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  2. 😂 I wouldn’t put it past nomura at this point
  3. Imagine MOM takes off the hood and his face looks exactly like this:
  4. I’m really bad at recognizing people You could get a new haircut and I won’t even recognize you
  5. Oh yeah, makes sense I guess seeing as how his name is anagram for square
  6. creator of final fantasy they look quite similar and with eraqus being square backwards
  7. Sakaguchi who? Oh, the person who made FF. I’ve been told this too, can’t see it personally.
  8. Superslash

    General Chat

    2 quid is hungry is typing
  9. KH-Queen

    General Chat

    @2 quid is good eat a small snack since it's late over there
  10. i feel ashamed i only recently realized Eraqus is Sakaguchi
  11. Pfffft Alex :nomuralaugh: And snow, yes we do :nomuralaugh:
  12. Me too, I’ve been reading it for like 10 minutes but didn’t say anything as I had nothing to say
  13. Why hello there I couldn't help but pop in to this nice discussion
  14. thats 14 hours faster than when i played on 3DS
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