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  2. Yeahhhhhhhh Iunno if that's gonna be it
  3. is kh2 kairi really useful here ? isn't kh3 kairi enough for buffs ?
  4. There's a reason they want to "remove the like button" and leave only the retweet function.
  5. Like, if you get likes because of "wittiness" or "snark" ppl see that more than actual reasonable discussion Twitter does? Oof not doing a good job of it
  6. Twitter themselves wants more discussion. But the 240 characters limit, no edit function, etc, makes it quite a challenge.
  7. Yeah I think I may have talked about it before but it prefers style oversubstance
  8. Twitter is a bit weird on that aspect, yea.
  9. I disresgard pretty much everything on twitter too Not a discussion site at all
  10. Fair enough but that's particularly shitshowy
  11. @2 quid is good Gamespot forums have always been a shitshow. So I usually just disregard anything written there.
  12. Over 100 replies Regardless if you feel like they weren't important it's clearly far more of a hot topic for the fandom
  13. While we're here I saw something just now that is particularly funny to me
  14. my speed medals only do 1 damage to him and i dont know why, even though everything is fully buffed and debuffed im really Hm was trying this earlier but yeah I dont do enough damage also no reverse because i dont have the suitable medals to be bothered about Xemnas' reverse defense
  15. Kairi being a dusk... Amano better not steal the Sleeping Realm theory
  16. Imma reread kh2, never finished the last chapters because of the hiatus The kairi being a dusk bit was very 😩👌
  17. I read the Luxord vs Jiminy bit of KH2 That was odd
  18. I dont have any Six is my highest
  19. 👌 👌 👌 It's sooooo good And the game was no slouch either so really, Days best kh confirmed
  20. Post your setup and your relevant t7-t9 medals
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