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  2. HuntSD#7607

    General Chat

    MHA 274 Spoilers, summary got posted:
  3. Today
  4. Back when they discovered leap years for the actual time for full revolutions
  5. Inçendyne

    General Chat

    I think there was a bit of confusion in wording w/ which part of the pandemic places are in. Some people are putting waves, which is not interchangeable w/ phases.
  6. Well I looked it up and well, you’d think something big would come up instantly lol
  7. the Mayans were right
  8. Idk Maybe Theres a lot of memes about it tho
  9. Is that a thing Did they really just skip 8 years like what lol
  10. Ah crud The crop didnt save
  11. 2:15 - 2:40 Soras theme 1:15 - 1:44 Ven And Roxas theme
  12. <:568476696576131082> _: <:568476696576131082>
  13. Sounds fun for the writers trying to work the plot around this last second probably
  14. theres 3 other batwomen before remember mystery of the batwoman movie?
  15. HuntSD#7607

    General Chat

    Just firetrucking recast her christ it aint that hard.
  16. yah @Otti#8624 and i talked bout it last night
  17. or was it an accident? :Pogo:
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