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  2. Well I think there has been
  3. so you won't accept ANY other upcoming spinoff game, unless it's a new days remake?
  4. more enemies spawn on the rails than you can shoot
  5. petitions don't work if there are only 8 signatures twitter hashtags have more power anyway
  6. A Days remake is the only spinoff I'll accept
  7. To many people it is and tbh the limits are pretty good, and the base combos and air slide is top notch It's just repetitive
  8. Seriously if that game had gamplay that didnt make you want to die, it would be considered one of the best in the series
  9. I been saying this More ppl on the agenda, perfect
  10. In fact days probably has some of the best character interaction in the series
  11. Should we make a petition to get Square to port kingdom hearts the story so far to Xbox? I know other people want to play KH, but they have an Xbox.
  12. KINO KH3 needs more of that character interaction
  13. Lexeaus Smaking Roxas and bringing him to like 1 HP is amazing
  14. Yeahhh Days is nice I want to replay now...
  15. Or you could get lucky and have trinity shield thing show up
  16. I like the cutscene where Axel makes a horrible attempt to explain what love is to Roxas, its very cute and shows how their learning new things from one another
  17. Yeah there's quite some filler in Days but past like Day ~200 it's great
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