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Please note that this stream may contain spoilers for Kingdom Hearts III Re Mind.

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  2. we don't care why he did what he did sure, but he can give us some answer about things someone on 4chan just dropped links to almost all the ultimania guides it's in japanese but wut there is even the kh3 one
  3. It's a by product of JRPGs HAVING to explain everything about a villain now Unlike in the past you got what you got and the villain wasn't extremely complex
  4. it's going to have an impact dude lived in daybreak town future, met MoM AND Ventus
  5. Oh for sure We're 100% overthinking it Or trying to compare it to what already exists I'm not sure why it's a big deal if it does end up being a new execution of old ideas If it's done right and people enjoy it, is it so bad?
  6. Wouldn't be that bad Since conceptually Type-0 had a lot of cool ideas but poor execution Not everything has to be new and innovative I guess haha
  7. stella means star yes https://i.imgur.com/cl0aUXj.png someone pointing out that both khux and type-0 are about kids sent to war and they are also manipulated in both game yes oh god what if nomura is just out of idea and copying past concept
  8. i've been thinking about a nomuraverse yeah, dude seems to have become a really powerful being kh becoming his own little dream world make sense for type-0 i was mostly joking even tho that window is really bugging me
  9. I am gonna pause you guys right here and ask you to move to *Spoilers* Kingdom Hearts III Re Mind Spoilers Chat for now if you want to continue this discussion
  10. Today
  11. like thanks really > Jack is the class jokester https://vignette.wikia.nocookie.net/finalfantasy/images/e/ef/FFAgito_Jack_Close-up.png/revision/latest?cb=20140422234901 if there was an hint of any music related stuff i'll be going mad but there isn't i think
  12. ace be like "we have arrived" aqua be like "YOU'RE TOO LATE"
  13. it's a super generous plat you only gotta do like 70-80% of all the game's content
  14. Otti#8624

    General Chat

    Nerd He got a platinum on the new Dragon Ball game
  15. Firaga13

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    idk what game this is but congrats!
  16. now i think demyx is from type-0, thanks moon i really needed this shit
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