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  3. the whiffs on these combos still make me sad
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  5. Imagine the time limit they'd give for that many keyblades.
  6. please no,,,, i dont even want 5 keyblades lmao
  7. there's enough room on the screen for 7, even @Evil-Ven-The-Darkness-King what's your setup?
  8. oh god I just saw that jpn got the announcement for 5 keyblade PVP I had nightmares about this once and now it becomes reality oh no
  9. MeowWow

    General Chat

    Dawwwwwwww Don’t wake the puppy up
  10. Hmm...is there another kh game being in development or are my eyes playing tricks on me.
  11. I made my oc, Sky Lexis/Soraxess the tainted one in his beast monster form for kh3
  12. what's your friend medal? why use pete if you don't have any reverse medals (unless your friend medal is reverse)? do you have a stronger medal to put on your pet slot? realistically, i could see you reworking this setup on fairy stars. same medals in slots 1 and 2, ka20 in 3rd, pete (or some other reverse power) in 4th, axel in 5th, and a powerhouse in the pet slot, followed up by a friends powerhouse medal @nina2wings
  13. HuntSD

    General Chat

    Don't expect Netflix to update it honestly.
  14. Oh..it’s just a force of habit I have. Netflix is horrible with attack on titan seasons...still on season one. But attack on titan is pretty boring I think. I’m still waiting for season 2.
  15. oh huh, didn't realize how close endgame was
  16. HuntSD

    General Chat

    Endgame, Mortal Kombat 11, and Attack On Titan Season 3 Part 2 all in the same week. Best week confirmed.
  17. no reason to apologize
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