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  1. Past hour
  2. Alright time to play crit
  3. You can disagree as mush as you wish I'd love to have this disccussion
  4. i did a frame perfect block in second form and instantly got the next step of the finisher I don't know if I had just good rng, but it looks like the flame core enemies don't target Sora with their desperation move as long as Donald and Goofy are alive
  5. They dont have to implement an easy mode ofc But the ones asking for one aren't supposed to "git gud"
  6. Ooh, the transformation one is nice
  7. if you block frame perfect your reprisal does more damage and apparently it also fills up the transformation arrows faster
  8. Ye the people I've seen argue on Twitter were mostly disabled It helps a lot
  9. If they're disabled I'm not sure how an easy mode is going to help
  10. So how does the new block mechanic work, Liftea
  11. Are we seriously going there
  12. or at least in the next games
  13. the frame perfect blocking mechanic should be baseline imo in all difficulties
  14. Then they should git gud @Youyousuf_1549968022
  15. Sigh I wanna go home and die a bunch of times before I watch Endgame
  16. The only thing in proud mode to really give me a hassle. Now in critical
  17. Maybe they should learn to cod- This user has been banned for using toxic language
  18. Speaking of easy modes... Wait That doesn't make sense Speaking of hard modes I'm about to fight the demon wave in TT, firetruck
  19. Nice 👌 Game journalists need to stop being such hacks tbf
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