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  2. I don't take orders from you 😡
  3. ofcourse the TWEWY dudes wnt change
  4. You better be asleep by the time I come back online yuya 😡
  5. Or you can live on the edge and caffeine
  6. The side guards are pretty much exactly for that. We see him use them in force awakens stabbing Finn. They’re probably more designed to stab opponents while in a saber lock, or to stop people from sliding down the blade. Plus given that his crystal is unstable, the side guards also serve as a funneling device to stop stop his lightsaber from exploding.
  7. you can see it's the handle being pressed
  8. @ConnahDC also, he did get smacked, but it looked more like a parrying blow. Not something designed to kill.
  9. Lingering Will does not sleep. He waits
  10. It takes the average human 7 minutes to hall asleep
  11. I see I thought the blade was pressed against him, but I guess it's not
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