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  1. Past hour
  2. Holy firetrucking shit, did anyone play test Ralph?
  3. The attack destroyed 2.5-3 hp bars Lmao
  4. Lmao ralph is still op. He destroyed the final boss of toy box.
  5. it's a process and a half not as bad as kh1 tho for sure
  6. Super duper finding it hard to get the Ultima Weapon tbh
  7. I wanna see Pikachu! Omg! When’s Pikachu out for UK?
  8. Wow, managed the ice slide with the dragons fine Seemed easier than proud, lol
  9. Knowing where all the emblems are is a huge advantage
  10. I have not finished toy story and already got ribbon
  11. Hmm, I guess so Ofc there shouldn't be a set way to do things
  12. It would be nice if SE could release sth that actually explains how the whole game should be played on crit I want to know if things like the seekers fight are intentionally designed for aero spam or if the boss is just completely broken
  13. Once you get in the mech. It's easy A lot of people aren't gonna remember to airstep to it. I didn't But yeah I wouldn't call it unfair
  14. Today
  15. Yeah thats true but there's a comment that triggered me which said the fight is unfair when it actually isn't The fight isnt supposed to be done without the mech
  16. Backseat who? That twitter user? Lol Besides "Not knowing what to do immediately" isn't really a fair thing to say The whole point of dying is to teach you what to do
  17. I dont want to backseat but not instantly turning to the left and using airstep to get to the mech wasnt really smart on the dragon boss @KH-Queen In this video
  18. And yet I still died to that attack many times
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