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  2. I don't remember Kingdom Hearts having many Deus ex-machinas though Especially not as substitutes to the overcoming of challenges via character growth or strategy
  3. @KH-Queen I was listening to dearly beloved as I said that and I m just.... WHEEZ
  5. So... a thing always in the series?
  6. It was cool but I prefer it when characters learn to overcome their difficulties instead of relying on deus ex-machinas I mean
  7. I made it to hollow bastion in 9 hours Lv 41 I remember realizing that the game started kicking my ass and that I should start leveling up a bit But now instead of playing on my other save, I’m rocking out to the third gummi ship theme
  8. So we... technically met sora then
  9. Yeah, that moment was whatever
  10. Nomura literally brought us all together in KH3
  11. There were thousands of keyblades helping us
  12. In a way, we were all helping sora 👌
  13. even though our names werent listested
  14. I bet those people were ECSTATIC
  15. I know a friend who was and they firetrucking lost it
  16. In a way I think we were all there
  17. imagine being one of the people's names that was on there
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