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  2. frightning how ven and axel were even more useless than kairi in this Lea*
  3. "So you've come to fight in the Keyblade War" "Yes, I have" "And you've done it because you don't want Xehanort to use the seven Princesses of Heart Gen 2" "Yes, exactly" "And you understand that if you stop now, Xehanort will go after the Princesses and create more darknesses, right?" "Yeah, that makes sense to me" "So will you fight Xehanort?" "I refuse" "Alright, time to kill Kairi"
  4. "The best course of action" I unironically don't know about this one, chief That sequence of events still remains very confusing to me It's like the Patrick meme
  5. Listening to Face My Fears at 8:32 am is just
  6. I mean I want to be hopeful but apparently the best course of action was for Kairi t- :residentsleeper:
  7. Aye Inside the box is Kairi's character development Very cool
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