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Please note that this stream may contain spoilers for Kingdom Hearts III Re Mind.

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  2. doggo sacriciing himself for his pup
  3. Today
  4. sora moved so fast his molecules phased out of existence for a few seconds
  5. Lol I love how his dodge animation in Double Form is what he needed to come back from whatever plain of existence he went to.
  6. id love to pick em up at the library and read through em all again
  7. i read em all, man these were good
  8. i remember reading this in grade 6
  9. https://deadline.com/2019/10/bone-netflix-will-animate-jeff-smith-acclaimed-comic-book-epic-1202761594/ im still really excited for this to come out some day
  10. they really like that shade of blue
  11. :bizDolan: there are some nice girls in tokyo xanadu she's kinda pog
  12. I see At least it's nice to warm up the young ones instead of immediately throwing then into the giant ass projects
  13. it just doesn't do anything new or original it was also made by newbies to the company, which does kinda explain it
  14. I like me some cheesy
  15. feels like a cheesy anime
  16. the main issues with tokyo xanadu are that the characters are just walking tropes, with literally nothing original about their characters in the slightest, and the plot is just super convenient and just kinda there
  17. I have no idea what it's about Might play it within the next 10 years
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