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  2. I doubt KH3 crit will be as good as any other crit tbh
  3. Point being, but when crit drops it's not like we're getting like 20 plus hours of extra content We're just getting a possibly properly balanced difficulty option
  4. Crit even isn’t that bad tbh
  5. They've spent a lot of time taking in feedback from the players looking for something worth their time
  6. Maybe we should just be patient and see what happens
  7. I think they might get it right
  8. to be honest I think they will mess crit up : /
  9. @Novayon i didnt mean crit into other diffficulties i meant balancing the other difficultuies
  10. I wouldn't really care about exclusive rewards if the experience in crit is in general good but if it's to easy I get nothing from playing on crit
  11. Hmm....almost like they had a reason to make that their target Couldn't tell you what that is though But anyway, poor design or not, crit is designed for the hardcore base that believes they are skilled enough to handle the pressure I'm honestly appalled that anyone thinks they should receive exclusive content just cause they're better at the game than the average player.
  12. if the game doesn't want you to use its mechanics in lower difficulties then it's bad game design
  13. Crit is not for casual players A target audience of KH initially Nowadays We have a large fanbase that they should target But they continue to target children and casual players
  14. and yes kh2fm is very bad in explaining its game mechanics
  15. I mean I knew about the mechanics before playing Crit, but the game really isn't difficult enough to push your use of mechanics until you play crit.
  16. are you sure that's actually a thing bc of the difficutly or just bc the game didn't explain you how to use it's mechanics? if you notice how to use summons and other mechanics only in crit, then the game did a horrible job in explaining its game mechanics therefore it has nothing to do with difficulty
  17. If that's not skill growth then I don't know what it is. You shouldn't be awarded with exclusive cutscene and bosses and whatnot just because you CAN play on a higher difficulty
  18. And if you still need more challenge, lvl 1 crit is there
  19. It pushed me to better myself in how I approach the gameplay.
  20. Roxas was a fight regardless of difficulty that made you very clearly aware of the revenge value and that you should probably think about how that works Most difficulty levels you can just mash X and be done, but Roxas on Proud and then the entirety of Crit mode will literally be like "this ain't it Chief." Like I used limits and drives and summons way more in crit than I ever have
  21. You say that, but I had trouble at least early game
  22. kh2 crit is faceroll and you don't have to rethink everything except for lw
  23. I said initially And, technically, it still is. Even if the community around it is mostly made up of adults.
  24. Not exactly. KH2 FM has a varied difference between players who play Crit and players who play any other difficulty Crit mode literally pushes you to rethink the way you normally handle the game
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