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  2. Tell me the ones you don’t see the issue with and I’ll try to reiterate
  3. Olympus just seems way rougher than it should be, really. It gets a little easier after you're out of Olympus
  4. Connah I do see some of where you're coming from but I don't quite see all the issues you're having?
  5. Is ama relying to me or icecl?
  6. Yeah... on a small portion 🤷 But oh well
  7. Men smh You'd think after seeing what his mother went through he'd learn something
  8. @Mupstun I’ve stopped I’ve given my thoughts on crit ¯_(ツ)_/¯
  9. I mean yeah I'm having to play with more carefully but the way he made it sound like it was literally impossible I don't I don't know it has something to do with the frame rate issues that they were having or something
  10. And to, you know.. dodge their fireballs
  11. Flame cores are easy, long as you know which ones to use water on @Icecl Keyheart
  12. but i was totally fine on proud lol
  13. it's fire Core can kill you faster but they're not nearly as bad as he was yelling about
  14. i almost died to him on standard... i'm doomed for grit
  15. i'm excited to hear people's reactions to xehanort on crit especially Connah's
  16. Oooh the horse boss in corona was so fun to block and get the critical retaliate thing If you mess up one of the blocks he one-shots you so it's a real nice test But if you get it right it does a heap of damage
  17. Inçendyne

    General Chat

    Oh 💩 Especially w/ there being a kid in the picture
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