some matching socks, and then the shoes. Finally, he fixed her hair, brushing down the bedhead. Shiro mentally took note on Katie and her habits, and what he needed to help with or what he could leave her to do on her own. Note taken; she wasn't much of a morning person unless properly prompt or inspired. "There we go. Much better." Shiro said with a soft smile, taking Katie's hand. "Now we can go."


"Finally!" Lance said, throwing his arms into the air as he turned and opened the door, running out. Hunk followed, Shiro walking out while holding Katie's hand. It was a seven seater car. Two front seat, three in the middle, and two extra in the back that could be set up for extra seating or packed up to make space in the trunk. Shiro would not allow anyone to take shotgun, though. They were much too young.


"Katie will go in the middle, ok?" Shiro said. Lance crawled into one of the back seats, pulling the seat back down so Hunk, Keith and Pidge could sit down. Hunk sat on one side, smiling as he held Katie's seatbelt.


"I'll help her!" Hunk insisted.


"Well aren't you a dutiful big brother?" Shiro smiled, helping Katie up to her seat.


"Here we go." Hunk said as he buckled her in.


"Shiro!" A female voice spoke. Shiro looked up, turning to see his neighbor, Allura. She was as beautiful as she was smart and sucessful, helping her father with the family pharmacy downtown. "Taking the kids to the park?"


"Yeah!" Shiro said, a faint blush on his cheek.


"Is that the little Katie I've been hearing about? Hello~" Allura cooed, waving from her side. "I need to head over to meet with someone, but how about I invite you guys over for dinner later?" Allura said. Shiro rubbed the back of his head.


"That would be lovely~" Shiro said. Lance smirked.


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Katie sniffled as she stood there, putting her hands on her head as Shiro began to fix her up. She didn't really mind him fixing her clothes, although when Shiro began to fix Katie's hair she whined softly and tried to stop him. After it was all over, she sniffled and grabbed his hand.

In the car Katie was snug in her seat, giggling softly when Hunk buckled her in. She smiled at him, hugging his neck like as if he was a teddy bear.

Then a woman came. A woman she never saw before. Katie gasped softly, trying to get out of her seat to look at her. They talked, and Lance began to talk loudly as he always did.

Katie whined loudly and sniffled. She unbuckled her seatbelt all by herself suddenly and jumped onto Shiro's waist from the car. She looked up to Allura, eyes watery and puffy.

Keith chuckled as he watched Shiro fixed her up. Things were going to her interesting. Grabbing a ball, he ran up to the car and jumped in.

As he waited for them to leave, Keith covered his ears at Lance's obnoxious voice. He glared over to his brother, hissing.

"God, do you have to be so loud?! You're gonna set Katie off. You're so stupid."

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Shiro quickly wrapped his arms around Katie, looking down at her. "Whoa. Hey there Katie." Shiro hummed, looking back at Lance. "Lance no screaming in the car! Loud noises startle her!" Shiro scolded, causing Lance to whine from his seat. The moment Allura saw Katie, she moved around the fence to get closer, her heart fluttering at the new addition to Shiro's family.

"Oh my goodness, hello!" Allura cooed, kneeling down to meet eye to eye with her. "Nice to meet you Katie, I'm Allura. Nice to meet you." Allura said, her voice soft and almost welcoming. "I'm your neighbor." Allura looked up at Shiro, standing up to talk to him clearly. "She is the Holt's child, right?" Allura asked, whispering that last part. Shiro nodded.


"Yes." Shiro scratched the back of his head. "We are learning to adapt to her, and she is getting used to her new home. We still have a long way to go, though. A day at the park should help in getting used to each other more." Shiro said as he rubbed Katie's hair gently. Allura nodded, getting a gentle hand on Shiro's shoulder.


"If you ever need help, I'm always around, alright?" Allura assured, causing Shiro's cheeks to flush a shade of pink before nodding.


"Yeah...thanks, Allura." Shiro said.


"How about I come over your place when you come back? I'll help you with dinner. I just learned this amazing new chicken recepy!"


"Sounds great. Thanks, Allura."


"I'll get going then." Allura smiled at Katie. "I'll see you later, Katie." And with that, Allura walked off, leaving Shiro's heart beating a bit faster and harder than the usual. Lance chuckled from his seat.


"You guys think Allura will be Shiro's girlfriend one day?" Hunk asked curiously. Allura was a kind woman, and very nice to them. She would babysit them whenever Shiro had work to do outside of the house.


"If Shiro ever becomes brave enough." Lance teased.


"I heard that." Shiro said, earning a laugh from Lance as he returned to his seat. Shiro smiled at Katie and helped her back up on her seat. "Alright! To the park we go!" Shiro said as he closed the door. Hunk offered the seat belt to Katie.


"Want to buckle yourself up?" Hunk asked smiling. Shiro got in the car, turning it on before beginning to drive off to the park.


"...Shiro and Allura sitting in a tree~"



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Katie gave the mightiest pout as she could, puffy eyes narrowing as she saw Allura approach. With a small sniffle, she pressed her face into Shiro bashfully with a whine. She clung to him as she always did, wanting to go to sleep now after Lance's unpleasant outburst. She couldn't help but stick her tongue out at Lance as Shiro scolded him.

Keith grinned as Shiro scolded Lance. It was a rather pleasant watching his adoptive father scold his brother. Lance definitely deserved it with his obnoxious self. It was even better when Katie stuck her tongue out at him.

"Awww Lance, I don't think she likes you." Keith said with a snicker. When Hunk asked about Allura, Keith couldn't help but go silent. He didn't know if he wanted that to happen.

"...I don't think so." He uttered. The next part he uttered more to himself. "...We're fine by ourselves."

Meanwhile Katie couldn't help but squirm when Shiro put her in the car. She wanted to sit on his lap. When she saw Hunk's face however, Katie calmed down and smiled when she took the seatbelt. She buckled herself in, swinging her legs back and forth as she waited for the car to leave. She took a pen out of her pocket and began to play with it.

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Shiro drove them away. Lance busied himself by looking out the window, pressing his cheek as he counted how many cars of each color they would pass by. Hunk watched happily as Katie messed around with the pen. Before long they managed to reach the park. It had lots of jungle gyms, playgrounds, swings along with many other things and a lake right in the middle where ducks and geese were more than happy to make it their home. There were already children playing around, enjoying the day at the park as their parents watched over them.


"We're here!" Lance squealed. He loved the park. It was the one place he could let out all of that excess energy. Shiro parked the car.


"Alright, we're here now. Careful when you get off." Shiro said as he got off. Hunk stepped out, helping Katie off as Lance bounced on his seat in the back.


"Let me out let me out let me out!" Lance asked cheerfully.


"Coming Lance." Shiro cooed, quickly pulling the backseat back, allowing Lance to step out from the car. Lance stretched and took in a large gulp of freshh air, his eyes glistening. The weather was perfect, not a single cloud in the sky, today was a good day.


"Alright, you guys go have fun. But don't wander off too far, ok?" Shiro warned.


"Yes dad!" Lance said with a small salute before pulling on Keith's sleeve slightly. "Keith, lets go on that playground!" Lance said, pointing over at the one with the tallest slides, of course. Hunk stretched and looked down at Katie.


"Alright, Katie! Where do you want to go first?" Hunk asked, looking around. "How about the swings?" He suggested, looking up at Shiro with sparkly eyes. "If we go to the swings dad will have to push us~"

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