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  2. Oh my God :nomuralaugh: :nomuralaugh: :nomuralaugh: :nomuralaugh: Can you imagine Demyx and Vexen? HAHA That would be hilarious
  3. Queen let's have the ORG be those Yakuza style movies in JP
  4. Also if they make the guardian just a person in a suit
  5. The hair in live action is gonna be messy Xemnas' and larxene especially
  6. The thought of that makes me cringe LMFAO
  7. Yeah like I hope the rumor is true honestly haha
  8. It would be really nice if he could partner up with one of the old writers again
  9. Ooh I like that Okay well from as "factual" as I can get: - Nomura isn't working on FF7R full throttle right now - This is likely the 3rd storyline he mentioned in that UX announcement i.e its a new Canon story - no remake - Nomura is intensely capable of making good dialogue and making you care about characters by himself, however what I really want is for him to partner with one of the old KH writers again. So, seeing as he's not focusing on FF7R right now, and this is probably what one of the dedicated KH teams are for, I have pretty high hopes for this
  10. My 200 iq gigabrain theory is that it's gonna follow Pluto from the events of kh1 onward
  11. Quid is really to burn the world down if they mess up the VAs
  12. I have some concerns but nothing major
  13. Now I do hope that it's true considering how many people seem to be ecstatic at the prospect
  14. But just know that 1. There's a huge Axel fanbase and some will be disappointed that the original VA won't be in it And 2. It was all positive with a hint of questions on how they will do the anime
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