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  2. He gauged it well enough in 2013
  3. Just assumed people didn't care about FF characters
  4. Try to read the Disney logo 😅
  5. Probably they just didn't gauge the community opinions correctly on that matter
  6. I dont think they mandated no ff I feel like they did mandate a strict schedule and with disney being so involved this time round gisnep was top priority Nomura himself says, he had to go bare minimum
  7. I think it's all pr talk. They must know
  8. If ff7r is made by ue4 they could easily copy his model in 3. Would be a good Promotion for ff7r and kh fans would be happy
  9. That Execs had a thing to do with it
  10. I wouldn't even count on sephiroth
  11. Quid,, i hoenstly and thoroughly believe right now
  12. Maybe if they add a tournament they can join it again
  13. Nomura in 2013: It's been too long without FF so look forward to seeing them again Nomura in 2019: I am shocked that the fans want FF so much
  14. There's no way that sephi won't be a superboss
  15. That'ss what I think tho It'd make it easier to consider if you wanna buy or not
  16. And finally finish those models
  17. aahhh, you know what thtey could do, that FFXV actually did well enough? Perhaps when FM does drop, a portion is free but the rest, obviously you need to pay?
  18. Who's to say they won't listen to the FF outcry
  19. I know it won't help the story at all but the heart wants what it wants
  20. Well they have been listening somewhat
  21. i think at e3 or whatever itll be a tease
  22. If I had to have my wishlist, it would literally be an RG scenario AND expanded TT
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