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  2. i picked up re:com again after like a month cuz i didn't want to fight marluxia 1st boss battle wasn't too bad. then it took me 2 hours to beat the 2nd boss battle he was a total pain but marluxia is one of the prettiest boss battle imo and i love his 2nd form music
  3. Inçendyne

    General Chat

    > How does catnip work It makes you do insane damage if your HP falls to 1.
  4. Today
  5. The last raffle prize for the third winner.
  6. May's story update was delayed due to office precautions.
  7. when was the last update story wise
  8. Female 50 artifact Dragoon gear is so stupid looking I glamour that the second I got it
  9. MeowWow

    General Chat

    Will do My friend and I had a good laugh about the lancer armor covering everything except the stomach
  10. the game takes a while before you really get a sense of how the feedback loop of gameplay works so make sure to play a decent amount
  11. MeowWow

    General Chat

    FFXIV seems fun I'll use up my free trial before making any decisions on whether Im buying it
  12. Is that Mythra and Pyra combined together
  13. https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/511546997979873282/716033235510886490/image0.gif
  14. she also has a super forme
  15. They came across some sort of artifact thingy and there was some sort of War and this one scientist is going to activate it and his assistant friend or whoever woman person is like you can't do this and then he said he's going to change history forever And then Xenoblade 1 n 2 happen yay There's more to it but I'm going to be typing complete full on paragraphs if I go on LOL
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