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  2. Oh no, I forgot about the school setting Big cringe moment
  3. :bizDolan: @Estoria#4001 ah she says how it's pronounced
  4. > @Estoria#4001 elie thirsty @Orpheus Joshua Relationship writing 101
  5. i'm gonna join the falcom discord
  6. @Estoria#4001 elie thirsty
  7. yes i do know her man i can't WAIT to play crossbell
  8. now i can't wait to play crossbell hey that worked for long john silver in black sails
  9. Thank you, thank you I'm here everyday even if you don't want me to
  10. @teh lazy prince Xylek she's the
  11. Guess I'll find out when I get to Crossbell in the year XXXX
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