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  2. -Kye-

    General Chat

    https://gyazo.com/9277196aa3f52f3eb87514adb6e2c810 the way he disappears is just so good
  3. Today
  4. wouldn't exactly call that 2nd one a bad pull. the 1st one, though...
  5. Just Keto Diet I'm not saying you shouldn't give keto a fair shake—as long as you don't have a medical condition that warrants avoiding a high-fat, low-carb diet, give keto a try for 30 days (not just a few days or a week) to see how your body responds. And commit wholeheartedly. I'm talking unwavering Beyoncé-like commitment. https://supplementsworld.org/just-keto-diet/
  6. Some of the best bad pulls
  7. Oh yeah I forgot that channel existed
  8. Hey guys let's keep KHUX talk to KHUX Chat please!!
  9. It's just different I think it just suffers from its nature as a gacha, constantly breaking its own balance and meta just so players keep buying stuff
  10. Khux by its self isn't terrible but compared to the other kh games, it's absolute shit imo
  11. The ending itself wasn't bad honestly people just have a problem with sora " dying" because 1 it was poorly explained and 2 it's pretty much pointless since we know he's coming back so it only served as needless shock value 3 for me personally the fact that Kairi had to die for it too happen was also a problem but that's a whole nother issue point is sora disappeaing just wasn't necessary and considering from what the secret ending shows us well play as him in the next game and he might also be saved which further adds to the why kill him if he's just gonna come back the next game?
  12. I love to hear people express when and why they fell in love with the series. I don't know anyone IRL who plays these games so it's nice to talk about. I noticed another callback as well. Jiminy says multiple times when chasing the Lich in Olympus "don't worry about the small fry, find the leader" which is exactly what Leon says in KH1 to Sora when they get attacked by heartless in the hotel in Traverse Town early in the game. That whole section seems to be riddled with callbacks. Pretty interesting.
  13. it's the temporary event you can get his outfit, hair, triple Triad card, and the regalia
  14. i mean Noctis is in 14 temporarily
  15. Check out @RainbowHeavy’s Tweet:
  16. ConnahDC

    General Chat

    I haven’t played since like 2015 97 notifications :hobbS: REGIS? VERSUS CONFIRMED
  17. ConnahDC

    General Chat

    And final boss is sick as firetruck and a big reveal/twist iirc
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