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  2. what kind of title do you even get from this quest lol ah "No One", alright,
  3. To be completely honest, I do not want to see much of the Riku Replica(s) again. I felt that KH3 gave them a perfect sendoff and was a great way to end his/their story. I do look forward to Vanitas re-appearing. I'm hoping that he becomes a sort of anti-hero throughout the later games. I imagine he'll just randomly re-appear to make fun Ven or Sora and hint at something bigger that's going on in the story without actually revealing anything. He might even pop in to help for a quick minute before betraying everyone again. Those are always my favorite kind of characters, ones that just march to the beat of their drum lol.
  4. MeowWow

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    Do you ever wake up and your room is freezing It's faking cold
  5. Yeah. The only good ones that can do that are Marluxia, Zack B, Larxene+, Marluxia+, Sora and Chip/Dale, Kh3 Kairi... For some reason it's mostly my speed medals I've loads of other medals with AED but GED is mostly the speed ones
  6. oh and you really need ground defense trait ... otherwise you don't really do any damage to Xemnas, rip like I said, havent seen a setup yet that manages to clear that quest lol
  7. I can't beat them in 5 turns I was literally turtling every one since Vexen. I don't have enough powerful medals. Marluxia and Sephiroth are my best but I have to get Marluxia a GA skill because currently it costs 6 gauges Well they're only my best because I mostly use fairy stars as I have it upgraded to past 35 The others are between 20 and 30 except the proud keyblades Dark Matter isn't something I can get easily if I'm just grinding for jewels so I have to go back and do the proud quests again
  8. you cant turtle the first attack, and the third and fifth as far as i know so you sorta have to beat him in 5 rounds if you have second chance, but .... i havent figured out how lol
  9. Ok so I got to Xenmas and wtf is that dmg difference?! The others rarely brought me down to half hp and Xigbar did the bare minimum But Xenmas just OHKOs me Can Def Boost V even fix this? It's insane
  10. If the hate is strong enough you know its love
  11. Today
  13. This is actually going to happen I am dreading that this is a direction ppl will take
  14. Apologies for the delayed response. I have been busy and struggled for words with my post, and even now am uncertain of the post, but at the very least it is out there. I hope everyone had a great Easter and weekend!
  15. Ravia felt the blush of excitement burn at her cheeks upon the interest garnered for her ideas. It was a silly thing, but her Keyblade teacher, Master Ivido, had never had a fondness for tactics and the gaining of intel, instead running into the battle with a mindlessness fit for berserkers. Coupling that with the fact that she was still young and seeking out friends in her life of solitude, she was rife with joy and ceased talking for a time with a smile on her face. She listened in as the others debated over tactics, all of them seeming quite sound from all the books that she had read regarding mixed strategy, causing her to nod her head. They also supported Mirei from the harsh cold, proving the care they had towards their own, which earned a greater smile from her. It was not until Malak asked his question toward her that she raised her head and interacted once more. "A few," she replied. "There are the rebelling Returners who seem like a crowd favourite of the town, and the local wolves and mammoths to consider. There's even talk of moogles with crude weapons living nearby, but that seems silly. Our biggest worry is those metal monsters, then probably the Returners. If those guards for the mines are rebels, we can pit the one against the other and either help the more correct group or take advantage of the moment." She paused a bit with her steps, a chill crawling up her own spine from the callousness of her analysis. She did not correct herself, however, and stooped her head into her scarf and collar to hide her shame. She again trekked onward.
  16. no,no,it's KH 3.9 7 days 0.2 of a fragmentary code over Union Sleep
  17. KH 3.5 over 40 days part 2 of a passage Re:Coded Omega + royal 0.3 with knuckles & featuring dante from the Devil may cry series /Distance Dima Dome
  18. i mean all of this makes sense and just need to wait on what ever is after to know the actual truth
  19. Right,right.. I think people were implying something else actually, tho... 🤔
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