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the foreteller's names' origin (spoilers)

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Hello there! I don't know whether what I'm going to write about is common knowledge in the community, but I just discovered it and find it quite interesting. So in case no one else has talked about this, here we go:


I guess you are all at least somewhat familiar with the Seven Deadly Sins. I'm not gonna talk about them in detail or anything, all we want to look at are their latin names which are as follows:


luxuria (lust), gula (gluttony), avaritia (greed), tristitial acedia (sloth), ira (wrath), invidia (envy), superbia (pride)


If you played KHX/KHuX you probably already noticed the striking similarities between the latin names of the Seven Deadly Sins and the foretellers. Gula and Ira are just plain obvious, but the other three foretellers can be found in there as well;

AVAritia, tristitial ACEDia, INVIdia.


That leaves just "luxuria" and "superbia". As for "superbia", I don't see any connection to any character, but luxuria probably is the name giver for Luxu, the sixth apprentice - although I always just assumed his name comes from "lux".


Now this is quite interesting. When I realized this, I immediatelly started thinking to myself: "Why did they choose these names?"


This is where I don't know if I just want to see sense in what I came up with, so let me know what you think:


The list I use as a source has not only the sins and their latin names, but also the opposite of each sin. And since comparing the actual sins to the respective characters didn't make much sense (eg I don't see Ava being greedy), I compared the characters to their sin's opposite. 


Lust/chastity-Luxu: This may be a stretch to say already, but I think in Luxu's case, chastity might be refering to him being the only out off the six apprentices to not have a Tome of Prophecies. Maybe it also shows where he stands in the conflict of the Unions; he doesn't do anything and most of the time just watches everything unfold, and for all we know, he didn't even join the Keyblade War.


Gluttony/temperance-Gula: Again a stretch I think, but Gula probably is the only foreteller that doesn't really pick a side until very later on. He also isn't seen showing much emotion (at least not outbursts) and interacting with the others.


Greed/charity-Ava: This is the most obvious one. Ava is the only foreteller that cares about what will happen after the war and the fate of the world in general. Her recruiting Dandelions shows that care for others and that she can't just lead everyone into a devasteting war.


Sloth/diligence-Aced: Aced wants to create a new world/order with him being the leader of all five Unions. Something like that has to be planned carefully and so I personally see a definite connection here, even just in this little bit.


Wrath/patience-Ira: Ira definetelly is a very patient man if you don't antagonise him like Aced did. He is usually rather tranquil and soft-hearted (at least scenes like the one in the most recent trailer in which he talkes to Invi make it seem like that), but hell, when he fights Aced at the Keyblade War, he definatelly isn't patient anymore. So I guess for Ira both meanings fit.


Envy/kindness-Invi: So... Invi actually does seem like the nicest foreteller next to Ava. She doesn't want to fight Aced in the trailer (if you want to count that as kindness) and if I recall correctly see say something like "I'll make things quick so you won't have to suffer" when you face her at the Keyblade War. She knows she has to fight but is kind enough to not torture you as well... Yay.


As I said, I probably just want this to make sense, bu on the other hand, Nomura has a twisted mind like this, so there might be some truth to some of this.


Please let me know what you think about my attempts to explain why the names were picked for the respective Foreteller! I'm curious what others might think since again... I don't know if I just want it to make sense or if it really is plausible :D


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Yeah, we already knew that the Fortellers' names were based off of the Seven Deadly Sins, but thanks for offering your insight anyway!  Who knows why Nomura decided on these names for them?  It just adds to the overall mystery of the KH series even more, ya know?


I wonder what the Master Of Masters' name would be?  Since he's probably Pride, would Superbia be his name? :O

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