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    You'll have to let me know which server you're on so I can join your guild or whatever, if I play it
  3. Oh, but, well.. if you recall the FM scenes It turns out when Riku was first sent to the RoD Mickey met him there, apparently
  4. Cause how would Mickey be on the other side of mini-KH and know Riku would also be there to close it At the exact time needed
  5. I have this feeling Yen Sid basically knew a good portion of what would happen, esp with sending Kairi out as he did
  6. I mean literally 0.2 already proved it
  7. Aqua about to roast some duck @Ryushin I absolutely think that too.. More so Yen Sid, if anything
  8. Like i wrote before i support the theory that Yensid, but also Mickey both also had all the knowledge about the events at least as far as the BoP
  9. Well, now that just made me sad I didn't think this through
  10. There goes the literal last pieces of Terra
  11. I would have laughed Genuinely
  12. What if Donald said "ZETTAFLARE" And vaporized both LW and Terranort in round 2
  13. Yeah And we didn't see Zettaflare in round 2 When LW showed up
  14. Well... Zettaflare, literally, vaporizes Terranort Lingering Will does not
  15. When was it proven LW is stronger than Zettaflare?
  16. I kinda just assume the armor disappeared
  17. In the end, we see can see with the Xehanort Armored Replikas who got clashed or whatever you wanna call it
  18. yeah, for sure.. i'm still wondering where that went
  19. I am also kinda upset still about the dissapearance of Lingering Will, and how he could just be gone and ignored or defeated after proven to be more OP than Zettaflare
  20. but we back to dollar gaming
  21. He should be swimming in no names
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