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  2. That's true enough, gamefaqs just has wayyy more users I guess KHInsider is on par but the quality is much better there KH13 just isn't as active anymore
  3. yeah the Overwrite, thats why Kairi EX+ I dont have any more medals for the subslot or any suitable Speed medal so, rip me
  4. Lol, I guess there is at least discussion, it's not just nobody cares Although like Hawk said, I guess GameSpot is always like this
  5. Back in the day I might have enjoyed reading it, I've seen similar ones in the past. But now I can't stomach it lol
  6. i don't know much but I think kh3 pete is better than riku, unless you want the supernova buff he debuffs the target by himself and hit like a truck anyway i can't even scratch him either
  7. Ahh I'm a degenerate y'know, the inevitable fighting will definitely make me laugh
  8. I can't find entertainment in it tbh, it's probably too cringy
  9. Entertainment cannot be valued in this way
  10. I doubt you'll get anything useful out of it
  11. Twitter should capitalise on what it's good at, memes Anywho, I'm gonna go read that 100 reply extravaganza got my popcorn ready and everything
  12. It's for the overwrite feature iirc As for why you're doing 1 damage, it's because you don't have ground -60 or because your strength isn't high enough to overpower his defense (or both) Oh, and you probably need more subslots That'll help with strength
  13. Granted, that ain't gonna happen because the shareholders won't approve.
  14. Yeahhhhhhhh Iunno if that's gonna be it
  15. is kh2 kairi really useful here ? isn't kh3 kairi enough for buffs ?
  16. There's a reason they want to "remove the like button" and leave only the retweet function.
  17. Like, if you get likes because of "wittiness" or "snark" ppl see that more than actual reasonable discussion Twitter does? Oof not doing a good job of it
  18. Twitter themselves wants more discussion. But the 240 characters limit, no edit function, etc, makes it quite a challenge.
  19. Yeah I think I may have talked about it before but it prefers style oversubstance
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