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  2. Ask and ye shall receive I am..... Super disappointed. How is Kingdom Hearts 3, less interesting than Kingdom Hearts 2? A game that had terrible level design. Yeah the Disney worlds look great. And so what if there's only 8, I'm fine with that too. People are here saying that oh we shouldn't be negative, and we shouldn't have hyped, and we shouldn't have been expecting anything. Excuse me?! Of course we should have expected things from KH3! How else could we hold square to account!? And my expectations were two very small things. Things that I completely took for granted apparently. How is Twilight Town smaller in KH3 than it is in Days, a Nintendo DS game!? I didn't even realise that this was supposed to be an unreachable expectation. Why are there no Final Fantasy characters? More importantly why is there no Radiant Garden?! This all screams to me that the dev team just wanted to perfect the Disney worlds and end the plot, original worlds be damned. It was on them to put it in the game. And don't give me any of that, "there's enough going on in the plot". Bullshit. The plot is, Xehanort finds 13 people. We find 7 people. Then we fight. That's it. There is more than enough space in there to incorporate the FF characters side plots, which wouldn't even detract from the story. The fact that Nomura apparently couldn't think of even one reason to keep radiant garden playable? That speaks more to his abilities as a writer than a lack of presence in the FF characters importance. Was all of this for nothing? I'm still going to enjoy the game, but if square expect me to pay for FF, tournaments and anything else that came as standard in previous games then I hope to God you'll all join me in the boycott because we deserved better than a half-arsed twilight town
  3. Who wants to see January 10th salty Quid
  4. Final World was very nice though
  5. No I mean the og worlds Scala and Graveyard
  6. Didn't you say you liek the dislike worlds? er.,like oof.. my words, they got tangled
  7. Ooof So in the end it did end up being a disappointment
  8. But the other worlds didn't do any better
  9. Since TT isn't really my favourite place, I thought it would be ok
  10. So did I Actually. When I found out I was super mad
  11. Tbh, I was disappointed but I knew ahead of time.
  12. Yeah I'd say it did that to everyone It's not exactly something anyone expected
  13. Though, I , too, expecte bistro to be a bigger area And I too expect a lot of TT If i had to say something truly disappointed, like to my core It was TT There ya go, an actual thing that disappointed me
  14. @2 quid is good less slammin more studyin
  15. But RG was the World that never was
  16. Okay, so I dunno who's here, but i'll trust y'all to say this.. I love disney a lot, and KH intrduced me to FF, so I like that too.
  17. It's not the End of the world
  18. KH3 saddens the quid. Maybe if I liked Disney a heck of a lot it'd be okay enough for me
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