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  2. Tis why Glide is endgame anyway It'd be no different than before where you explore first and then get the option to fly around
  3. But what's the point of big worlds if you can cross them in 5 seconds
  4. Also give a boost to your glide when gliding out of an Ariel Spiral
  5. Yeah maybe a faster glide available
  6. Mupstun

    General Chat

    I do love Colorado. You got the legal ganggggg 😏👌🏽
  7. Air step should have been an ability For worlds as big as this Glide doesn't cut it as much Now Superglide or Glide Lv4 could have
  8. I would have airstepping exclusive to BH6
  9. The synth menu should have been like KH1 /2 where you know what you've made and what you have left
  10. I'm with bizkit on airstepping,for sure, so I definitely wouldn't want that just up and gone.
  11. You don't want synth things to show in the synth menu?
  12. It’s easy to get lost with the minimap zoomed in as much as it is
  13. Except the minimap part I would actually advocate for mini maps being zoomed out
  14. I like everything from High Jump, Air Slide, etc down
  15. MeowWow

    General Chat

    And now he suns out Gotta love Colorado
  16. If anything Nomura’s been the most troll with KH3
  17. Also, saber crystals are... funny things. Sometimes savers use more than one. And they use them for either a duel length function, or just for extra abilities. I like to consider myself a minor expert in Star Wars. So if people have any questions or theories feel free to ask. I love to share.
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