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  2. You know, when I saw the new font for P5R, I thought it was cursed. But now I'm used to the new font, I think the old font is cursed now.
  3. annnnnnd we all went back to P5R, back to the bunkah i go!
  4. Today
  5. ahh joosh, i think i'm gonna play'em back wards like crossbell first
  6. Five pulls to mercy, which would be 15k jewels you have to accumulate as late as the 19th
  7. they translated the first crossbell game
  8. it's a site of people who fan translate falcom games
  9. HuntSD#7607

    General Chat

    And now my Satanael is fully upgraded, absolutely was worth getting. Shido was such a joke with this
  10. like .hack but with actual multiplayer and shit
  11. SAO had every chance of being a good RPG
  12. -Kye-

    General Chat

    yuck get that trash out
  13. but it's most likely not FFXVI
  14. Otti#8624

    General Chat

    I don't know how I joined
  15. damn he left would've been funny if it happened again
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