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  1. Past hour
  2. Some real bullshit happened here huh
  3. Today
  4. (I don’t drink but this was funny)
  5. But the one on the left is Keanu Reeves.
  6. Wdym we already want to dress up as Tall Mickey
  7. KH fans when they turn 30 :sadsora:
  8. delete the entire Final Fantasy VII Remake Spoilers Chat because of that one post hawk made
  9. okay the context is just superb
  10. I'm not sure if it was deleted or it was in response to the emoji, but Esto's comments were hilarious.
  11. Tfw when we all thought @-Justin- was the biggest Shitposter on KH13 but it was actually @hawk222_1550644792
  12. God I need to know the context of what the conversation was I do use the search thing I just didn’t feel like it yet lol
  13. It was in General Chat. You'd know if you used the search function.
  14. I did not say when but W H E R E
  15. Idk how you managed to seamlessly blend nomura’s face onto cloud’s but it’s magical, Justin. :AceLaugh:
  16. April 7th Look up the the comment.
  18. NDDKFKFKFKDKFKFKFKF JUSTIN I SWEAR :AceLaugh: :AceLaugh: :AceLaugh: :AceLaugh: :AceLaugh: :AceLaugh: :AceLaugh: :AceLaugh: :AceLaugh: :AceLaugh: :AceLaugh: :AceLaugh: :AceLaugh: :AceLaugh: :AceLaugh:
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