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  2. Also, I really feel that if your fans are saying "we like this" the last thing you should do is the opposite of what the fans liked about it
  3. They seem to tighten up whenever theyre uncertain about something, least from what i see And when something proves it can stand, they back off
  4. Nah I think that gives them incentive to tighten their stranglehold
  5. WEll, they do that with things that are succesful already.
  6. All I can hope. Is that Disney happy with KH3 success and ease up a bit. Rather than tighten thier stranglehold
  7. He was shocked radiant garden was fifth in a popularity poll and said "I need to make the Disney worlds better now"
  8. KH should be 50% SE and 50% Disney. In 3 it's 80% disney :treckS:
  9. Yeah from a whole list of things we can see Nomura doesn't really have much confidence in KHs identity
  10. He got sucked into feeling like KH is Disney first and foremost
  11. Hmm. It looks like it was shafted for other things then
  12. There's been heaps of FF discussions tho. I guess it's what Nova's saying
  13. Though, again, there was a model made
  14. Yeah, and then he saw how much Disney wanted him to do stuff
  15. maybe he saw all the discussion of worlds over FF? And that was it?
  16. He gauged it well enough in 2013 I have the quote... Somewhere
  17. Just assumed people didn't care about FF characters
  18. Try to read the Disney logo 😅
  19. Probably they just didn't gauge the community opinions correctly on that matter
  20. I dont think they mandated no ff I feel like they did mandate a strict schedule and with disney being so involved this time round gisnep was top priority Nomura himself says, he had to go bare minimum
  21. I think it's all pr talk. They must know
  22. If ff7r is made by ue4 they could easily copy his model in 3. Would be a good Promotion for ff7r and kh fans would be happy
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